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Whats good everyone? I thought I would a post to tell people about my favourite blogs. These blogs im about to talk about are great and genuis.

First http://scholasticstreetsense.blogspot.com/ this blog is great I think. Its always got new posts and they are always dope. It always has different posts on it and it could be about hiphop, fasion, etc. I like the blog alot, So I got Jimmy (its his blog) to start writting on my own. He knows so much about hiphop as well. Check it out.

http://malibumara.blogspot.com/ To me this is the most fasionable blog your ever see. It has class posts and dope pictures on it. I think the blog got something speical about it LOL. I love reading the posts on it. Trust me check it out. If ya lik faison your love it.

http://illwillblog.blogspot.com/ I always check this blog out. It has posts everyday about the hiphop world. It always got latest music and interviews videos on it. Shows a new style to hiphop blogs I think.

http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/ This blog is dope. Everytime I go on it has some think new on it. I think it can be random at times but it makes it dope. Always something new on it. It could be music, fasion ort art. A great blog I have to say.



Some real hiphop tracks here.

Krs One FT Nas - The Real Hiphop

Kool Moe Dee FT Chuck D & Krs One - Rise & Shine

N.W.A - Express Yourself

Public Ememy - He Got Game


Jimmy's Jay-Z Concert

Here's what's everyone has been waiting for my concert post for the Jay-Z college tour. Let me first start off by saying the show was completely ILL AND OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!! I would also like to throw in a revised addition to my review on BP3, I'm moving it up from 3.5 to 4.5 Scholastic Pennies! So where the fuck do I begin haha?!?!?!

My first stop of the day was at my street wear spot MOTIVATION where they had Wale showing up before the concert to sign autographs and such. Wale seemed like a very cool down to earth dude, and although a little rush he tried to make everything genuine. I would also like to throw in this was 7:15 PM and the show started at 8, so I ended up missing Wale and J. Cole performances, which I'll live with, cause I met the dude, which not everyone can do.

Then we showed up to the Convocation Center just in time for NERD's performance! First off let me say that the female in the group is what this groups been missing, expect NERD to reach a completely other level with her. They performed all their hits and just the whole place up for Jay. Another cool thing they did was they had Pharrell perform "Drop it Like It's Hot" which was especially dope.
Now we have the Jigga man himself, I can't put into words how hype the place was when he got on, so I have a little video here of him performing "Run This Town" as his opening song and him coming on stage, or through the stage I should say, haha watch him come up.

So he performed a bunch of his hits and just completely made the place his own. the only complaint I had was that he didn't do any songs off reasonable Doubt, which kinda pissed me off, but I got over it. It's still one of the best concerts I've ever been too. What was also cool was the Memphis Bleek made a appearance and did a few songs with Jay. Also Pharrell and J. Cole both came on to due the guest appearances they had in their songs. Which kinda made me wish for a miracle the Eminem might show and do "Renegade" with him, we are right by Detroit you know. But that didn't happen, but just the thought of it makes me grin.

One of the last songs he performed was Empire State of Mind which was absolutely crazy! Crowd again hyped as all can be! One of the coolest things he did, was put on a Detroit cap that fan through up on stage and gave his NY hat to the fan. I got a quote from the show right here:

"I don't do this often, so y'all better take some good pictures," he said before donning the Tigers cap, sideways as always. After mugging for the audience, Jay-Z returned the favor by tossing his all-black Yankees cap to the fan who'd just given up his ball cap.

"Fair is fair, right?"

All in all it was a great show, and a night I'll never forget. I'm going to end this with on line from me:

"Just remember if a kid from Marcy projects can make it here, you can do anything."

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This is a post of momments in hiphop which have made it for me. I want your view on it.
Letss get this started then.

Lets kick it off with a DJ called Grandmaster Flash. Turntables was the first part of hiphop. This man took it to a next level. He was one of the first major hiphop acts to get signed to a record label in late 1970s. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were the first big thing in hiphop.
you could say they started it even. Well I do. They were the first ever hiphop act in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They were entered in to it in 2007 and Jay Z was person who inducted them in to it. Grandmaster Flash is a god to me.

Next Run D.M.C they are my favourite hiphop group of all time. I think turn hiphop. I mean they made it bigger. They effected nearly everyone. Run-DMC/Aerosmith collaboration collapsed the distance between rock and rap. This made people think how people hiphop was. The collaboration was such a big hit. I think its a dope song. They hiphop on two a new level.

Rakim & Eric Paid In Full. When this drop people could not stop talking about it. Such a dope album and shows how good they were. Everyone in hiphop knows about them and the album. Eric B. & Rakim's Paid in Full made hip-hop a true art form, doing for rap.

Nas - Illmaitc. to me its the greastest album ever in hiphop. every track on it means something and its dope. It took the whole hiphop world by surpised. Everyone was like who Nass in 1994? But now everyone knows him. DOPEE it change hiphop.

Thats just some.

Peace Everyone


Hiphop Fasion- Being To Now!

I aint done a fasion post in ages. I only been doing hiphop last couple of weeks. So I think im going in hard with this new post about fasion in hiphop. But we are starting it from back in the day. When hiphop started. Yes the early 1980s. I going to start it from the being to noww. So much has happen with fasion in hiphop. Well yess go.

Well we all know fasion is a big part in hiphop. But in the early 1980s a lot of artists weared sports brand like Run D.M.C Adidas. You would see Run D.M.C in adidas superstar trainners and Adidas tracksuitss or Leather jacketss and a pair of jeans. LL Cool J would have a Kangol hat on. In the early 80s brightly coloured brand name tracksuits were very big. Also leather bomber jackets. Hair styles were very different a lot of people had hair like Fresh Prince (Will Smith). Popular accessories were big glasses like DMC used to wear. Then Kangol bucket hats, name plates, rings, heavy gold jewelry was very big. People like Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane would wear big gold necklaces when they performed live and in music videos.

Late 1980s and early 90s fasion started chaning in hiphop. Blousy pants started to get big as artist like MC Hammer. African chains, deadlocks and red , black and green colour clothing started getting big. People started wearing it like Fresh Prince & Dj Jazzy Jeff. Then Baseball caps were born in hiphop. But Kris Kross started wearing there clothes backwards which was a turning point. It was very strange but people were copy it. When Michael Jordan moved to nike in 1984 it affected on hiphop. Nike started getting so big in trainners. Others brands like Timberland and Reebok as well. Wu-Tang Clan started wearing brands like these and people from the East Coast. But N.W.A made Gangster type clothing consisting of Dickies pants, plaid shirts and jackets, Chuck Taylors sneakers, and black Raiders baseball caps and Raiders Starter jackets.

Mid 1990s and late 90s still had the gangster type clothing. But sport brands like coming more in to it more than ever. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Polo, Calvin Klein, DKNY. But when Snoop Dogg wear a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt on saturday night live. the next day it sold out in New York. It was becoming a very big brand in hiphop. Puff Daddy started wearing it down runways for fasion shows. Still brands like Nike, Adidas, Ecko, Rocawear, were following Tommy Hilfiger in the right way. It was brands with big logos on them rappers wanted. Throwback jerseys started in the 90s it was sport jerseys rappers and groups started wearing in their music videos. Like Will Smith did in "summertime".

But rappers started making their own brands - Wu-Tang Clan (Wu-Wear), Russell Simmons (Phat Farm), Kimora Lee Simmons (Baby Phat), Diddy (Sean John),TI (AKOO), Apple Bottom Jeans (Nelly), Damon Dash and Jay-Z (Rocawear), 50 Cent (G-Unit Clothing), Eminem (Shady Limited), 2Pac (Makaveli) and OutKast (OutKast Clothing). Other prominent hip hop fashion companies have included Karl Kani and FUBU, EckĊ, Girbaud, Enyce, Famous Stars and Straps, Bape, Beans, Ciara and Erykah Badu (Starter Clothing Line), LRG, Timberland Boots, and Akademiks and Southpole.

But now people like Kanye west, Pharrell, New boyz, Common. Are getting a new style in hiphop of brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Nautica, Hollister, Aeropostale, Lacoste, True Religion, Rock & Republic, and higher end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Ralph Lauren Purple Label are very popular in Hip Hop fashion today.


Charlotte Hornets Custom Fitted

Hey, it's Jimmy again and over at Strictly Fitteds they're featuring a custom fitted New Era Charlotte Hornets cap. I must say I'm loving this hat, good NBA fitteds are really hard to find and this doesn't disappoint. It's a different colorway that you don't see to much which I really like about it. That hat is available at Rock N Jocks, which also has a wide variety of slick fitteds to choose from.

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He Crushed Elvis & His Blue Suede Shoes

Jay-Z surpassed Elvis is record on having most number one albums as a solo artist of all time. Elvis was on 10 but as blueprint 3 was number one. It means Jay Z has got 11 number one albums in a row, how great is that. To me this is dope as it showing the music world all about hiphop and how big its getting. Its History to me as it could been anyone type of genre to beat Elvis record.

But it was hiphop and it has not been around as long as well others have. Like Rock & Roll Or Jazz. So it showing how hiphop is getting bigger in the world. And it was the one and only Jay Z who broke it. I could not think of a better person to break the record. As Jay Z puts so much effort in his music. As without Jay z we would not be as big. Im speaking about hiphop. Jay Z has made hiphop get bigger.

Im not saying Jay Z is the only one in hiphop who does it. But with him doing something as big as this it makes hiphop get more notice in the world. Then it leads to more people getting in to hiphop world. So it shows what something like this will be for the hiphop world. Also I have to give it up to people like Grandmaster Flash Bambaataa, DJ Hollywood, Run D.M.C they started hiphop as a whol. They made it get bigger and bigger. Just like Jay Z as with this.

What made me write something like was I was on GlobalGrind and saw Russell Simmons article on Jay Z. It made me want to write about it and how the same style he done.
So what next for hiphop as a whole, to me its going to keep gettin bigger and more fans. And the culture of it will improve and improve.

Jay Z you have showed what Hiphop is and what you done for it.
Everyone can tell you love it!



Puff Signs Ma$e Papers.

Rapper Ma$e finally got his freedom papers signed to day by Diddy. So now Ma$e is able to make a new album and sign for a new label. Many people thought Ma$e would sign back with Bad Boy Records but he did not. I think reason was he wants something new and a change. So these "freedom papers" is getting Mase out of his Bad boy Records deal. So does this mean Mase will drop a new album next year?

What Ya all Think?

I want him to I think he is very gifted, also I want to see him on his own away from Diddy and the family. As it could mean a new type of MaSe. Im looking forward to see Mase.

What Mase does best!



Artist Spotlight: Bo$$, Nicki Manja......TAKE NOTES!

Hey! What’s going on everyone? So HipHop told you he had some collabs in store, and he wanted to work with me, and I was all game for that. I’ll start out telling you a little about myself; the name’s Jimmy, fan of HIP HOP, STREET WEAR, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN THE TWO. So let’s cut this shit out and get to some rap music already!

So HipHop brought you Nicki earlier as one of the top female emcees in the game, which I’m not going to dispute, because she’s got bars for days. But I wanted to put the spotlight on my favorite female emcee of all time, and who I believe is the best hands down when it comes to the females spitting rhymes. Let me present to you BO$$!!!!!!! If you know who she is, major props to you. She was way popular way back in 93 and had a hit album in “Born Gangstaz”. She also reigns from Detroit, so shout out to my city for that one. Basically though, she laid down the whole blueprint for the gangster rap female of today. Her style is RAW, GRITTY, EDGY, AND GUTTER, and it really puts you in that horror scene, where a true gangsta rap song can put you. Although her career came to a untimely end, when she revealed after her album released that she was actually from a middle class family and went to a private school. Then the game spit her out, and her talent just washed away. That just goes to show you how much the game is changed up from then, we can have correctional officers rapping with Nas, and Jay-Z on Opera (SMH, wish we were back in 93).

Anyways check her videos out below, the production is crazy and features some beats from Eric Sermon & MC Shan among others. Also why I rate her so high on my list, is that she actually writes her shit. So many females in the game don’t even write…….COUGH (Foxy Brown). Also her flow is crazy and hits hard with the metaphors, and brings emotion, WHICH I AM ALL FOR.
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Was Em influnced at all by this music video? Worth a thought. "Deeper"

Always had those gutter music videos. "Recipe For a Hoe"

Nicki Minaj

I wanted to do more on female arists in hiphop so I thought I would do a post on Nicki Minaj. I think Nicki Minaj is dope and one of the best female hiphop artists at the momment. When I listen to her version of "A Millie" I thought she is talented. She signed for Young Money which is Lil Wayne record label. She is from new york quenens as well. She has made three mixtapes they are Playtime's Over in 2007 and Suck Free in 2008. Her last one was Beam Me Up Scotty this year which was the best female mixtape I ever heard. It has got people like Lil Wayne, Busta Ryhmes, Drake etc on there. It is a really good mixtape you lot should check it out if you aint heard it.

She said that she is making her first album and it will be out next year. Also she got her first single out next month. I really cant wait to hear it. In 2008 she won Female Artist Of The Year at Underground Music Adwards. I think next year she is going to be big in the hiphop world. She can sing and rap which is a other thing I like about her.

Nicki Minaj - "I Get Crazy"

What Ya Think?