My Weekend Wave

These are tracks which I think people should listen to. Some will be new and recent and some might be old.

The Game Goes In Hard On His New Track.

Its a great collaboration and its a dope song.

This song means a lot to me, all hiphop fans should listen to it. You get a whole new look on hiphop. Krs One is a genuis and the song is about all the rappers and djs who passed away. ( Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Scott La Rock, Jam Master Jay, etc.) R.I.P

BBC & Ice Cream

Some of my favourite t shirts of BBC and Ice Cream. These brands do such dope design I think. What you think of them?



What you think of these Adidas Superstars 2 - New York City ?



My Picks?

All my kind clothing with Louis Vuitton belt and wallet. With Ralph Lauren Rugby cardigans and Adidas Superstars trainers and Adidas Y3 trainers. Bilionaire Boys club T shirts. Rocawear Jeans. Sean John Black jumper.

What you reckon then dope or not?


Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 Men's

I thought as this is my first fasion post on my blog. I would do it with one of my favourite brands. Ralph Lauren is a very famous brand and alot of people wear it. These are my favourite picks out of the Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 Mens show. I think they are all dope.
What you all think then?

My Clothes Picks?

I finally started the fasion on my blog. I been looking all day for hiphopfasion websites. So it hard to do. So I have change the idea of it. So I am going to have fasion I like which I think you all will enjoy.


Today In General

This is a post of a sum up of today in hiphop and some others news I want to say. First I wanted to tell everyone that Kanye West is having a break from hiphop. Kanye West vows to take break. After Jay Leno quizzes Kanye West about his mother, the rapper said that he would take a break to heal him to become a better person. I think Kanye needs to a break and get away from the hiphop world. 50 Cent said he would give Kanye West a Black Eye after what he done at the VMAs.

Also I got Kid Cudi album to day and it is a great album. I reckon you shpuld buy it or download it everyone. Its one of the best albums this year with the likes of Blueprint 3, Relapse, Loso's Way and others.

Tomorrow I will start posting hiphop fasion on my blog, I know I said I will do it the other day but I been busy sorry all. But I am going to start on it tomorrow and we will see how it goes. And their are some very fasionable people who follow my blog just wanted to say if you know any hiphop fasion websites tell us.

Last I want to say if there is an boxing fans out here. Floyd "The Money" Mayweather is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez on the weekend. It will be a great fight and I think Mayweather will win.

And I want to say I appreciate everyone who is following my blog and leaving comments as well. It means a lot to me.


What You Think Of Kanye?

After what Kanye West dont at the VMAs what do you all think about him? I rate him as a producer. I like a lot of his music. As he can rap bit and sing a bit. A bit of a mix if you get what I mean? He is a musical genuis. What he done at VMAs I think he was out of order. Why did he come on the stage? It was stupid and made him look stupid dont you all think?
Beyonce video is world class but he did not have to come on and say it?

What do you think of Kanye West at VMAs and as a artist?


JayZ At MSG and VMAs Tonight!!

First I want to say Jay-Z done a great job at madsion square garden. The video is Jay Z , Kanye and Rihanna doing Run This Town. He has became the best rapper in the world today I think as his new album is one of his best and what he done the over night at MSG was breathtaking. He got Diddy, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Beyonce, Swizz Beats, Rihanna on stage with him through out the show. It was a great idea of his to do it at madsion and square garden and for 9/11. Doing it for 9/11 I thought was one of the best things in hiphop ever. What you all think of JayZ at MSG?

Second it is the VMAs tonight and I wanted to talk about some of the adwards.
Best Hiphop Video Award- Got Eminem , Kanye West, Jay Z , Flo Rida and Asher Roth up for the award. I think its between Jay Z, Kanye ,Eminem. But im going for Jay Z for Best Hiphop Video.

Best Male Video got T.I, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z and Neyo up for it. Ill go for T.I or Kanye for this one. Best new artist has got Kid Cudi and Drake up for it. I think Drake will get it as he had such a good year. Other VMAs got Beyonce on nearly everyone with Lady Gaga and britney spears. I reckon Beyonce will get a few VMAs as she done so much this year. Anyways VMAs will be good and I had my picks for the VMAs. So What you reckon?