Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne & Travis Barker Before Their Grammy Performance

Real nice pic of them from before their Grammy performance. I also I added the uncensored version of their Grammy performance

Video - Busta Rhymes , Nas , Damian Marley Perform.

Busta Rhymes Performance At SOS + Nas & Damian Marley Perform. (Help For Haiti)


Nas - Top 20 Tracks. PART 2

This is the second part to my top 20 Nas tracks. I think the first part was very succesful on the blog and the post went down well. So lets kick it of with the number 10 spot.

10 Nas - Halftime
This had to be in the top 10. It is a great track. The lyrics from the being of the track to the end are non stop dope. I would relate the track to nas past and early life which he does well. It almost like a story. Dope track.

9 Nas - I gave you power
This is a track which drop in 1996 so stil early days for Nas. To me I think a key part of the track is how Nas kills the beats. It is produced by DJ Premier which is always dope what a team they are together.

8 Nas - Hiphop Is Dead
This a track where Nas was showing a message to everyone and hiphop. He was saying at this time when he drop this album hiphop was dead. He said that there was no artist at the time making good music for hiphop. To me he was right the hipho pat that time was poor it needed this track and album to make it more alive.

7 Nas - New York State Of Mind
This track is from the greatest album of all time "illmatic". Every hiphop fan has heard this great track. It was so good a part 2 came out. I love this track and Nas does a great job on it.

6 Nas - Ether
This would not be a top 20 list with out one of the diss track Nas done to Jay Z. When they had all there beef for so many years. Nas kills this track and diss Jay Z Z so much in the track. Yeah I know Hov done the same to Nas as well. But what Nas does in this is crazy.

5 Nas Ft AZ - Life's a Bitch
Whaat a track this is Nas and AZ both work well in it. I like this track alot as they both kill it. How Nas comes in the track after AZ is my fav part of it. Any hiphop fan lies this track to me.

4 Nas - Nas Is Like
This is a mad track. Every part is pure dope to me. The words are so powerful in it. One of the greatest tracks of all times. When DJ Premier comes in and starts scratching is great. Then it has got "Nas is like.. half man half amazing.."

3 Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
What a track and the words all the way though the track is so fresh. Nas at his best I think. It had to be high on the list it is such a great track. Everyone will agree.

2 Nas - One Mic
How Nas does from soft rapping to killing the beat. Its crazy not many artist can do that. We know pac and eminem can do it. But know if pople did not know Nas can do it two. And he murders this track. Its pure gold.

1 Nas - Memory Lane
To me its the greatest Nas track. But he has made so many great track. Every track on illmatic are dope. I like this track so much for many reasons. If your a hiphop fan you like this track know matter what. This track is about Nas is past in Queensbridge where Nas lived. A great track.

So thats it my top 20 tracks of Nas. I know we missed some tracks out like One Love, Represent, One Time 4 Your Mind etc. But these are my fav Nas tracks so you might have different which I respect.

Peace Everyone.

Nicki Minaj Talent Gets Jay Z Talking?

Jay-Z has reportedly given Young Money's Nicki Minaj his official co-sign and the motivation to take her emcee skills to the next level. Reflecting on how Hov suggested she appear on Robin Thicke's "Shakin' It For Daddy" collaboration, Nicki revealed being shocked at the rapper's admiration for her

"I was like, 'What?' " Minaj said about Jigga claiming she has "charm." "Obviously, Jay-Z ... Jay-Z is a person in hip-hop that you almost don't think he exist until you meet him. It's almost like he's bigger than a person. He's a mythical figure. That's a great way to describe it. I was like, 'Jay-Z knows me?' I didn't think he knew who I was, let alone recommend me for something. If he did know who I was, I didn't know if he liked my style or approved. It was weird. It was like getting that stamp of approval from the most popular jock in high school and being a freshman in high school and thinking no one knows you exist."



Hiphop News Today

Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon To Drop Joint Album On B.I.G.'s Anniversary.
Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has revealed the name of his upcoming joint Method Man and Ghostface Killah album and said the project would drop on the 13th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.'s death

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's Rebirth will reportedly chart next week with one-day estimates showing the rapper's experimental rock album selling up to 150,000 copies. Cash Money/Universal Motown's Lil Wayne long-awaited rock album, Rebirth, hit yesterday, and looks on track for between 140-150k in first-week sales as he prepares to be imprisoned for a year on gun possession charges. Needless to say, his last album, 2008's Tha Carter III debuted with one million sales in its first week. He appears on the cover of the current issue of Rolling Stone.

Producer Salaam Remi has revealed that Nas and renowned singer Sade worked together nearly a decade ago on a collaboration track for her Lovers Rock album.


Yes, if you need to say pause – say it. However, I don’t need to say pause, why? Nas is coming! Yes, last year was Jay, Rae and Drake’s year, but this one is Nas’ year! Now, I know a lot of you may think I am talking about his rap/reggae effort called Distant Relatives. No. I am getting insider info that Nas is coming back out with a NAS record later this year. I really don’t know much else about it, but it looks good. It sounds good for the game too., especially since Nas started all this Hip-Hop is dead stuff. And there you have it. New Nas albumin 2010


Nas - Top 20 Tracks. PART 1

This is a new type of post im going to try, its a post which will have two parts to it. Each part will have 10 tracks on it. The tracks can be songs the artist has featured in or it could be a freestyle. So im going to start it of with Nas who is one my favourite artist for many reason. One would be he came in to the hiphop world such at a young age. Hearing illmatic his first album you can tell how good he is.

20. Nas - Legendary
This is a track which was made for the Mike Tyson movie. I think it is a very strong track Nas does. The way he talks about Mike Tyson in it is dope. When I first heard it I knew it was going to be dope. It has been nominated for Oscar.

19 Kayne West Ft Krs One, Rakim and Nas. (DJ Premier)- Classic
A track which drop in 2007 and it got 3 great artist with Nas on the track. And DJ Premier made the beats and help make the track. The track repersents hiphop from all different years. Nas only features it in but he kills his part.

18 Nas Ft Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now
This track is old I know but I like it the way nas and puff go in on it. To me its was the period when Diddy was at his best. But Nas does a great job in it I think.
A track you have to like I think.

17 Nas - Dance
A track which has got a lot power behide it. It a song which means alot to Nas I think. Not many people have heard it but it had to be on the list. Your love it if you aint heard it.

16 Nas - Black President
I not from America but I watched Barack Obama win the elected and also have read Obama biography. So I know alot about him and Nas relates what it means for Obama to be the president. He done a great job with. I think its got tupac and eminem in th track. Love this track.

15 Nas - What Goes Around
This track goes so hard and Nas put so much effort in to it. It got a meaning to it I think. Just listen to it and your understand what im talking about. Talks about many different things in it.

14 Nas - No Idea's Original
A powerful track from Nas. It is from the lost tapes. One of Nas most powerful tracks I think. It shows how good he is. The best. And a youtube comment from the video is NASIR JONES SINCE 73'. THATS DOPE.

13 Nas - Purple
This is a over track from the lost tapes. It a tack which shows a diferent type of Nas some people say. It remind me of One Mic abit. But different in the way. It shows how powerful Nas is with his words in the track.

12 Nas - The World Is Yours
Many people I know loves this track. Which I agree with 100% one of Nas best track. I like it alot. For many reasons. The way Nas stop in the track then goes back in to it even better. Dope track.

11 Nas- Heaven
This track just takes me away. As the lyrics to this are out of the world I think. This track shows how good Nas is and why he up there with the likes of pac, biggie, hov etc. Its so strong worded.

"Nasir Jones" SO Many Great Tracks.

Throwback Street Documentary - The Show

Throwback Street Documentary The Show (Ft. Biggie Small, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan & More) 1995 / 1 Hour 32 Min

Its a long videos 92 mins but it is dope. It repersents what hiphop is in 1995.
And I got a Top 20 Nas post coming soon.


New Music - B.O.B. & J. Cole - Gladiators

Finally I can post again. Yeah I've been on blog lock because something is going on with my google account. Still can't post on my blog Audio Dope. Anyway check this track that I was going to post yesterday. It's crazy

Drake And Eminem Collaboration? Also Kanye And Hov?

Gammy-nominated rapper Drake has hinted at a possible collaboration track with Eminem being in the works. "Not yet," Drake said referring to the status of his debut, Thank Me Later. "I got a couple more things. Me and Em talked about something today. We might need that to happen. I'm gonna figure [a single] out this week and it should be coming in a week or two. It's all coming soon. I won't take too long."

Kanye West associate No I.D. has reportedly clocked in time with Drake.
"I am working with J. Cole and we are pretty deep into his album, which is turning out great, also working with Drake, Jazmine Sullivan," I.D. said in an interview. "Kanye and I are executive producing Common's next album and then I want some new and unexpected things."

Along with West, the rapper has locked up a collaboration with Jay-Z for his debut.

"I actually did the record with Jay-Z last night," Drake revealed in an interview. "It's crazy, I'm really really excited about it. I hope he likes it, I just did it and I'ma shoot it to him and I hope he likes it. But it's crazy. It's actually produced by, well, the one that I want him on, produced by this dude from Toronto -- it is nice. It's a special, special record because at first I was like, 'I don't know what kinda hook I'ma do,' I really wanted to make this rap record and I managed to get this rap with a crazy chorus in the lane of like a 'Forever' but not really. It's like that type of triumphant feel though. I'm excited. The record is called 'Light It Up.'"


Grammys Last Night- Videos.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

It was grammys last night and it was great. So I had to do a post on it. We had Drake and Co doing forever. The hiphop adwards. It was a great night.
Best Rap Album - Eminem Replapse
Best Rap Solo Performance - Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”
Best Rap Song- Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – “Run This Town”
Best Rap Performance By a Duo or Group- Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – “Crack A Bottle”
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – “Run This Town”

Jay Z and Emienm stole the show for the hiphop grammys. With the guest on the tracks got grammys as well Kanye, Rhianna, Dr Dre and 50 Cent. Eminem has done great in the last year and for him winning to grammy was dope. And Jay Z been on top of hi game this last year.

The video is from the Grammys last night. Its "Forever" being performed by Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Travis Barker. It is dope video.

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Jay Z and Rhianna acceptance speech. And the kid is Jay Z nephew Jules.

Check out this picture of Drake, Lil Wayne, & Eminem practicing for their performance for the Grammys


Grammys Tonight- Predictions

There are five hiphop adwards in the grammys. First Best Rap Solo Performance - Best I Ever Had" - Drake, "Beautiful" - Eminem , "D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)" - Jay-Z ,"Day 'N' Nite" - Kid Cudi, "Casa Bey" - Mos Def. All good tracks but Drakes was his first big hit so it might put him high up for the grammy. But Beautiful from Eminem was a massive hit and showed a new style of Eminem. D.O.A was hov telling death of auto tune. Kid Cudi track was very big. Last Mos Def - Casa Bey to me I would love to see Mo Def win it. He is so under rated and that track is dope.

Prediction - Best I Ever Had" - Drake

Second adward Best Rap Performance By a Duo/Group "Too Many Rappers" - Beastie Boys & Nas, "Crack A Bottle" - Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent, "Money Goes, Honey Stay" - Fabolous & Jay-Z, "Make Her Say" - Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common, "Amazing" - Kanye West & Young Jeezy. Some great tracks here. I would like to see Beastie Boys get it as they been around for years and its a good track also got NAS in it. I would be surprised if in Crack A bottle got it. Fab & Hov could get it as it was a great hit. Other two tracks are solid ones though.

Prediction - "Too Many Rappers" - Beastie Boys & Nas

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration - "Ego" - Beyoncé & Kanye West, "Knock You Down" - Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo, "Run This Town" - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West, "I'm On A Boat" - The Lonely Island & T-Pain, "Dead and Gone" - T.I. & Justin Timberlake. This has to be Run This town it is massive track or Dead & gone T.I & JT kill it.

Prediction - "Run This Town" - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West

Best Rap Song - "Run This Town" - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West , "D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)" - Jay-Z , Dead and Gone" - T.I. & Justin Timberlake , Day 'N' Nite" - Kid Cudi , Best I Ever Had" - Drake . I cant say for this one there all good tracks in my view. But there some other track which could be on here.

Prediction - "D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)" Jay Z

Last Best Rap Album - Universal Mind Control - Common, Relapse - Eminem, R.O.O.T.S. -Flo Rida, The Ecstatic - Mos Def, The Renaissance - Q-Tip,. I dont mind ho this goes to just not Flo Rida. Mos Def album was good. Eminem was dope. Q-Tip & Common were great. Its very hard. I might give it to Common Or Mos Def I like there album. But it could go to any off the four I said.

Prediction - I cant pick it either Common, Q Tip, Eminem or Mos Def.