On A Journey To Become Successful.

Its the 200 post on the blog so I want to do something different. Basically im going to blog about the blog, hiphop to date, artist and some blogs. First just want to say nearly hitting 150 followers soon which is great. I appreciate all the followers and comments I got since I first made the blog. Im trying to get some interviews with people for the blog which should drop in the next month or two. And a post about Zach from team blackout who will answer some questions and information about his first album which going to drop early this year.

The hiphop world is going in so many different directions which showing so many new things are happening. Which is the likes of J Cole who was the first artist signed to Jay Z label Roc-Nation and if his album like anything like his mixtape "The Warm Up" going to be dope. An over album im looking forward to is Nas Damian Marley "Distant Relative" which drops in March. Hopefully more underground artists will get recognised in the hiphop world. As we need more artist in hiphop I think as I think hiphop is lacking something at this momment.

An artist who im currently listening to Jay Electronica he is middle age and he is yet to put out his first album. But he got track out on the internet and mixtapes. He is a producer also who work with Nas on his album in 2008 which was called "untitled". I think his first album from Jay Electronica is going to be mad as he is very different to other artist. Its going to rock the hiphop world. A old school artist who also I been listenin to is LL Cool J an artist who very underrated and made many great albums for Def Jam.

I been checking out alot of blogs lately on Music, Art, Fasion, Photography etc. There are so many great blogs. But I would like to see more hiphop based blogs like this one. I get asked sometimes "do you have an inspiration". I never really thought about it but if I did have to choose it would be someone like Krs One as the he is a major factor in hiphop. He is from the golden age my fav time in hiphop. One of the greatest rappers of alltime and he has done everything in hiphop. He is Musician, Lyricist, MC, Freestyler, Freestyle MC, Battle rapper, Producer, Graffiti writer, Author, Political activist, Teacher, Professor, Lecturer. Well thats about it from this post. Last just want to give a massive shout out to Nas (Audio Blog) he is doing a great job on this blog.

Peace Everyone.

Cant Tell Me Nothing- Kanye West

To me there can be two types of Kanye West. As one you him make great music like the video below. Tracks like love lockdown, jesus walks and heartless are great. But then you see him make some tracks which are the opposite to the ones I said. Then like what he done to Taylor Swift at VMAs 2009. We all prefer when he is making good music. I dont really ever blog about Kanye. But the video below which "Cant Tell Me Nothing" is such a dope track and it been out for ages though.

And last just want to give a shout out to Tommy. Check his blog out. http://tommythefashionist.blogspot.com/



Jay-Z Update.

Jay-Z recently sat down with Interview magazine where he discussed everything including Eminem. "I never even told him this, but I remember that Eminem came into the studio when we made ‘Moment of Clarity,’ which he produced, on The Black Album," Jay said. "So here’s Eminem. It’s 2003, I think The Eminem Show had come out, and he was, like, the biggest rapper in the world — he sold, like, 20 million records worldwide or some ridiculous number. But when he came to the studio, I remember I hugged him and I could feel that he had on a bulletproof vest. I couldn’t imagine being that successful. I mean, he’s a guy who loves rap and wanted to be successful his whole career. Then he finally gets it, and there’s this dark cloud over him."

Jigga then goes on to discuss then Kanye West Taylor Swift incident. "I think it’s a bunch of people who don’t know anything about rap, and have probably never even heard a Kanye West album, are doing the nominating, and they say, 'Kanye West. I know that name. That’s the guy who made the comments about the president that time! He’s nominated!' That’s how the process works, and I think that’s part of Kanye’s frustration. Me, I look at it for what it is. But Kanye is so passionate about it. I mean, the guy shot three “Jesus Walks” videos. Three. Two of them he shot with his own money just so he could get it right. He really cares about it. And then, back to the original point, his passion kicks in and he takes things too far . . . He doesn’t realize that that girl, Taylor Swift, is just like him. That was her moment. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t do anything. It’s not her awards show. So he just did the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time."

The video below is Swizz Beatz talking about Jay Z new album for 2010.


Everyone Lets Prey For Haiti.

On tuesday in Haiti a 7.0 hurricane happen. Its caused horrible events to happen. Either you can use your cell phone to text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (it will be charged to your cell phone bill), or you can visit www.Yele.org and click on DONATE.
Below are some hiphop artist who spoken on the events in Haiti.

Diddy Message.
"God Bless Haiti!!!! God please!!!," he wrote this week on Twitter. "STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! RT PLEASE!!! ??Earthquake relief for Haiti please text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 or go to www.yele.org RT PLS!!! My heart is so heavy today! Words can't explain!God Bless Haiti!!!! RT @myfabolouslife: Come on people Haiti needs us.. Text "Yele" to 501501 donate $5 to support the relief efforts yall!!" (Diddy's

Kanye West Message
HELP THE HAITI EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS," he wrote. "Click HERE to take action and donate to the relief today

Tony Yayo
"RT @aneymone: RT @TonyYayo: RT @McFlaii: @TonyYayo idk if y'all know but this is the # CNN giving out 4 Americans to contact fam in Hait ...," he wrote. "RT @aneymone: @TonyYayo: RT @MeghanMillz: @TonyYayo can you tell everyone to text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 towards helping Haiti ? Check here for updates via CNN. Let's help HAITI because they are in our thoughts n prayers. http://twitter.com/cnnbrk/haiti For further info about Haiti relief please visit www.yele.org Shouts to Chip2th and Wyclef on his way 2 Haiti." (Tony Yayo's Twitter

Busta Rhymes compared the incident to 2005's Hurricane Katrina
"THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SOMETHIN' WE SHOULD JUST SIT BY AND WATCH...WE MUST DO SOMETHIN' PEOPLE!!NO MORE KATRINA SITUATIONS OUT HERE PLEASE!!," he wrote. "RT @wyclef: Haiti need us please pray and support the country donate $5 2 Earthquake relief foundation by texting (cont) http://tl.gd/3ishu." (Busta Rhymes' Twitter)

Everyone Lets Prey and Donate if you can for Haiti.


Nas & Damian Marley Turning Point In Hiphop?

We know that Nas is doing an album with Damian Marley which should drop in march of this year. The album is called distant relatives. I cant wait to see what this album is like. They done a track in 2007 called Road to Zion which is the video below. I think it is a great mix of two artist they link in well in the track. So is this a turning point as we are see a great hiphop artist doing an album with a great reggae artist. I think its a turning point as you dont see this everyday and it could lead other artist to do projects like this. Just keep a look in March for this album.


Detox Dr Dre Album Still A Year Away.

Hip Hop mogul (and now headphone king) recently said that his highly anticipated album "Detox" is still a long way from being released. Dre says that other projects he has been doing has slowed the the progress of "Detox." In the March edition of SLAM Magazine, Dre said "Well, I'm working on it, but also I've been working on other people's projects; you'll probably hear something in a year or so."

Previously Dr Dre talked about his upcoming album during an in-store media conference last November. Explaining why he has to feel "right" about the project before releasing it, Dre said "You know what, I'm working hard on it man," Dre promised during an in-store interview. "I'm going and I'm stopping, I'm working with other artists in-between and what have you, but I'm working hard on it and the minute it's done and I feel it right here [in my chest] and it feels right to me, that's when it'll come out. And you know, hopefully at the beginning of the year."

Dr Dre speaks about Detox

Krs One Says JayZ Copy His Idea?

KRS-One (along with Buckshot, although he wasn't as outspoken as KRS) recently talked about their new "Robot" track that debuted months before Jay-Z's "D.O.A." single. With both songs basically saying the same thing (bashing the AutoTune voice software and rappers who use it), KRS says Jay-Z showed respect by re-using his theme. KRS went on to say that this isn't the first time that Jigga used his ideas, as he used the "The Blueprint" name years before Jay-Z released his series.
The New York rapper and his partner then go on to talk about possibly doing a collaboration on the song and how they truely feel about Jay-Z.

Krs One speak about Jay Z

Krs One & Buckshot track which Jay Z copy they say. Which drop before D.O.A.


Dr. Dre And Diddy Reveal New Beats

Dr. Dre & P.Diddy Unbox the new Beats By Dre, DiddyBeats and the Beats Solo HD CES in Las Vegas