Interview With Kyri

A few days ago I posted my interview with Jay on the blog and it made me think that I should interview some more people. So I was on twitter and thought I could interview Kyri as he is doing it big with Amour Moi | Abhor Moi. I asked him about it and he said yeah so here it is. 

Kyri tell me a bit about your self?
I’m Kyri Brown.. A 16-year-old designer, Style Blogger, and an over all a cool dude (so I’ve been told).
When did you first get interested in to fashion and was there any reasons?

Well, since I was little I have always been into dressing myself and picking out my own clothing. I was always a very creative and talented kid. One of my talents was having a good eye for fashion and style. As, I got older I started building a reputation for the guy that was always well dressed. I don’t think it was any particular reason why I got into fashion. It was just that I liked looking good. Lol

Can you tell us about your blog basically dope?

Ahh … Basically Dope is a blog that I created to share different works of art. Fashion, art, and music … in a way you could say Basically Dope is me… Like for example, the layouts. I am always revamping my blog. Because I get bored easily.. I am the same way with my style … im always revamping my closet and my style

What made you want to make your blog?

I’m not going to lie.. The blog episode made me want a blog.. But what really made me want a blog was, Justin’s and Jevon’s blogs made me actually do it.

Recently you have made Amour Moi | Abhor Moi can you tell us about it?

Amour Moi | Abhor Moi.. Is like my world right now. It is a line I started in May of this year and it is going very well and is still growing and progressing. I put a lot time and hard work into this line. I created the line for many reasons. First being, us as teenagers are major consumers, but yet we have no one representing us in the market. Second reason is that, I love doing it.

What gave you the idea to make Amour Moi | Abhor Moi?

We’ll I have been designing for a long time, and I was bored with just drawing on paper. I was ready to see my work in real life and see it on other people. Around the same time.. I made up my mind that I was going to bring my designs to life, I had a conversation with my homie Justin, and he was telling me about the early stages of Phenomenal Future. I said I can do this.. And thus Amour Moi | Abhor Moi was born.

Where would you Amour Moi | Abhor Moi, to be in 5 years time?

In five years to the date.. I see myself in SoHo walking with Jevon and Justin .. Talking about how we started and how far we have come and our at least second show in NY Fashion Week.

Is there anyone you look up to inspiration?

I look up to The Team (Jevon & Justin), Great Scott, Dee & Ricky, MLK jr., Malcolm X, and my family.

If you had to describe your own style what would you say?

My style is very versatile. The only term I can use is “Basically Dope”

What music our you in to and is there any specific artists?

I’m in to Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop. I like Nicki Minaj (my wife lol), Drake, The-Dream, Rick Ross, My shawty’s GossyP, Diggy, Theo London, and Pharrell.. And people that have similar styles.

In the future do you want to be in the fashion industry?

Yes, Of Course … I’m in the industry now … Watch Out For Your Boy!!

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Good friday #1

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Jay-Z Early Fast Flow To Reasonable Doubt?

Everyone knows who Jay-Z is and his music as well this is not a feature artist post about him. Its about how he change his style and technique in his music. Before his first album Reasonable Doubt came out in 1996 you could say Jay used to rap faster. This was in Hov earlier music which were freestyles, collaboration and unreleased work. If you go back to 1990 Jay-Z collaborated with The Jaz it was called "The Originator". Its a completely different Jay-Z to now. But it was in 1990 so it was a different style back then in hip-hop.
The Jaz & Jay-Z - The originator (1990)

So there is Jay rapping fast but there is much more. I found some of his old freestyles on youtube which I think are from the early 90's. The video has four freestyles put in to the video which has an old school vibe to it I would say. Also I have posted this before so some of you might have seen it but its Jay-Z freestyle with Big L thats' a different Jay flow I feel. You can watch view with Jay and Big L here.

Then in 1994 Jay-Z had a music video which was for his song called "I Can't Get Wit That". It was an unreleased and a rare song according to youtube. It's one of my favorite Jigga track I have ever heard. The reason why his flow and beat link in very well and makes it a good song.

Jay-Z - I Can't Get Wit That [1994 Rare & Unreleased]

This is a song which Jay-Z features in with a few other artists. It's called "Show & Prove" and its a Big Daddy Kane track from his album in 1994 "Daddy's Home". Jay-Z verse come in around 2:56 on the video. Its not the longest verse from Hov but its a fasted rap.

"Show and Prove"- Big Daddy Kane Ft. Jay-Z Etc.

So when Jay-Z released his first album  Reasonable Doubt in 1996 it had a different Jay flow to the previous videos in this post. So the flow change in the making of Reasonable Doubt and the first single was "Dead Presidents". Which had a new Jay-Z a slower flow I would say it's still dope.  


ThrowBack Thursday Kanye West " Hey Mama" At Grammys 2008

 Kanye West - Hey Mama (Live Grammy Performance)2008
Kanye West Hey Mama (Live Grammy Performance)

Big Lee | MySpace Video

Interview With Jay

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview Jay from SwaggerJunky
Hopefully in the next month or so I will be able to get some more interviews with from the world of fashion and music. 

Jay tell me a bit about your self?

Well, im 16 from the United States, New Jersey to be exact.

When did you first get interested in to fashion and was there any reasons?
I started really getting into fashion actually this year. My uncles really influenced me to really “do” fashion. I had to find my style, learn brands, and learn the industry pretty much by myself. I did have help from my uncles, but fashion is something I think you have to learn by yourself. I don’t think anyone can help you “learn” fashion.

Can you tell us about "SwaggerJunky" your online magazine?

Like you said, Swagger Junky is an online lifestyle magazine. It conveys basically everything from fashion, music, interviews, and gadgets. I love doing it!

What made you want to make "SwaggerJunky"?
Well to be honest, Swagger Junky started off as a challenge. My uncle challenged me to make a site with two hundred dollars. With that money I transformed SWJ from a blogspot into a full blown website. After we started getting some buzz I knew that I had to stick with fashion industry. Its just FUN!

Is there anyone you look up to inspiration?

I mean there are a lot of people that inspire. To be honest random things and people inspire me. But if I had to choose a certain designer/designers I would say, Ugo Mozie, Bernhard Willhelm, and Tatsuro Horikawa. CHECK THOSE GUYS OUT!

If you had to describe your own style what would you say?

My style ranges from what mood im in. One day ill wear Gucci, prada louis, the next day ill just rock harems or sweat pants. I don’t know. I don’t really say I have a style because I always love to try new ideas.

What music our you in to and is there any specific artists ?

I love all music. I love rock, I love screamo, I love rap, I love hip hop, etc, etc. Music is something anyone can relate to. So I listen to it ALL! I am one sided minded, I love trying new things and hearing new things. That’s not saying that all music is good, but I think music truly is something that sooths the soul. As far as specific artist, I do not have any at the moment. I listen to everyone right now.

In the future do you want to be in the fashion industry?

Yes of course. I think fashion has stolen my heart. lol

Lastly is there anything else you would like to say?

Stay true to your dream’s, never let anyone say you can not do something. Be faithful and have hope.
Jays Twitter
Jays Online Magazine


New Wale Freestyle "Hold Yuh"

Wale - Hold Yuh Freestyle

Eminem will perform at the 2010 VMAs. The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from the Nokia Theater in Los Angles on September 12 at 9:00 PM on MTV. Eminem's chart domination with his latest album Recovery. The album, which has been nominated for 8 VMA nominations, has been #1 for almost 7 weeks, while two singles, "Love The Way You Lie" with Rihanna and "Not Afraid" also topped the charts.


Kanye West Introduces G.O.O.D. Fridays

Friday's are now called G.O.O.D Fridays. Everything single Friday till Christmas Kanye West will release a new track. But it wont be always Kanye it could be a Jay-Z track or someone on his label etc. Be on the look out next Friday.