Interview with Malibumara

1. Tell us abit about yourself?

Well Im Tamara AKA Malibumara from malibumara.blogspot.com Im a fashion merchandising major at Sam Houston and im 19 but look like im in middle school :)

2. Could you tell us about your blog?

Well, I started the blog in may 2008 because i needed a place to dump all my random thoughts. I never promoted it or anything and then slowly people started discovering it and i learned how to promote it and i love the fact that people read and comment it every day it makes me happy to know people understand how passionate i am about fashion and that i have real knowledge about it.

3. How long have you been in to fasion?

Since i was in 3rd grade, i said i wanted to be a designer, in 5th i wanted to model, in middle school i liked designing and advertising and in highschool i learned about the business side and have stuck with that ever sense.Now that im in college i want to style and be buyer.

4. Who is your favourite fasion designer?

Marc Jacobs all the way, he inpired me in 8th grade and i have been in love ever sense lol.

5. Could you tell us about your own style of fasion?

My style evolves with me, i like vnecks right now and i dress them up with jewlry or vests, i love the idea of wearability i can wear the same shirt and pants 5 days in a row and you wouldnt notice, Once fashion changes i cut and sew to make it look different and updated. lately ive been adding sequins for a fun pop.

6. What kind of clothing brands do you wear?

Honestly i shop alot of forever21, i like thrift stores, i have a few pieces from saks and nordstroms.

7. Do you ever sketch if so, could you tell us about some?

Somtimes, i jot down my ideas i don't have full collections down but if i imagine something i draw it maybe i'll turn it into something one day but that not my goal.

8. How do you feel the fashion world is heading?

I think that upcoming designers like Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano and Thankoon are really taking fashion to the next level, upcoming models like Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are bringing the supermodel back. I see good things in the future even here in my hometown HOUSTON,TEXAS!!!! we're getting our own fashion week so you'll remember my name for sure.
9. Do you have any favourite fashion shows if so, could you tell us some?

Most recently the Alexander McQueen RTW2010 was amazing, I love Louis Vuitton Spring2007 the runway was a long green walkway and it was so fun, and of course in all honesty the VICTORIAS SECRET fashion show owns every year!

10. Do you have anyideas what you want to be doing in 5 years time?

Well i'll be graduated so hopefully i'll be at a stylist office helping perfect Houston fashion week and gettin PAID haha.

11. Have you got new ideas for your blog?

I want to tell more about myself and my journey as well people liked the posts about my heart run and my book review so i want to do more of that, maybe interviews and things like that.

12. You have written on Diggy Simmons blog before, you tell us about it?

We met strangely through his brother jojo actually, i showed Diggy my blog and he was like "thats dope" and about a week later he said he wanted to work with me, he's a really nice person i wish him the best i can imagine handling everything he does at that age but i know he can do it, he has a unique gift and im glad he's sharing it. There has only been one malibumonthly and one unpublished malibumonthly i have no clue when its going up but i hope you like it.

13. Last question is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to thank you for interviewing me you are one of my most consistent readers, i like your hiphop posts b.c its real hiphop not that catchy pop shit. I hope everyone logs on and subscribes to malibumara.blogspot.com and goes on my journey with me and thank you for reading my interview :)

Top 10 MCs Ever List

10. Big L
Why he should be on the list: He was a great artist. But he died and only made two albums but they are dope. He done a freestyle with Jay- Z in like 1995 and its the best freestyle I have ever heard. I wish Big L was around for longer. People who know about hiphop will tell you that Big L was great. He is missed. He was very talented I thought and could anything in hiphop. I love his albums and have listen to them so much. His flow was genui I thought. But he is missed alot.

9. Big Daddy Kane
Why he should be on the list: His flow is one of the main reason, he is one of the best rappers of alltime for flow. He been around ages and he was a massive hit in the 1980s and 90s. He is on of the best to me and is a classic act. Not many are better. I got a couple of his albums on my Ipod and love them. Big daddy kane was one of the best there ever was to me. Some of his tracks are out of this world. He could do anything. Every hiphop fan loves him. He had to be on the list. One from the golden age in hiphop.

8. LL Cool J
Why he should be on the list: One of the first solo artists to do well in hiphop. He doen great things for Def Jam and made 13 great albums. His style was great and he could anything on the mic. He been around for so long so I had to put him on the list. I think he is such a rapper and his style is like no other. He was a class act and Ithink he will be in the rock hall of fame soon. Anyone agree? He had to be on my list. I love his music. His tracks are genuis and showed what he could do. He is my favourite of all time and love is movement in hiphop as a whole.

7. Notorious B.I.G
Why he should be on the list: What can I say he was a great rapper. His music was a different class to others. But I put him low on the list as others got more reason for the choice. I think Biggie was a great artists but I dont know why he low on my list. His flow was a different class other anyone could say that. He showed every one on "Ready To Die" what his music was like. I think "Juicy" was his best track. My list is down to my favourites though. I liked biggie smalls for his music not him. Its hard to say. He was not alive long enough I think. If he made some more albums he would be much higher. But he only made a couple so I not put him higher I think. But still a rapper.

6. Tupac
Why he should be on the list: Its tupac everyone, he was a great rapper and his music was out of this world. I know its sad that he died. I heard so much of his music and love all of his albums. He will never be fergotten. But some of you might say I put him to low but its my list. I still think 2pac was one of the best. He put his past in to his tracks and anyone would say how good he was. He could do anything I think and lyrically he is one the best as well. When "Ghetto Gospel" the remix came out like 4 years ago. It got me more in to hiphop ad im glad I did. I think if he was still here he would be at the top. "Hail Mary" is a classic to me.

5. Rakim
Why he should be on the list: Rakim is a god to me, when him and Eric B drop "Paid in full" it got the whole of hiphop talking about him. When I heard it I thought it on the best albums I ever heard. Rakim flow is great and he can do anything with words. He can kill anything. Wehn his new albums drops I cant wait to see what it like. I have heard a coupl the promo 30 seconds off tracks and they sound so good. I had to put Rakim in the list he is a hiphop legend.

4. Krs One
Why he should be on the list: Well its Krs One for a start, no one does it like he does. He is the "Teacher" in hiphip. He is so smart and he is a genuis I think. The words he does in his tracks are classic. He made so many albums I lost count. You cant compare no one to him. He got his own style which i great and he looks out for hiphop more than anyway. He speaks his own words and his tracks mean something. When Krs One drops an album it stands out so much. He made lots of albums and every single one is dope. I got so many tracks from him as a solo artists and in BDP. A true great I think.

Why he should make the list: Nas could been number one or two. But I put him at third on the list. He is one of my favourite rappers of all time for sure. He got the best hiphop album of alltime "illmatic" its the greatest. I could listen to Nas all day. Every album he drops is dope I think. He is one of the only rappers to have a fued with Jay-Z. Lyricall Nas is best it could be say I think. When he gets on the mic know one can stop him. When "Hiphop is dead" drop you were able to tell how good he really was. He should there hiphip was going and why it was. Hiphop needed that album and no one else could do it like he did. Nas is the man to me. Such a great artists as well.

2. Eminem
Why he should make the list: Eminem is great at what he does. The words he does are so powerful I think. He made 6 albums they are all good albums. But "The Slim Shady LP" is one of his best and if you listen to it you would agree. When he gets going his flow is one of the best around. He is so skillful as well. When he drop his album this year I thought Eminem is back. Then when I heard his part in "Forever", I knew he is back to his best. Eminem can kill anything to me. I would love to see Eminem I think it would be great. An other thing I like about Eminem he does not try to be someone else like other rappers do. He got his own style and sticks to it.

1. Jay-Z
Why he should make the list: Well to me he is the greatest, he shows it year after year. He has made 11 albums which have always been number 1. Every track he does he kills it and I got all his albums and think they are all dope. But for me its when I first brought "Blueprint", yes I was like 8 years old and it was first album I ever brought. So it affected me to love hiphop. Also Reasonable Doubt was out of this world. Jay Z has be the best rapper of all time and most succesful as well. He is a genuis to me and his flow is a different class to others. Jay Z has to be number one on my list always.

Thats my top 10 list, Check out math and jimmy is coming soon. What ya think of it all? Compare mine to math and tell us what you think?


Top 10 MC's Ever List

10. Common
Why he should make the list: Common is a rapper from Chicago. He's consistently made good albums from 1992 until the present. He's pretty good lyrically. His music has always been real and he's underrated. His albums "Resurrection", "One Day It'll All Make Sense" and "Like Water For Chocolate" are all examples of why he should make the list. He just brings intelligent hip hop.
Why he should'nt make the list: Common's never really had that commercial success. His music isn't really mainstream even though everyone knows Common.

9. Kanye West
Why he should make the list: Kanye's another chicago rapper. Say what you want about Kanye. He doesn't make the list solely for his lyrics. What rapper makes music videos like this dude. What rapper produces all of his music. But don't doubt his lyrics he can suprise you. He has the full package and the swagger to be a rapper.
Why he shouldn't make the list: He still has things to prove with only 3 "rap" albums. How can I put him on this list. Well it's my list.

8. LL Cool J
Why he should make this list: Okay so maybe his music now is not that good. The dude has been making music since 1985. Over 24 years and he is still at least relevant in the hip hop world. That should be good enough to make the list. Back in the 80's this dude was known as one of the most lyrical dudes out. 13 albums.
Why he shouldn't make this list: He's not really made a good album since "Mama Said Knock You Out".

7. Rakim
Why he should make the list: Rakim is one of those first lyrical murders. I mean who hasn't quoted Paid In Full. I mean I'm not shocked by what most rappers in the 80's were saying but he was one of the few.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Rakim hasn't really stayed relevant in hip hop.

6. Lil Wayne
Why he should make the list: Okay this is the one everyone's gonna get on me for. But you can't deny Wayne. He's probably the biggest rapper now. He's been making music since 97 which is longer than some of the other people I put on this list. Lyrically he's one of the best ever. Doesn't even write his music down Can't leave him off the list.
Why he shouldn't make the list: His music seems to lack substance. He talks about the same things a lot. Doesn't make that real music. Until "Tha Carter 2 & 3" he didn't make a good album.

5. Eminem
Why he should make the list: Listen to "The Slim Shady LP" & "The Eminem Show". All I gotta say. Eminem is one of the best rappers ever. He brings something so different that no other rapper has brought before. Been doing it since 97. When I heard his first album it changed my opinion about rap. His music is very personal.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Don't really have a real reason. Sometimes his music is a little too crazy and dark.

4. Nas
Why he should make the list: Well we share the same name. Besides that Nas is crazy. Listen to "Illmatic", "It Was Written", some of "I Am.." and "Stillmatic". Illmatic is one of my top 5 albums it is just the essence of hip hop. Lyrically he's one of the greatest and on Illmatic he was only 19.
Why he shouldn't make the list: Lately I'm feeling he's lost that lyrical ability. I mean the stuff he spits is not as clever as it once was.

3. 2pac
Why he should make the list: 2pac just spoke to everyone in such a real way. His music was reflective of the street life. You could get confused with his music though. Because after he dropped "Keep Ya Head Up" his next single was "I Get Around" which were 2 songs that sent different messages. I've listened to every 2pac album all classics. He was taken to early. Definitely the realist rapper ever. Will never be forgotten.
Why he shouldn't make the list: He died didn't have the time to make more music. Never truly wowed me lyrically.

2. Jay-Z
Why he should make the list: First off 11 number one albums. What other rapper has done that. He's undeniably the most successful rapper ever. I was very close to naming him number one. Reasonable Doubt holds the title as my favorite albums ever. Jay-Z has one of the sickest flows of all time. He's a rapper who knows how to make music. Some rappers can rap but don't know how to make good music.
Why he should make the list: He's still good lyrically but on his new albums he isn't as good lyrically as he was on the early albums.

1. The Notorious B.I.G.
Why he should make the list: He's been dead for 12 years and lyrically no one can still touch him. His 2 albums are both in my top 10 rap albums I mean u can just listen to them and say he's best. He had everything a rapper supposed to have except maybe the looks even he knew "Heartthrob never, Black and ugly as ever."
Why he shouldn't make the list: He wasn't alive long enough.

Okay so that's my list. Jimmy and Hip Hop Culture gonna be coming through with their's soon. You can debate this list even I can debate this list.


Tyga is a rapper from Compton, California and is signed to the Young Money label. I know what you're thinking that "Coconut Juice" song was wack. Yeah it was and his album (No Introduction) was decent. But since that album he's been proving me wrong and is one of the new rappers I listen to along with Drake, J. Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi & Big Sean. He's one of the few people out of the many rappers in Young Money that I actually listen to (Drake, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj). He's put out a couple mixtapes this year "The Free Album", "The Potential" and "Black Thoughts" that will be released later this year. I know his next album is gonna reflect more of the rapper he is than the first one. You don't think he's good check Breaktime. Doesn't he and Wiz Khalifa look alike.

Todays Thoughts.

I got abit to write about but first I know I finally put a picture of me on my blog. But I found the time to find one etc. Anyways I got a lot of interviews coming for the blog. Some great ideas from Math and Jimmy as well. Watch out for their posts on here. This is going to be an big month for hiphop as their are a lot of albums dropping. Rakim is the one im looking forward to the most.
this was only a quick post anyways. Check the video out its NAS " Hero".


Featured Artist Kid Daytona

I wanted to do an artist spotlight on somebody I've really been feeling lately and that would be Kid Daytona. The first track I listened to him was called "Airborn" featuring Bun B. It's a real cool, laid back track that you can really mello into. His mixtape has been out a minute and really captures that laid back sound you hear throughout "Airborn".

"Airborn", The video for this is also real chill and laidback. It's got that old school NYC b-ball theme going on. It's really cool!

He's already dropped three mixtapes, A Tribe Called Fresh, The Daytona 500, and his latest one "Come Fly With Me". His music is really ill, and it's definitely worth you guys taking a look at. You can DOWNLOAD all three of mixtapes from his myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thekiddaytona!


Check me more @ http://scholasticstreetsense.blogspot.com/

My Favorite Beats

I'm about to go to work in a hour so I figured I'd give yall some of my favorite beats. Jimmy did a similar post last week gave me the idea. I love all these beats Flashing Lights rapped for days when I got the instrumental. Absolutely love the Pete Rock beat on They Reminisce Over You. Tomorrow I'm coming with a featured artist post for Tyga.

Krs One

I wanted to do a post on Krs One for ages now. Just having the time to write it, so I thoight I would today. He is gifted MC in hiphop and is very well know in the hiphop world. He is know for being called the "the teacher" in hiphop. He first got notice for being in Boogie Down Productions which was a hiphop band. It was made in 1986 and it made 6 albums as a group. Their first was one of the biggest one. It was called "Criminal Minded" and I listening to it so much and it dope. Boogie Down Productions ended in 1992. So Krs One went solo act in hiphop.

He has had one of the most succesful careers in hiphop. He has made 14 albums as a solo artists. Yes 14 that is a lot of album I think. He made the albums in the sapce of 1992 to 2008. Hopefully we will see one coming in 2010. Krs One made a couple Collaborative Albums. His first was with Marley Marl and it was called "Hip Hop Lives". I think its a great album and some of the words in the tracks are so dope.
His second Collaborative Album came out this year with Buckshot and it was called "Survival Skills". Its only been out a couple of months. I got it like a week after it came out and I thought it was a great album. I made me think about hiphop in a different way.

Krs One been in the hiphop game now for 22 Years and I think in three years time. He will be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. As he been around for so long and done a great job. Everyone in hiphip thinks he is a genuis and a dope MC as well. I got nearly all his albums on my Ipod. Krs one is an actor also and he written a couple of books. Which I've got a couple of and think they are dope.

Krs One Doing This Thing in The Videos.




This one of the hottest MCs around I think. Fabolous has been about for some time now and he is only 31 years old. But I found out some of Albums today and think he is dope.
Loso's Way came out early this year and it got everyone talking about how good it was. Such a dope album I thought. He was number 8 on MTV hottest mc list of 2009. I thought he should be higher up. any one agree? He has made 5 albums now and been on many people albums as a guest. I think 2010 we will see Fabs best album yet.

Hot Freestyles

Okay so I'm on my off day of school decided to do what I do when I'm bored and thats look up freestyles. Found some of these I like the Charles freestyle and Slaughterhouse jawn they ripped it. I didn't know Asher Roth was from around philly.


Charles Hamilton

Don't hate me for posting this dude. I don't know why he gets so much hate is it is voice? The fact that the dude wears pink all the time? Anyway Charles Hamilton's a rapper from Harlem. I been listening to him ever since "Brooklyn Girls" came out. The dude does so much music its crazy. Produces all of his music which is also dope. He's been out since 2007 and was homeless in 2007. Dude's been doing a lot of stupid stuff on the internet lately. Including the fact that he just got dropped from his record label "Interscope Records". His album that was never released lacked the lyrics that his mixtapes did. So I don't know if he'll be successful in the coming years. Check out "The Pink Lavalamp", "Crash Landed", & "It's Charles Hamilton".

Don't hate me for posting this dude. I don't know why he gets so much hate is it is voice? The fact that the dude wears pink all the time? Anyway Charles Hamilton's a rapper from Harlem. I been listening to him ever since "Brooklyn Girls" came out. The dude does so much music its crazy. Produces all of his music which is also dope. He's been out since 2007 and was homeless in 2007. Dude's been doing a lot of stupid stuff on the internet lately. Including the fact that he just got dropped from his record label "Interscope Records". His album that was never released lacked the lyrics that his mixtapes did. So I don't know if he'll be successful in the coming years. Check out "The Pink Lavalamp", "Crash Landed", & "It's Charles Hamilton"/


Ideas Coming?

People, What kinds of things do you think I should add to the blog. I got couple of ideas but need more here is a list of some that I got at the momment.
- Interviews , If you want one ask me, Or got an idea someone I should try an interview tell me
- Reviews on books, Cds, artists , films, fasion
- Artists posts, about them and there music.
- Fasion, pictures
- Music Latest videos, tracks, albums, covers
- Asking people their top 5 Mcs , Albums, Hiphop Momments.

Anyone got any other ideas.?



Where are you from?

Im from England, alot of people thought I was from America on twitter and blogs. But im from England.

What are your hobbys?

Just normal ones really, hiphop, music, mates, sports, clothes, blogging. But main one is hiphop always doing something to do with it lol.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

It took a while as I was going to do my blog on fasion. But I change the idea to hiphop as im more in to it. So I want to call my blog hiphop-culture but I could not so. The next idea was hiphop-movement which think is an dope name. But my username is hiphop-culture.

Why did you decide to create a blog?

Well I been checking out blogs for like 6 months now. But I only thoguht about making one early september time. I wanted to make my blog to show people hiphop and what it is. I am really pleased I did make my blog as I spoke to some dope people on blogger. The likes of Jimmy, Nas/Maths,Justin,Daniel (swaglife), Illwill, malibumara etc.

Since your blog is about hip-hop what are your top 5 mc's?

My top 5 mcs of alltime, well thats a hard question their are so many. But I would have to do with Nas, Jay Z,Krs One,Eminem, LL Cool J. Their are any more many others like Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Rakim etc. My list chances alot of the time lol.

What did you think about mtv's hottest mc's in the game list?

I thought the list was ok but I would made Eminem in their. As he came back this year and is dope at the momment. I would take Rick Ross out of the list and added Eminem for sure. Maybe added Wale in their as well. But the list ok was. Jay Z is number oe this year Blue Print 3 was a great album.

What are your top 5 albums?

My top five albums well I got so many it is very hard to pick. First it has to be Nas - Illmatic such a great album and its best of alltime. Second Rakim & Eric b - Paid In Full such great tracks and samples in the album. Third I would give it to Run D.M.C - Raising Hell I lvoe this album so much. Fourth I would give it to Dr Dre - The Chronic such a good album as a whole I thought. And number 5 would be Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt I think this is Hovs best album.
Their are many more which were close to be on the list like Biggie Small - Ready To Die, 2Pac - All Eyez on Me, Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle,50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin and many more.

What was the first album that you got?

Well I started buying albums when I was like 8 years old and im 16 years old at the momment. So I think it was Jay Z - Blueprint. Yes the first one it came out in 2001. And I still got it somewhere. I got so many albums lol. It was a classic album it started the blueprint era.

In your own eyes who do you think is the best in the game right now ?

Their so many good artists at the momment. Well I think Jay Z and Eminem are the best at the momment. But people like Kid Cudi, Wale, Drake, Lil'Wayne are going great. Their are albums comign from the likes Snoop Dogg, Rakim, Game,50 Cent,Wale. So it is very hard to say. But it is a split vote for me jay Z and Eminem.

Who inspires you?

Their so many artists who inspire me in different ways. Like Grand Master Flash he does goes as he has been in the game so long. But Nas he is one of the key people for me to get inspired. Others like Jay, Dre, Pharrell etc. Also Krs One he does as he such a genuis I think same with Mos Def and Common they are so smart. It makes me want to blog hearing these kinds of people.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Yeah their is a couple of things, First want to give it up to Crownd King Music for having me with this interview. Yes get my blog up to 100 followers, come we can do it. Also Jimmy and Nas/Maths are writting on my blog with me and they are great. With them on the team of the blog he are able to do great things. They are two genuis of hiphop I think. And last the readers on my blog are dope and I could not do the blog without you.



Big Sean

Big Sean is obviously a rapper from Detroit. Dude just has a great delivery it comes off so easily. I haven't been listening to him lately so he needs to come out with new stuff. Earlier this year I checked out his first mixtape from 2007 "Finally Famous. I've definitely heard the mixtape he put out this year called "U Know Big Sean". I feel like he'll be making major moves next year when his album drops and with Kanye on his side.
Check the blog - MathClassHeroes

Breakthoughs This Year.

This is a post on who I think has broken in to the main hiphop world. Their has been many artists who have this year so far but im only going to do a couple. First I have to say Drake he has been on fire. The mixtape he came out with was more like album I thought. Then he signed for Young Money which was big I thought. As he only came in to hiphop and Lil'Wayne all ready signed him up. Then he should people what had with the track Forever with Kanye , Eminem, Weezy in it. Drake showing what he can do and when his first album drops next year it will take the hiphop world. Every body will be watching him in the years to come.

Next got to talk about Kid Cudi his album was dope as hell I thought. He done a track with JayZ on blueprint 3 which was great. I think Kid Cudi will be around for many years in hiphop. Everybody knows what he can do. Maybe be will bring out a mixtape next if he does it will be his second one. I really like Kid Cudi alot and think his album was in the top 5 hiphop albums of th year. Any agree?

Well next has to be Wale, this boy is on fire. I heard his in album and what can I say it is so good I think. I reckon you all will like it and it will make eveyrone in hiphop see what Wale is like. The track he does with lady gaga "chillin" is a great track. But my favourite track from wale is "Nike Boots" it came from one of his mxitape it is a genuis song. Eveyrone check his album it comes out soon.
Wale is goign to be BIG.

This person will be out next year in the hiphop world, as thats when his album is going to drop. Its J Cole im talking about he is so good I think and I heard all his mixtapes and think each one is dope. He is signed up to Roc Nation which is Jay z Label. So he been on tour with Jay Z doing Blueprint 3. Just think Jay Z is teaching J Cole some of his ways which is going to make him even better. Next year will be J Cole year I think. Check out the track of J Cole.



The Hip Hop Sample...The Champ

In this post I wanted to give you guys insight to one pf the popular and most widely used samples to have ever been used in hip hop, and that would "The Champ" by the Mohawks. It's a funk song from the sixties and is widely regarded as one of the seeds of hip hop.....you know?!?!? funk, break beats, etc. This song has been sampled by the likes of KRS-One, Eric B., Redman, Ice Cube, De La Soul and many others. One of the best use of the sample in my opinion is done by Maestro Fresh, where he goes real hard with his flow, and hits hard with his lyrics; you can check that out below among with some others. ALSO make sure you check out the Nas video from a concert I went to last year where he paid tribute to that song on his famous song "Made You Look"!!!!!!

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The Original done by the Mohawks

Eric B. and Rakim "Eric B. is President"

Maestro Fresh "Let Your Backbone Slide"

KRS-One "Step into a World"

Onyx "Slam"


IF YOUR INTO POSTS LIKE THIS CHECK MY BLOG DAILY AT http://scholasticstreetsense.blogspot.com/

Albums Coming

This is the album I am looking forward to more than any. It is Rakim, the king to me. It is his
third solo album. It called "The Seventh Seal". It going to drop November 17, 2009 and Icant wait to buy it. I know its got Mario and Busta Rhymes on the album. He has drop to singles off the album so far which are "Holy Are You" and "I Walk These Streets". I think Rakim is a great Mc and one of the best of all time. So I know thiswill be a great album.

50 Cent is back with "Before I Self Destruct" and it coming out on November 23, 2009. I want to see what the new kind of 50 Cent is like. Fiddy said it going to be his best ever album. Will it be? Hopefully. Its got the lieks of Eminem, R-Kelly, Ne-Yo on the album. People like Dr Dre, Dj Premier, Timbaland have produces tracks for the album. I think it might be a good album. I have heard a couple of tracks which are off the album and they are dope.

Snoop Dogg is back with "Malice n Wonderland" which is going to drop December 8, 2009. It had two singles off the album but one was an promo. "Snoop Dog Millionaire" which was the promo track whihc drop in march this year and other is "Ganster Love" which came out Oct 6, 2009. I really think this will be a good album as its Snoop. He got people like Dr Dre, The Game, R-Kelly, The Dream on their.

First album Im going to talk about is The Game new album. Its called The R.E.D Album and it is out December 8, 2009. I really hope its not nothing like Game last album LAX as I thought it was not his best work and did not really like it. So I really want to hear this album and see Game at his best. It got some dope producers for it the likes of Cool & Dre, Kanye West, Dr Dre, Timbaland, Dj Khalil, The Neptunes. I only know at the mommnent people like Akon, Chris Brown and Timbaland as guest on the album. But im really looking forward to this album.

Next album is Lil'Wayne he is dropping two albums on the same day. Which is December 15, 2009. The albums are called Rebirth which is more of a rock rap album I been told. And Carter 4 which is the next carter album. On Rebirth he done a tracks with Fall Out Boy, Drake, Beastie Boys ( Dont Know if its true). He all ready drop two singles from Rebrith "Hot Revolver" and "Prom Queen". Carter 4 I dont know much about but I am guessing it will have Young Money and Cash Money artists on it as well. And I know Weezy had done a track with Gucci Mane which will be first single
Peace People.