Nasty Nas

There aint much happening nothing in hiphop so im out of ideas of a post. So I thought I do a post on one of the dopest mc all time. NAS. I might done poston him before before. But as its Nas I could do like 20 on him and it still would be good. Well first Nas been around since the early 90s he first started in 1994 as illmatic drop which is his first album. It is one of the best albums of alltime to me. He killed every track in it. And at such a young age and do a album like it was it shows how good he is. He was hailed as the next Rakim which could added pressue on him. But in the late 90s he was on top his game but then him and jayz had beef with each other. It started that JayZ sampled Nas voice on one of Jay Z early tracks. Then they started dissing each other and in finally ended in 2005.

Other key things in 2006 Nas droped "hiphop is dead" its an album showing what hiphop is all about. I agree with the title 100% as at the time hiphop was dropping. This album was needed to make hiphop back on top. It rised from this. Nas called it this as at the time he had artists like Kanye & Lil Wayne who were adding a new type of hiphop. Which was good but we still wanted the old style. So Nas thought of doing this album. He was not hating on no one just wanted this style back. Artists lik Krs One & DMX agreed with Nas on this album. Then in 2008 Nas had the best album of the year to me it was called "untitled" he was not allowed to call it what he wanted to. But this album was dope and hot. It showed Nas had still got it.

To me Nas is one of the best rappers of all time as he is got his own style and its the way he does his music. With Nas only at 36 he is still going strong and he made 9albums since 94. Nas is lyrics are better than anyones to me. I would say he is equal to any other or above them. Only a couple artists you could argue Nas with at that level. Just watch out for Nas as his album with Damian Marley dropping next year. I still think a solo album from him could also be dropped. And this JayZ & Nas Diss Fiddy & Beanie Seal. Nas Is one of a kind to me. Is is a god to hiphop and to me. He inspires me to blog at time when I listening to his tracks.

Last thing I wanted to say. Give it up to Nas(Math) he is killing it with his blog everyday by dropping latest news on hiphop check out his blog. http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/
Also give it up to blogs of Nnamz, Jimmy, Justin, MalibuMara. Let this blog to 100 followers



On 4 December 1969 a star was born and his name was called Shawn Corey Carter.
Its Jay Z birthday today and just wanted to say happy b-day to him. And he is 40 years old today and shows it does not matter about age in hiphop. As JayZ been best rapper this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hov.


Eminem2.jpg Eminem image by PPlus4Life

Eminem drop two new tracks from his refill album which drops in a couple of weeks
"Its ILL Em Kills it"

"A Solid Track"

Interview with JUSTIN!

1. Could you tell us abit about yourself?
Im Justin also go by the name of Jdizzle, im 16 years old, live and come from The Netherlands, Amsterdam. I got a passion for fashion, sports and lifestyle. ive been very creative since i can remember when i was little i was sketching alot of things not only clothes but also cars, houses and alot of other stuff i also painted some things and i just love to express myself in a creative way. I got a passion for music i can see alot of me back in it and it drives me to imagine and dream alot for the future and work hard for my dreams im a person who lives the moment tho..! I think people judge other people to fast on only the way they look and i hate that i mean if you dont know somebody how could u "see" how somebody really is and i think this really makes clear about what i mean "They don't know nothing about me, Judgement prevents us from seeing the good, That lies beyond appearances" I also think u need to be real to everyone around u but also to urself i mean nobody likes fake people and i know alot of them and i cant stand them.

2. Tell us abit about your blog?
ive been bloggin for like 10 months now before that i was always checkin out blogs and someday i ran in to diggys blog and alot of blogs from other people so i decided to make a blog my own. I wanted to create a lil space where i could be sharing my thoughts and be creative with the things i like. and i have really much fun in sharing that with other people. I wanna be original and different i dont wanna have just a knock off blog where only copied posts are on i dont do that.

3. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
um.. well i didnt ecxually had a good name in mind and Justin Freshness popped into my head and i thought yea thats okay lol.

4. Who is your favourite fasion designer and why?
I dont only have one favourite designer i have ALOT of designers i look op to designers so as Jeremy Scott, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs,Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Viktor & Rolf, Scott Sternberg,Kris van Assche,Verbal and the list goes on and on and on..

5. What kind fasion style are you in to?
Modern classy, street, Haute Couture, Vintage. im mostly between street and Haute Couture.

6. What clothing brands do you wear?
I wear alot of brands but most of the time i just buy and wear what i like, but ofcourse i love to wear clothes designed by a big fashion designer or just the brands i love but i dont always have the money to buy al of that. but the brands i really like are BBC/IC, Comme des Garcons, Band of outsiders, Yoshi Yamamoto, Maison Martin Margiela,Supreme, Nom de Guerre,Balmain. and this list goes on and on too..

7. If you could work with any fasion designer who would it be?
Thats a tough one.. but if i had to choose somebody i would probably choose for Jeremy Scott because i think that what he creats is kinda exceptional but also basic to wear. though here in the netherlands its like the time is stuck and everybody is walking behind. the most people out here dont really understand it or just dont seem to be interested in all, out here its like normally will do. so when i go to school some people in my class dont know what i like about fashion and they are making fun of me just because im lookin different and i now they do not mean it as a offense but they just do it because they think theyre funny but i dont give a damn cause they dont know where they talkin about and the girls like it haha.. but at the end when im on top i'll show them and they will be amazed.

8. Could you tell us about any if latest sketches?
Lately ive been workin on some winter stuff Jackets, Sweats, Jeans, Shoes, Accessoires and stuff but also just what pops into my head and when i start sketching I can go on and on.

9. Any new ideas cominh to your blog?
Maybe im gonna do some new topics maybe give a new look to my blog but mainly i just wanna make it better! and go harder than i did before. im very busy lately but i'll do my best!

10. Have you got any inspirations?
yeah alot my family ofcourse! but also alot of my friends.. but there are alot of people who inspire me outside that like Diggy he always makes me go harder at my goals and dreams when i see how hard he works and he is just like any other kid workin hard to make their dreams come true i just want to give him all the support he needs and a big compliment for what he ALREADY achieved i think for him it is just the start. since i've been blogging i met alot of people who have the same interest as me and are going to the same things as im going trhu on this moment. I think that when u really want something so bad u just need to step up ur game and take the path u find best for urself.. dont be distracted by people who dont like what ur doing ofcourse alot of people dont see what is so interested in what ur doing they just think its weird but on those moments u need to choose for yourself. And then there are Kanye West and Pharrell alot of people dont see were kanye stands for but in my eyes hes a fashion icon and a great producer. Sometimes he's just drivin by emotions i dont say or think its good but everybody makes mistakes cause were all human. and Pharrell i mean i just look up to that man in any kinda way! I also get alot of inspiration outof music it just drives in alot of different ways like i said before

11. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
In 5 years i wanna own my own cloting line, i wanna be evolving myself, exploring the world by my experiences i get by the bussiness i want to start. I really would like to be a succesfull person just like anybody else and that wont come just by sitting in a chair it requires hard work and dedication. Diggy sometime mentioned "Imagine it than have that dream in your head until you create" and i'll always do that! I mean i've been to alot of struggles in life and i wanna show people that just by working hard and keep on believing in yourself you can make your dreams come true! Just be creative in the mind and express your self in the way you like to do. But only time will tell where i'll be in 5 years.

12. Finally is there anything last thing you want to say?
thank you very much for inviting me to do this interview.. I really liked it! and sorry for my maybe spelling mistakes and stuff but my main language isnt english so i tried my best to answer the questions in the right way and express me as good as possible! and love the blog! keep it up

Peace & Love, Justin



I know DJ AM died a couple of months ago but I have not done a post on him yet so I thought I would. He was a great DJ, some of the videos of him are dope as. Very well know he was. He worked on some of Will Smith albums. He even DJ for Jay Z at a event. Also he worked with Travis Barker alot of the time made mixtapes with etc. It was never sad day when everyone heard DJ AM died. If any you on watch "Cribs" on DJ AM tour of his house he had over 900 pairs of trainners. Thats CRAZY lol.

DJ AM & Jazzy Jeff

Jay Z Speak About DJ AM


What's Going On (Dec. 2nd)

It ain't really much to talk about. As not much happened today. Except Diggy dropped his debut mixtape. And trust me kid's lyricism will have you shocked. I really was tryna hate on him couldn't. Make sure u check it out. Some other minor things are the video off Birdman's wack album dropped. Drizzy good on the hook. Snoop Dogg's album's dropping next week make sure u check it out. Also check out Chip Tha Ripper's mixtape "The Cleveland Show". MathClassHeroes


You know I had to do my own city. And you know I know every rapper that's ever come out of philly but I aint gonna waste my time writing em all. Some of these dudes are my cousins and I've met some of em. Some notable philly rappers are Black Thought of The Roots, Cassidy, Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Eve, Meek Millz (upcoming dude you'll know him), Young Chris, Gillie Da Kid & Will Smith (Can't forget the Fresh Prince). I could keep going. Come on we underrated.

Big L - Tribute

Im listening to my ipod and Big L freestyle with Jay Z pop up. So I thouht I do a post about on the great Big L. Who got shot in 1999. If he was still around to day he would be on top. First Big L is from Harlem which is an area i new york. He was such a gifted emMc. But only made two albums which were Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous and it was made in 1995. Its got JayZ on one of the tracks. Its a young Hov on there. Its a dope album and in 2000 his second album drop. Even though he died in early 1999 they put his album out a year later though. His second album was called The Big Picture which had tracks wit Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac and Dj Premier. Then album of all Big L best work which is called The Archives 1996-2000.

The Return of the Devil's Sonwhich should be dropping 2010 its all of Big L work which has not been on albums and its tracks which are very underground. Some might have been heard. but not many of them. It off his early and late music. Its a mixture. So its like what they done with 2 Pac and Biggie Smalls after they died make an album off there hidden music. Anyways back to Big L he is was a very know artists in the 1990s he done tracks with Nas, Ma$E and many more. A lot of time people qustion who is the king of New york? Biggie Or Big L. Which is coming in a later post one day.

This is a crazy freestyle of Jay Z & Big L. It was made in 1992. So it very old but pure gold. I put it on a post like 2months ago. Just check it out.

This is video of a documentary which is dropping next year all about Big L. Its a trailer of it. It looks dope and its about Big L past and his what he done for hiphop. Also how well know he was from artists. To me if Big L made more albums he would be up there as one of best of alltime. Such a great artists.

And give it up to Diggy Simmons for his mixtape which is droppin to night. Also I just want to say NAS (MATH) & JIMMY DOING A DOPE JOB ON THE BLOG.



Its the first day of december and alot happening. Jay Z needed someone to help him for this beef with Beanie Seal and 50 Cent. So we all know Jay Z & Nas are doing empire state of mind remix which they are goin to diss beanie seal and fiddy on it. I really looking forward to this track and I want Jay Z & Nas to kill Beanie in the track. Hoping to see a good diss out of this. And then what will Beanie Seal & Fiddy pull back?

And The Game does a freestyle which he disses Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Suge, Jay-Z, Jim Jones and 50 Cent. So this goingto cause promblems I think. Well im out.

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I figured I'd stay in the same area as the Chicago post. Detroit and Chicago are very similar cities in my opinion. I also like a lot of the rappers that are out there. Some notable rappers from Detroit are Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, Big Sean, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids & the late producer J Dilla is from Detroit as well. A great city that is sometimes overlooked and underrated in hip hop. I got another post coming later tonight.

The Bedford-Stuyvesant Neighborhood

Well Bedford-Stuyvesant is in Brooklyn its a Neighborhood who have had some of the stars of hiphop from there here are some Aaliyah, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, Fabolous, Ol' Dirty Bastard and GZA. Jay-z raps "me I'm up at Bed-Stuy, home of that boy Biggie" on his song "Empire State of Mind" from his album "Blueprint 3".


Queensbridge Projects in the borough of Queens

Queensbridge Projects in the borough of Queens is a other area of new york I will be doing a post on. Some dope artists from here the likes of Juice Crew (Marley Marl, MC Shan, Roxanee Shante), Mobb Deep, Capone-N-Noreaga and Nas etc. Some great artists who have made an impact on hiphop. This area is know for having some great hiphop artists from there.

Wayne Finally Gets A Track With Eminem

Eminem is going to be on Lil'Wayne new album "Rebirth". On a track called "Drop The World". Its been Weezy wish for a long time to do a track with him and Eminem. But the day "Rebirth" drops is the same day as Eminem "relapse: The Refill". I found this information on rapbasement so it probs true but the track list for rebirth is not amazon yet.