Barack Obama On HipHop!

President Barack Obama on hiphop, I think in the video is very good to watch and listen. As it shows even someone like Obama still can like hiphop. Like when people say hiphop is not music when it is. Because its very different to other genres in music people try and question it. But I think by seeing someone like the USA President lile hiphop its shows a complete different side of it. To me hiphop is my life, I listen to new tracks everyday, getting new albums and checking the news of it etc. Its my thing that I enjoy and other people enjoy it to. Hiphop gets a lot of hate by people but its getting bigger and bigger in music world. Anyways what you think about the video of Obama talking about hiphop?

Its a video of Diddy meeting Obama four years before he came president. Its a very good interview and its shows what Obama was like before he was president. What you all think?



What you all think of this song, its got some hiphop legends in with Nas, Krs One and Rakim. And a hip hop star of kanye west. But people say Kanye should not be in the track. So what do you think should he?
Also got to give it up to DJ Premier he is a hiphop legend. DJ Premier is the best hiphop producer ever I think. To me Krs One kills it the best, but every one does a good job.

Krs one is class, his first album was dope and its called "criminal minded" check it out if you never heard of it. Rakim he is a complete hiphop legend, him and Eric B in Paid In Full Album is one of my favs of all time. And Rakim has got a new album on the way "the seventh seal". To me Nas has got better and better in hiphop as with his first album ever "illmatic" it is a classic and I dont know no one who does not like it. When Nas does hiphop is dead I understood the message he was saying about hiphop. And Kanye West has done everything in the last couple of years in hiphop. Fair play to Kanye I think he is dope at the momment.

So what you all think of this track, its been around for like 2/3 years now.


Ma$e Returning To Bad Boy ?

Diddy said this week that Ma$e could be returning to Bad Boy. Diddy is trying to get his label back to the top of hip hop. So if Mase returns it will be a big thing. He used to be in the bad boy family of Diddys. As a lot of things have change and happen in hip hop since Mase left bad boy. He quit bad boy records in 1999. Under bad boy record labels he made Harlem World in 1996 which was big and I think its a classic album. Before his first album he used to be Big L group Children of the Cord. Which was formed early in the 90s. After his first album Ma$e featured in Biggie Smalls song Mo Money, Mo Problems which also had Diddy in it. Then he started to feature in other songs as well. It was normally him and Diddy in the songs together.

His second album in 1999 in Double Up which was under Bad Boy Records and MAse even started to produce some of the songs on the album. At the end of the year Ma$e had left bad boy records and he retirement from rap. But he came back in 2004 with his third album Welcome Back which was under Bad Boy Records. After his album Ma$e started to feature in songs of Nelly, Fat Joe and Kanye West. After his third album G Unit came calling for Ma$e to sign for there record label. But Diddy would not let him go to 50 Cent and G Unit only him they gave Bad Boy $2 Million. G Unit gave up trying to sign Ma$e. Then Ma$e left bad boy again.

But now in 2009 could his comeback happen under bad boy, his new album is called The Mason Betha Story which should be out in 2010. Diddy comment saying he wants Ma$e to return to bad boy records. Diddy and Ma$e have spoken about them being partners again. I think Ma$e will return hopefully. As Diddy got a new album out called "Last Train To Paris" soon will it have Ma$e in any of the songs? I think it will and then that will lead on to Ma$e new album in 2010.

What you think if Ma$e returns?


Drake Quick Success?

Many people know who Drake is as how quick its took him to be at the top. I mean I never seen a hip hop artist like him, well he has raised to the top of hip hop so quick. I mean he is only 22 years old and look how good he is. Jay-Z wanted Drake on his album and they made a couple of songs together. Lil Wayne quickly signed Drake up with Young Money Entertainment Record Label a couple months ago. He went on tour with Young Money but injured himself on stage.

Drake had some mixtapes before he had his first song, which people say his mixtapes are great and you could tell he would be a star. In 2007 Drake has a song called Replacement Girl ft Trey Songz which was big and it was on his mixtape called Comeback Season. That was his second mxitape. He made his first mixtape in 2006 called Room For Improvement. 2009 has been a big year for Drake with "Best I Ever Had" came out and everyone has heard that song. I think its such a good song. He has got his third mixtape coming out this month called -So Far Gone. Also has had singles out called "Successful ft Trey Songz and Lil Wayne" and he made "Forever" which had th likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem. That track was big and I think Drake and Eminem was the best in the track. Drake first album sould be out next year and its called "Thank Me Later". So whats next for Drake with his next mixtape and album coming out I think they will both will be class. He will be a star in Hip Hop. What you all think about him?


Goin Back To Old SKool On This Onee

I thought today I would do a post on old skool hip hop. Which it would be about Run D.M.C one of my favourite hip hop groups. The were first hip hop group to be on MTV and first hip hop group to have their own sneakers. To me they were greatest hip hop group of all time. They have had great tracks such as Beats To The Ryhmes, Rockbox, My Adidas, Runs House, Pause, Its like That, Its Trickys and many more. I like Rockbox the most its one of the songs I think which represents old skool hip hop. Run D.M.C first started in 1983 and they came to a end when J.M.J ( Jam Master Jay ) died in 2002. Jam Master Jay was one of the greatest hip hop Djs.

Run D.M.C to me are a different class to other hip hop groups and artist. I think they had their own style which was rock rap. They are now in the rock and role hall of fame. But in 2002 when Jam Master Jay got shot, it ended an era. So Rev Run and D.M.C went on to make solo careers in hip hop. What do you think of Run D.M.C?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumgOJLFSHw This is a link to one of Run D.M.C greatest songs which is called- King Of Rock.

Russell Simmons - Hip Hop Icon

Russell Simmons is one on the well know names in hip hop. He first found a rapper called Kurtis Blow who was one of the first major rappers. He found kurtis in the early 1980s and then latter to find Run D.M.C. Which had Joe Simmons who was Russell brother and gave him a nickname of Dj Run. Also in Run D.M.C had Darryl Matthews McDaniels who is D.M.C the second rapper and he was Joe Simmons best friend. The last person in Run D.M.C who was Dj Jam Master Jay who was the Dj of the group. The group was a trio with two rappers and a DJ. Russell Simmons came up with the name Run D.M.C.

Run D.M.C became the greatest hip hop group of all time and with out Russell Simmons help it would never of happen. As he was able to find them a record label. Before he made his own which was Def Jam. He made Def Jam with Rick Rubin which they both were co owners of def jam. In Def Jam he signed other hip hop acts as LL Cool J, Public Enemy , Beastie Boys and many more acts. I think hip hop would never have been the same with out Russell Simmons. He made it to what it is today.


Jay-Z Gets Diss ?

Has Jay-Z been dissed by T-Pain? This week rapper Fabolous has supported Jay-Z to still be at the top of Hip Hop even though he is 40 soon. Fabolous also said that with Jay Z it does not matter how old he is as he is that good. Which T-Pain did not agree with and when he was at a night club in Las Vegas. He started saying "fuck Jay-z" whilst he was doing djing.

I think that T-Pain is saying the wrong stuff about Hov. As Jay-Z is one of the best rappers ever. I think that T-Pain just wanted to say his view about Jay which I dont agree with, does any one?
With Fabolous backing Jay-Z and supporting him this could have made T-Pain do the comments he said. I think Jay Z wont respond to T-Pain as it doesn ot have the time. As he got his new album coming out this week. It seems more people are saying stuff about Jay-Z like The Game has been in past months. He been trying to make a Fued with Jay Z.

Othernews if you want to hear a dope song Jay z ft Kayne West - Hate. Its off the blueprint 3 and it has leaked over the internet. I think its a great song.


First Post !

This is a blog all about hip hop from new tracks to clothes to graffiti. I think hip hop fans will like this blog as its going to be about lots of different things inside hip hop. Like whats new in the hip hop world, well we are just about to have Jay Z new album out this week. Blueprint 3 will be great and its got on it from Kanye West to Pharrell to Alicia Keys. We all know what Jay-Z can do but I have a feeling this will be one of his best albums. At the momment Jay-Z is one of the best rappers in the world or not the best. I am looking forward to see what Jay-Z and Pharrell will be like. In other news in hip hop 50 Cent got a new video out called Flight 187. What you think of it?