Diggy - Airborne (Mixtape)

Mixtape just got put up on DatPiff. Here's the long awaited second tape from 15 year old rapper Diggy. Features include Chris Brown, Bei Maejor, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and more.


Fabolous & Soulja boy squash beef

XV - Vizzy Zone (Mixtape)

Everybody check out this new XV tape. Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.


B.o.B. On Chelsea Lately

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - See video of the biggest web video personalities.
Bobby Ray on Chelsea Lately spoke about VMA's, Airplanes, Twitter, T.I, and opening for Em & Jay-Z Shows. Also saw on twitter B.o.B working with 50 Cent and Drake.


The Blog Is One Year Old

Today is a year since I made the blog its the one year anniversary of it. It does not seem like I started blogging a year ago its gone fast. But in this year I have met some great people with dope blogs. I wanted to do a Vlog but my webcam is so messed up sorry people. Just want to thank everyone who has followed the blog in the last year and I appreciate all the comments I get as well. Just want to give some shout outs below.

Nas writes on the blog he been doing it since the blog basically started and I just want to thank him for every post he dropped on it in the last year. He has made the blog so much better in many different ways. Hopefully Nas will continue with the blog for the years to come. He's a true hip-hop head and got great opinions on music. Just want to wish him luck with college.
Lee also writes on the blog I would say he done a great job since he joined the blog. Always blogs about dope music. I really like his own blog I always check it out when a new post is up. I appreciate the job Lee has done on the blog so far and hopefully will continue to write on it for years to come. Thanks man.
Justin is a blogger who I met within the first few weeks after making the blog. His blog is about Fashion, Art, Music etc its one of the best blogs on the internet. I check it all the time and he has got a clothing project called "Phenomenal Future" which is coming out soon. The designs of it are dope he is going to big one day in the fashion world. Im glad to have met you Justin. And good luck at your Fashion Business School/College this year.
Malibu Mara aka Tamara is someone who I met though checking her great blog out as soon as I created my blog. She recently got 1000 followers on her blog just want to say well done she deserves it as her blog is amazing. I go on her blog daily its always got dope post's up about fashion. She also made my header on my blog which I appreciate. She going to be success in the fashion industry in the future. And good luck with college this year. 
Jevon is another blogger and his blog is incredible its always got dope things on it. It could be fashion, art, music or ValorCandy. Which is his Watch collection which he has created and I cant wait to purchase one when they are out. I check his blog out all the time. He is going to be successful in fashion in the future. Keep it up Jevon with ValorCandy. And good luck with School this year.  
Tommy has a dope blog and it always has great stuff on it. I think I first check out his blog as soon as I made mine. He got great style as well as he always puts a post about his outfits what he wears. If you aint check his blog out you need to your missing out. Good luck with school and your blog Tommy. 
Jay is from an online magazine "SwaggerJunky" which has got the same birthday as this year blog. SwaggerJunky is a year old today and its a dope website. He also has got a blog that's where I met him before I knew about his online magazine. I recently interview him the over week what was dope. 
Keep it up Jay.
Kyri is currently killing it with Amour Moi Abhor Moi it his own Jewelry Collection and its dope. Some of you might know him from his blog Basically Dope. He is talented I reckon and already showing it with Jewelry Collection. And his blog is great as well. Good luck with it all Kyri
Levi is the dude who makes the dope music we all hear. His mixtape was great I played it so many times on my Ipod. Cant wait kill he drops his next project its going to be great. I am sure he will become a hip-hop artist in the future. I always post his latest music on the blog so check it out next time he drops something. Levi continue to make that dope music you do.
Tisha is someone I met though her blog or twitter I cant remember. But she has a great blog and she is a model as well. I interviewed her a few weeks ago which was dope. She either going to be a successful model or journalist in the future. Good luck with it all Tisha.
Nnnmz is someone who I first started speaking to from his dope blog. But started to speak to him more on Alistradio when DJ Spinking would be on it. I dont know if he cant remember it but I can lol
Good Nnamz with school and everthing. 

J.Cole “Villematic”


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