Saturday Night Anticipation

Here's some exclusive performances from some hip hop heavyweights. J. Cole, Lupe & Wale. Oh yeah and keep expecting more posts from me. But my next site will be up soon and I'll have a new featured artist post tomorrow.

J. Cole in Tampa performing what is believed to be his first single called "Who Dat". From what I hear you can guarantee his album is going to be classic.

Lupe performing in Boston. Never heard the track before so it might be new.

Wale performing one of the best joints off his Attention Deficit album.

Kanye Beats?

DJ Premier has said “Kanye’s New Album Is Strictly Hard Beats And Rhymes”. The picture below is the text from a magazine interview with DJ Premier. Which he talks about Kanye and his work at this momment.

Abit more about Kanye West album. Kanye is ensconced in his Diamond Head, Hawaii home and recording studio, putting the final touches on his forthcoming album with guest rappers like Q-Tip, RZA and Pete Rock, numerous reports have confirmed. A source close to the project -- which is tentatively titled "Good A** Job" according to G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean -- says it will be released in June
Video below is Pete Rock talking about Kanye West below.

Speaking of Pete Rock after I drop a post on him the other week I fund a dope video.
The Making Of Pete Rock Soul Survivor (1998) which was one of his album. Yu must check it out if ya in to beats.
Watch live streaming video from worksofmart at livestream.com



Friday Night Session

My blog got deleted again I don't really know why, but I considered quiting the blogging. Can't do that so I'm back posting again. I just figured I'd post a couple of songs that I've been feeling that have dropped this week.

Wale - Breakupsong

Definitely always good to hear some new Wale so here you go.

Also always good to hear a new J. Cole joint and he added a few bars to this R&B dude Miguel's song.

Miguel f. J. Cole - All I Want Is You

New Tyga song with Chris Brown rapping. Now that I think about Chris Brown isn't that bad of a rapper.

Tyga & Chris Brown - G Shit


Nas & Damian Marley UPDATE.

I found this video of Nas and Damian Marley Digiwaxx Press Conference which I thought I would put up. As its different to other I think and any hiphop fan whould want to see it. Cant wait for this album to drop. On the video previewed new tracks including “Promise Land” at the 8:00 mark. They answered strong questions given to them and it makes this album so good.



The Barbie - UPDATE.

Nicki Minaj has pulled out of Rhianna Last Girl On Earth tour with Ke$ha. She put up on her twitter that she had pulled out to work on her first album. To me its a good idea as the album needs to drop but going on tour with great artist like Rhianna would help her alot. Her message she put on her twittr is below.

Bfore Nicki pulled out this video was on the internet of Rhianna announced her Last Girl On Earth tour. And said she was taking Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha for the tour.

So whats next for Nicki Minaj well its to finsh her album and tracks in he next few months coming up. Hopefully it will drop soon I cant for it. We saw her drop Massive Attack which is the video below this. That was an dope track but the video was abit crazy. Im finding it hard to find information about her first album she making but im guessing it will feature some artist on it. Maybe some of Young Money I dont know.
But I cant wait for the album im looking forward for it.

As we all on albums in this post in te next few days I will drop my top 10 albums im looking forward to this year and reasons why for the choice. Also I will find information and some dates when the albums are going to drop.

Peace All



Whats good people? I wanted to do a mix of a post today but I did not have the time to do it. I was going to do an album of wu-massacre album but I will do it at a other time. So I think its got to be hiphop news with latest videos etc.

Dr Dre in the video confirms the track with Jay Z ad the title for it. Its called under pressure and speaks about the dre headphones. Cant wait for this track.

Swizz Beatz is ab producer who im getting in to at the momment such a talent I feel. He makes some great beats for artist. This is an itnerview which he speaks about his new album and producing for artists in up incoming albums.

Lupe Fiasco Introduces Common At UCI. What an video.



Young And Old Happening.

There aint been much whats happening in Hiphop lately well today and last couple as well. Thats why featued artist post been in last couple of days on the blog. But I seen some good things to put in this post so stay tuned.

Jay Electronica x Mos Def – A Lotta Bangers Live In New Orleans
I dont have to go in to much detail for this video as its two great artist doing there thing live.

Pharrell Williams – Kevin Lincoln Interview
I know a lot of people know Pharrell for this clothing style and his line but I look at him in another way more. Not saying I aint in to his style and line as the yare dope. But he is a great music producer and done wonders on albums he work on. Also im a big fan of N.E.R.D which he speaks on in the interview. N*E*R*D album will be called Nothing. Wonder if Rhea is still gonna be in the mix.

Common – Syracuse University Freestyle
He is one of the most under rated rappers around, this is a great freestyle and Common asked the audience to yell out a word, which would be heaven. He then proceeded to do an actual freestyle off that word.

And finally B.o.B album The Adventures of Bobby Ray which drops in a couple of months list is on the interview. Which he got features on there of Lupe Fiasco, T.I and Eminem which does not surprise me. As B.o.B is a great talent and young still so know wonder why them kind of artist are on the album.

Peace People.