Ski Beatz & Mos Def Video

I was looking around the internet something to blog about but aint much happening in hip-hop today. But found the video to Ski Beatz - Cream Of The Planet Ft Mos Def. Ski Beatz is a producer who been around for many years but you dont hear a lot about him. You could say he is underrated be been producing for a lot of artist this year. Mos Def is a great artist and continued to do what he does on the track.

 Ski Beatz - Cream Of The Planet Ft Mos Def


Nas New Album Info & Producers

Nas recently confirmed reports that he is beginning work on a new solo album and said that it may become one of the most important records of his career. Nas said in an interview about producers which is below.

"I've been good though, my man Damian Marley holds me down -- but I'm definitely looking at my solo project as one of the most important records of my life. You know what I mean? I'm happy, I'm happy to be here. I love the state of the game. I love it man...It's gonna be magic. That's all I feel. I feel a magic thing happening and brewing. I keep calling it a magic moment, that's what it's gonna be. I feel the stuff I'm writing down and the directions I'm thinking about going into, it doesn't even matter what producers, if it's Swizz Beatz, if it's Premier, if it's Alchemist, Dr. Dre, Kanye , all of these guys are guys that I love and guys that I've been talking to about getting on the project. Kanye actually hit me up and said he wanted to produce the album and RZA."


Rihanna Brings Out Eminem & Pic On Set

Eminem song "Love the Way You Lie" which features Rihanna video is currently being filmed now. There is a picture below of Em and Rihanna together which was took yesterday. The photo is from both artist on the set of the video.

Also Rihanna brings out Eminem in her Concert in LA. The video is not the best of quality but watch how Eminem comes out. The Crowd goes crazy.


Nicki Minaj- your love video


J Cole about album features

J Cole talks about his up in coming album and about not having features on it. The Roc Nation artist said he might get a late Jigga feature but he does not know yet. I know this album is going to be a great one as J Cole never disappoints in my view. Doing no features will show more J Cole verses and also he produces a lot of the songs for the album as well. I saw some where about a week about J Cole said he wants to be know as a great producer as well after this album. If so it will show even more of his talent.


Eminem says "Free Lil Weezy Live"

A couple of weeks ago Eminem performed at T In Park Park in Scotland. He performed many tracks but when he done "No Love" which features Lil Wayne he done something before he done this song. He shouted out "Free Lil Wayne" then "Free Lil Weezy" to the crowd. It was a dope thing to do and there collaborations so far have been great songs. Hopefully there will be more in the future do you agree?

 Eminem performed "No Love" and gave the "Free Weezy" shout out.