Peoplee I need Yourr Helpp??

I been doing sketches recently and need a name for it all? I came up with a couple like SWAGG and FRESHNESS MONEY? Anyideas on some ?
Also I got a video for ya all and it will make you laugh trust!



Today been a lazzy day for me so far. Just been listning to music all day. I got the old ipod out. Been listening to a mixture of artists today. A bit Tupac, Dre, Roots, Jay Z ( Old Stuff), Nelly, DMX, NAS(The Man Is Class), and more. Also been downloading some new tracks as well.

In Hiphop news, Nelly got a new album on its way. Fiddy got his artwork for his new album. Nick Cannon warned Eminem again. Which I think stupid what is Nick Cannon going to do to Eminem. I would love to see them do a rap battle against each over. Nick Cannon would get destroyed I think. What you all think??

I been blogging all a couple hours as well and seen some dope blogs. I been doing loads of sketches of clothes designs. But I need a name for it all any ideas people?
My weekend wave will be posted soon.


The Roots Freestyle

The Roots A Great Hiphop Group.

Black Thought ( The Roots Rapper).




Old School Video!!

The Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight


My Top 5 Hiphop DJs!!!

Like I one before my top 5 Mc well now its DJs of Hiphop. I got some great DJs on my list.
So Check it out and write your own down if you want to.

Grandmaster Flash

"He was the first DJ in hiphop and he has been about for year. He is a true great and he had to be on my list, Some people say he made HIPHOP"

Jam Master Jay

"This man was in Run D.M.C he is one of the greatest djs in hiphop history, he had such skill and could make something from nothing- R.I.P JMJ"

Eric B

"Him and Rakim were a duo group together and he made such classic beats for Rakim, I love seeing him mix"

Dj Jazzy Jeff

"Jazzzzyy Jefff everyone knows him if its you seen Fresh Prince Of Bel Air or Listen to him and the Fresh Prince (Will Smith ), He could do anything with turntables"

Scott La Rock

" He was with KRS One in Boogie Down Productions, he was great and him and KRS one work so well together I think,"



I was going though my old CDs and I found Nas first album which is called Illmatic. It was made in 1994 and it rock the hiphop world. I think it is dope and it has to be one of the best albums I ever heard. Every track is HOT trust me on this one!
This album made Nas to what he is now.


These videos been on repeat on my ipod all day LOL

Its Def Jam Poetry, I see it as soft rap kinda. It is dope I think so check out the vids.

Krs One & Doug.E Fresh " This is genuis TRUST ME"

Common Sense "Uses such powerful words"

Mos Def "Its a Classic Video"

Talib Kweli "My fav one its fresh and dope"


Chris Rock

Chris Rock to me is the funniest person who does stand up I think. I watched Chris Rock stand up last night on tv and thought he is so funny. Everything he said made me laugh. If any of you have not seen his stand up check it out. He said something about hiphop what I thought it was funny. Check the video out its dope. I bet it will make you laugh TRUST!