Lupe Lasers Nearly Here

Lupe Fiasco third album "Lasers" will be able to buy from Itunes and shops on March 8. After months of Lupe Fiasco and his label having problems and issues over the album and its release date its nearly finally here. Many people are looking forward to the album as its been a couple of years since his last. One of the best hip-hop artists in music you have to say Lupe is and he is very genuine. Which I mean by he not like any other artists he does not try and copy people how some artists do. Being a lyical genius not many people mention it and his songs always have a story to them. The singles so far of the album are "The Show Goes On" and "Words I Never Say" which both have been great to listen to. Another thing I like about Lupe he works with the artists and producers he wants to, does not matter who they are more about there talent. With Lupe already working on his next album will it be under the same label? I personally think he would suit G.O.O.D music Kanye label but thats just my thought or he could make up his own label and work from there. Just make sure you all get Lasers on March 8!