Drake Breaks Down Thank Me Later

Picked up my copy on Wednesday. Got to support good music. Getting Recovery this week too.

Eminem Bonus Track Snippets & Interviews

Eminem Snippets of bonus tracks from recovery videos below. Slaughterhouse is going to be a feature on one of the bonus tracks. But rumors going around that Joe Budden is not on the track dont know why.

Snippet 1

Snippet 2

Eminem was on E!'s Daily 10 and interview by Clinton Sparks which is videos below. Speaks about Recovery, Jay-Z and more. Source

Eminem on The Soup with Joel Mchale

Recovery out very soon.


Nicki Minaj Black Men Cover

Nicki Minaj - Black Men Cover Magazine Source


The Alchemist

It's been a minute since I've posted on this blog so I'm glad to be back. I've been wanting to do another featured artist post on a producer. If I ever have an album then he will probably be one of the producers I would love a beat from. He's been making beats since the 90's and is a legend in my opinion. Making beats for artists like Eminem, Mobb Deep, Royce Da 5'9, Fashawn & Dilated Peoples. The first beat I actually did a freestyle to it. I might let yall hear it.

Interview With Levi

1. Levi welcome could you say a bit about yourself and how you got in to music?

Well... I'm just a young kid at the age of 17 with big dreams and the drive to achieve them.
I really got into music like 9 or something. My older brother was the one who really introduced it to me. I remember we were bored at my dad's apt and he was just like, "let's wright a song" and the rest is history.

2. Could you tell us abit about your up incoming project "Street Lights"?

Street Lights is... basically a project about vibes. I wanted every song to have that feeling like you're riding in the car in the city at night and all the bright lights are just flashing. it's a magical feel to me. I can't tell you the biggest thing about the project, you'll just have to listen to find out hahaa.

3. How would you describe your music?

Well, let's see...
I would say i make the type of music that anyone can listen to, no matter what genre they like the most. Also, positive music. Music that can change lives ya know...
God gave me a gift with music and i use it to the best of my ability.

4. Is there any music artist which inspire you and if so you could give some reasons why?

I'd say at the moment i have two MAJOR music inspirations:
1. Lupe Fiasco
2. La Roux
I chose them because they're sound is like years ahead of they're time and nothing that they make seems to fall off. not one bit. Lupe has always been my boy , but i've just recently gotten onto La Roux. It's funny because they're (la roux) not anywhere near a hip hop group
yet they inspire me so much.

5. You're from South-side of Atlanta whats that like?

ahahaaa man.... it's crazy. xD
I was born on the south but moved to the West when my mom went overseas to Iraq.
When she came back i moved back to the Southside.
Down here, I'd say it's mostly thugs (or wanna-be thugs) and
i'm neither so it's kinda harder for me to live here than others.
It's cool sometimes but there is NO WAY i'm gonna stay here for too much longer.
I'm Cali bound.

6. You also do producing who has that been for and whats it like to do?

Producing is awesome... It's like, creating a masterpiece. I've done tracks for Rizzy, FedEx, Myself, & i'm currently working on some my dude LeFty. (can't tell him tho ahaha) & many other artists.

7. Do you have any favorite music albums which stand out to you?

Yes sir i do... Lupe's debut album is BOSS.
I'm a big fan of Lil Wayne's Carter 2 & an artist i'm not sure if you're familiar with, Median. His Median's Relief album was just epic and can't forget 808's. ahaha But La Roux's debut is looking SWEEEEET too.

8. Networking plays a big major part in music and hip-hop world which helps many artist like
yourself get music out what do you think about it?

Really to be honest, i think it's a good thing and a lame thing at times... I say that because it can help get you out there but in many situations more popular artist take all the shine ya know. it's very easy to be overlooked on many networking sites. that's why I go in on all my tracks so that when ppl come across it, they spazz, and support me, as if i was already a big name. But truthfully, as of now i'm really thinking about getting rid of all my social networking execpt twitter. I don't want to become "TOO" accessible to my fans. There is a line that should be drawn between fans & the artist. It makes for a better relationship & better music.

9. You made a lot of songs and freestyles which is your favorite and why?

ahhh good question!
hmmm.... I'd say "High Off Life & Leezy What? Levi Who?" are my favs so far... most people i ask say "Touch the Sky" and "Megaman Music" are they're favs though. To each his own!!!

10. This is a often question I ask people could you tell us your top 5 hip-hop artist of all time and give reasons if you can?

1. Lupe, I say that because he is like... unbelievable sometimes. I actually digest what he says and it's ALOT. he knows what he's doing... and he has that, VIBE.
jeez he's just dope.

2. A tie between J.Rizzy & FedEx.
man them boys are toooo talented... like foreal. I listen to them alot. they gon eff around and be number one soon!

3. Curren$y.
because he made his OWN way, his OWN sound and is doing his thing...
Jets... fool.

4. Biggie.
man... nobody flipped words like that man.
it always amazes me how he could switch rhyming words in the middle of like a 3 or 2. (i usually do on 1 or 4) He chopped his verses too sweet. To this day i wonder how his carreer woulda been if he didn't leave us so soon.

can't think of anymore... sorry. :(

11. In five years time where you like to be?

I'd like to be stationed in L.A with my bro, making good music and changing the world man...
replacing the negativity in the media with something positive.

12. What do you think of current state of hip-hop?

It's... missing something. actually missing 3 things. I'll let you guess that one. ahaha

13. What else can we expect from Levi in the rest of this year?

Well, Street Lights is dropping. then expect the unexpected. simple as that. I'm praying and working towards a big goal man. It's going to happen soon enough. whether this year, next or 5 from now. It's gonna happen. Just be ready when it does...

14. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

Uh.... support the greatest music movement the world has ever seen.
& if you already are, much love to ya...

Levi Blog

Loyalty is all i know


Drake Album Drops & Eminem Live Ft RIRI

Thank me later drops to day in the US but it leak a few weeks on the internet. Many people are predicting this album to sell like crazy. Some hiphop artist saying it will go gold in next few weeks. Game thinks Drake album will sell 650000 in first week. Andre 3000 was to be a feature on this album Drake recently said Andre turned him down, so Drake will prove himself to Andre 3000 on his next album. Drizzy did go in on the album its what I expected the album to be like.
Nas done a review on the this album after it leak Album Review

Last night at an Activision’s E3 event in LA, Eminem performed his tracks with Rihanna which had Travis Barker on the drums. Also he had Mr Porter live on stage with him.

Eminem Ft. Rihanna “Love The Way You Lie” (L.A.)

Over tracks in videos below which videos from Rap-Up


Interview With Haziq Ali

This is an interview with D.C. rapper Haziq Al who currently splits his time between D.C., and Atlanta, wants to push rap’s boundaries in other ways, too. Ali has honed his skills at dozens of battles, open mics, and other live shows–including shows, tours, & appearances with 50 cent, Killer Mike, Kanye West, Dead Prez, and more.
1) Haziq Ali could you please tell us abit about yourself and your music?

Im a serial entreprenuer who started his first business in Junior High School and raps about it now because i think business is the perfect intersection between passion and service.- that is doing what u LOVE and using it to serve mankind.. &they call that entreprenuership.

2) Last year you had an album out called "Business Is Good" what was it like making the album?

I enjoyed it immensely!! ive been running businesses all my life- so to to get to share my experiences & lessons via music was crazy rewarding..

3) You recently had one of your latest tracks "On Point" was featured on www.allhiphop.com which is one of the biggest hip-hop based websites on the internet how did it feel?

Incredible- they actually gave me heater of the day twice in a week- which im not sure happens alot. It all came off me rockin on that Wale, K'naan tour awhile back... super cool experience.

4) Your first music video for your track "Freedom/Hussla" was on MTVJams not so long ago what was that like?

Mtv has always been a dream of mine... to see it happen was no less than incredible- I must admit.

5) You performed your song "We Flyin'" on the Wale & K'Naan tour could you tell us about it?

Its a pop record according to industry ears- but to me, it just sounds like good music...

6) What influences in music do you look up to and is there any reasons why?

I love Lady Gaga because she knows her brand and exploits it better than any i`ve ever seen. Kanye West, Eminem, and Jay-Z are also worthy of study for all the obvious reasons...

7) You have done a collaboration with Beanie Sigel what was that like?

The main thing that stuck out to me about that was he got paid $50,000. for a verse. what else u wanna know?

8) You have worked with producer Ski Beatz who is very well know could tell us what it was like working with him and what music did you two make together?

We created the majority of the album together. hes a creative genius. no two ways about it.

9) Your from D.C what is like to come from there and whats the hip-hop in D.C like?

Theirs a lot of love and support in DC. my people love me!

10) Is there any D.C music artist you look up to?

Marvin Gaye.

11) If you were able to collaborate with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Portishead. they really blew my mind when i heard their soundscapes... id love to do a project with em- ive samled em numerous times too

12) How would you describe the current state of hip-hop?

vibrant. exciting. pregnant. recharged.

13) What can we expect from Haziq Ali for the rest of this year?

Alot more exposure from radio to television. Im going to be the kind of tastemaker the world deserves very soon. Im fightin for the light side of the force... dont worry mama.

14) Finally is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

Like i say in a few of my songs, the key to life is believing in GOD.. goal over distraction.

HaZiQ Website
HaZiQ Twitter


Levi the Jedi

I've been listening to Levi alot latley. I'm really feelin his work and i can't wait till his street lights project comes out.