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This is just a lazy post I'm currently listening to Itunes bumping these songs. Anybody else feel good today. Well this music is making me feel good. If you've never heard of Show Tufli he's a pretty dope rapper. That Jaylib tack is old from like 6 years ago.

Drake Talks About His Debut Album

Drake Talked to Billboard about his debut album and says he wants his fans to get lost with emotion. 

Drake isn’t a singer-and he’s the first to admit it. When he released his highly touted 2009 mixtape “So Far Gone,” which finds the Toronto-raised artist singing and rapping, he thought he made a huge mistake. “People were like, ‘What is this? There’s way too much singing on here,’ ” he says. “We were really nervous about it and for like a week I was having a serious breakdown.”
But a month later, Drake, born Aubrey Graham, realized there was a method to the madness. “Within like four weeks I noticed I had a brand-new sound that takes a while to digest and understand. Things started to pick up and I started to learn the value of taking risks,” he says.

Now, the venture is paying off. Last month when the Grammy nominations were announced, Drake learned he was up for best rap solo performance and best rap song for “Best I Ever Had” off “So Far Gone.”

“I can’t say this is unexpected, because, I mean, it’s something that’s kept me up many nights,” the 23-year-old says. “I dreamed about this for a lot of years and have lost lots of sleep over it. This is like the highest honor and I am humbled by this. It’s one of the few awards that isn’t a popularity contest; you have to make great music to be honored, and this is completely surreal to me.”

It’s an honor, however, that has an unintended side effect. With the two nominations that stemmed from his mixtape, that puts Drake out of the running for best new artist in 2010, when his debut album is released.

Lady Gaga experienced a similar technicality in 2009, as she was ineligible for best new artist since her track “Just Dance” was nominated for best dance recording the previous year. The best new artist rules say the nominated performer is eligible for “the first recording which establishes public identity,” and a prior nomination indicates that this threshold has already been reached.

But that may be just a tiny regret for Drake, who is set up to receive tremendous exposure for his forthcoming set. Drake, who got signed to Universal Motown through mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money label shortly after the release of “So Far Gone,” is prepping “Thank Me Later,” slated for a February release. “The best part about ‘So Far Gone’ was that I didn’t focus on structure. The only thing that was consistent was the story and the emotion. That’s what I want to do with this album,” Drake says. “I make music for people to get lost in it, so, as long as it takes you somewhere, then I’ve succeeded.”

So far, the album features Kanye West, Wayne, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z, and a collaboration with Sade is on Drake’s wish list. “Something happened last night too that might be great-it might serve as the legendary sprinkle for the album,” Drake says about another potential partnership on the set. “Shut It Down” and “Fireworks” are two tracks slated to make the album’s final cut.

“In 2010 I’m really hoping I can stay true to this new way of life I’ve committed myself to,” he says. “I have a special plan to keep the free flow of music going after the album is released. This is definitely a unique path I’m setting out on, and honestly, it’s great. I’m honored to be in this position.”


Turning Success In To Reality.

I been wanting to drop a post like this in a while, its about the blog so far and up coming stuff. Lets start with the success I think the blog had since I first made it like four months nearly five. I want to say I appreciate all followers and comments I had on the blog. We seen alot of interviews on the blog which I think have been dope. We got some great ideas from Albums/Mixtape reviews, Interviews, Artist, More Underground Artist and even our own blo music from Nas (Math Class Hero) who going to make a track in a couple of weeks.
Peace Everyone,
Turning Success In To Reality In 2010.


Interview With Nas. (Math Class Heroes)

1. Tell us about yourself?

My name is Nas. I'm 17. I write music, listen to music and blog about music I'm From Philadelphia. I'm an aspiring rapper but now everybody is a rapper. In the future I want to get acclaim for the work I do. I believe that in a world were art is dying out music will never die out. The truest art.

2. When did you first get in to Hiphop?

Well at first I didn't like rap I would listen to the old music that my parents listened to and that's why I believe I have a love for all music. But at the age of 7I got into young rappers like Bow Wow. As I've grown up I realized how wack they were. But I got seriously into rap when I was 10 and began rapping. Bout my first album by Fabolous called "Street Dreams".

3. Was there any reason why you made your blog?

Yeah I had been checking out rap blogs for years and I finally figured out how to make one. I had no clue of what I was doing at first.

4. As you join "hiphop movement blog" what do you think of it?

I think its one of the best rap based blogs. The whole idea of the blog is what I like about it. I feel like I can post anything when I'm posting. The blog is simply for hip hop lovers.

5. Who are your favourite hiphop artists of all time?

I don't really want to say specific artists. Because I have so many influences and I don't want to leave anybody out. But some artists I can think off the top of my head are Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye, Lupe, Common, Mos Def & there a lot of underground artists I respect.

6. Your favourite hiphop album?

There's no album that I can say is my favorite but here are some favorites College Dropout, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Eminem Show, Train of Thought, Tha Carter 2, Food & Liquor & The Black Album.

7. What artist should people look out for in 2010?

So many new artists out right now to look forward to. To name a few Big Sean, J. Cole & Drake will have big years in 2010 dropping debut albums. Also Lupe's dropping another album, maybe Kanye, Big Boi has an album possibly coming and Em with Relapse 2.

8. Have you got any plan or ideas for the blogs you write on?

Yeah I'm trying to have my posts reflect more of my views but I will still end up posting things I don't care about. Hopefully more featured artists and posts to keep people aware of whats going on with HipHopCulture. Music from me will be on my blog.

9. I know your in to your fasion as well so what style and brands do you wear?

Yeah I'm into fashion but money has been tight as of late because I'm saving up for a car. My job doesn't pay enough LOL. I like a lot of different styles but mostly I wear polos and button-ups. Just started wearing BBC I like bright colors so I guess I'm trying to dress like the New Boys. Hey there music might not be good but them dudes can dress.

10. What can people expect from you and bren on hiphop movement blog in 2010?

We will continue to have one of the best blogs in 2010 period.

11. Last is there anything you would like to say?

Yeah I want to talk about how I came up with the idea of my blog name. Yeah I wanted a really random name that I knew no one else would have. Because I didn't want rapmusic.blogspot.com or thelifeof.blogspot.com. I was listening to Gym Class Heroes at the time and decided to switch it to Math Class Heroes. The funny thing is math is my worst subject I currently have a D in Pre Calculus. Also I'm trying to get my followers up get to 100 with in 3 months. Looking for people to join the blog. And that's it.

Fabolous Looks At Hov For Inspiration And Speaks About His Clothing Line

New York rapper Fabolous recently spoke about expanding his career outside of hip-hop and using rappers like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg to provide the blueprint. "I look at hip-hop artists who have become brands," he said, "[like] Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z. It's not only their music, it's the whole package of what they're doing as artists. So I want to brand myself as an artist. I would like to bring in other talent and move up to do some acting. You can't be satisfied. Because once you're satisfied you lose your edge of competing. So I'm not satisfied. I say, 'You know what? I still deserve more.' If I was sitting on top of the world, I deserve to be sitting on top of the sun, you know what I'm saying?"

And Fabolous speaks on his Rich Yung Society clothing line in the video.



DJ Premier Top 20 Albums 2009

DJ Premier’s Top 20 albums of 2009 are listed below:

1. Blaq Poet - Tha Blaqprint
2. Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx II
3. OC and AG - Oasis
4. A&E - Arts and Entertainment
5. Obie Trice - Special Reserve
6. Royce Da 5’9 - Street Hop
7. Marco Polo & Torae - Double Barell
8. Statik Selektah - Pre Game EP
9. Jay-Z - Blueprint 3
10. Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse
11. Canibus & Keith Murray - Undergods
12. Diamond District - In the Ruff
13. Saigon & Statik Selektah - All In A Days Work
14. KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skillz
15. Ghostface Killah - Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry
16. M.O.P. - Foundation
17. 50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct
18. Method Man & Redman - Blackout 2
19. La Coka Nostra - A Brand You Can Trust
20. DJ JS-1 - No Sell Out

A great list and its show dj premier is an old skool guy from his list. People might question his choice about Obie Trice. I thought Mos Def Or Rakim would be in the list. Pce


Mos Def Ft Talib Kweli - History

This track is dope, both great artist in hiphop and when they both drop the in 90s I think its my fav hiphop music. What you all think of the track?