The Way Of The Samurai Mixtape By Gary Samurai

The Way Of The Samurai. Cover Art

I just finished listening to this mixtape and I have to say its a great mixtape. All the beats are very good how they been put together its unique. The tracks themselves all go hard this dude Gary Samurai got talent there . no doubt about that. There a track called Touchin Heels and it is on repeat at the moment on my Ipod.
Also Gary is in the same team as Levi another talented dude.

Download it now your missing out!


2010: Mixtapes of The Year

10. Joe Budden : Mood Muzik 4 - The slaughterhouse emcee dropped this tape back in November. The lyrics expressed on this tape are so meaningful and deep. The mellow beats capture the whole tone of each track. Definitely not a party tape but if you want to hear something real it's always a good listen. Best songs: "Black Cloud", "Remember The Titans", "No Idea".

9. Asher Roth : Seared Foie Gras With Quince And Cranberry - I still don't understand the title. I guess it's in French. Simply, Mr. Roth rapping over some of his favorite beats. Dope though. Best songs: "Sour Patch Kids (rmx) f. Talib Kweli & Blu", "Muddy Swim Trunks".

8. Curren$y : Smokee Robinson - I bet with the two albums he dropped this year you probably forgot that he also dropped a mixtape. "Smokee Robinson" dropped the night after the Superbowl. The beat selection for the tape is great. I think I bumped this the whole day when it dropped. Best songs: "Audio Dope", "I Don't Fucks With Em f. Nipsey Hussle & Wiz Khalifa", "Smash On O'Leary".

7. The Cool Kids : Tacklebox - Chuck Inglish beats sound crazy in a car. I just like their style and the tape was definitely above average. Front to back I can bump this. Best Songs: "Fishing Lessons", "Freak City", "So Neat".

6. Wale : More About Nothing - Wale made my list last year with "Back To The Feature" this time around he makes it again. Another Seinfeld themed mixtape with skits from the show. Real good from track to track. A lot of good songs. Best Songs: "The Breeze f. Wiz Khalifa", "The Number Won", "The Break Up Song".

5. Kendrick Lamar: Overly Dedicated - Now we're getting into my favorites of the year. I didn't pay Kendrick Lamar any attention until this tape dropped. Kendrick Lamar has a different style that took some getting used to but he's definitely one to watch. Best songs: "Growing Apart", "Michael Jordan", "The Heart Pt.2", "She Needs Me (rmx)", "I Do This (rmx)".

4. Pac Div: Don't Mention It - It took me a month to actually listen to this tape, but I've been playing it ever since. Usually in hip hop groups there is one good rapper everyone in this group can spit. I'm definitely checking for their next project. Best songs: "Don't Forget The Swishers", "Rollin'", "Broccoli", "Waves At The Prom".

3. J. Cole: Friday Night Lights - Did not expect J. Cole to drop another mixtape this year. But this tape came together quickly. Not as good as "The Warm Up" but one of the best of the year. It came out last month so it's still kind of new to me. Best Songs: "You Got It", "Home For The Holidays", "In The Morning" "Before I'm Gone"

2. Big Sean: Finally Famous 3 - My personal most anticipated mixtape of the year, and it delivered. Sean provides freestyles over classic beats with original tracks that sound like album singles. Hopefully, "Finally Famous" the album drops soon. Best Songs: "Five Bucks (5 On It)", "Fat Raps (rmx)", "What You Doin'", "Supa Dupa Lemonade", "Ambiguous", "Too Fake", "Love Song".

1. Wiz Khalifa: Kush & Orange Juice - For someone who only talks about smoking weed and taking other dude's girls he sure talks about well. I still chill to this when I can. He put this out in April or March (I can't remember) and it shut down Twitter. Literally, it was the trending topic even on Google. Front to back a banger had to burn a copy of this. Best Songs:"Mezmorized", "Spotlight", "The Kid Frankie", "Never Been", "In The Cut", "Glass House".

Honorable Mentions: Fabolous - There Is No Competition 2, Mac Miller - K.I.D.S, Tyga - Black Thoughts.

Dr. Dre - Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon Video

Dr Dre - Kush Ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon Video


I Have A Problem With Diddy...

Yes, I do have a problem with Diddy. His upcoming album "Last Train To Paris" which is actually sounding pretty good is the problem. He's taken a while with his group Dirty Money to put out this album. I expect the album to be recieved well, but the problem I have with it is that the only reason it's even good is because of the production and artists featured on the album. Let me be clear Diddy has next to no musical talent, but he does recognize good talent which is what he should stick to. For the past couple of months I've heard demos from his upcoming album from artists who will be featured on the songs, and when I hear the final version with Diddy on it I get disappointed. I'm just saying these songs are good but Diddy just makes them worse. And the fact that all his raps on the album are ghostwritten makes it even worse. If you notice Rick Ross ghostwrote a verse on "Looking For Love". No hate. All love. Take these as examples.

"I'm Coming Home" Demo version

"I'm Coming Home" Diddy version

"Looking For Love" Demo version

"Looking For Love" Diddy version


Kanye West "Monster" Ft Nicki Mianj, Jay Z & Rick Ross Video Preview

Kanye West Ft Nicki Minaj, Jay Z & Rick Ross Video Preview

Nicki Minaj killed the track and looks like she killing the video.


B.o.B - No Genre (Mixtape)

New mixtape from Bobby today as expected. Enjoy.

1. Beast Mode (Prod. by Infinity)
2. So So (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
3. How You Do That (Prod. by Kutta)
4. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now f. T.I. (Prod. by Kutta)
5. Higher f. Playboy Tre, Prince Cy Hi & Bun B (Prod. by Polow da Don)
6. Shoot Up The Station (Prod. by Kutta)
7. Not Lost f. T.I. (Prod. by JR Rotem)
8. Cold As Ice (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
9. The Watchers (Prod. by B.o.B)
10. Batman Flow f. Donnis (Prod. by Dr. Luke)
11. American Dreamin (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
12. Fuck The Money f. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. by Kanye West)
13. Grand Hustle Kings f. Young Dro & T.I. (Prod. by Quincy Jones)
14. Dr. Aden (Prod. by Jack Splash)
15. Attraction (Prod. by B.o.B)
16. Backstabbers (Prod. by Benny Blanco)
17. Game Time (Prod by J. Lack)
18. Amnesia (Prod. by Mike Caren)
19. I’m Beaming Remix (All City Chess Club)


Kanye West - Monster (Video Stills)

I guess we can all say that Kanye's video's are always interesting. Video looks crazy with all the dead chicks in it. In other news it turns out Nicki's song "Roman's Revenge" was not a diss towards Lil Kim. It was a diss at Lil Mama.

Clipse "Life change"