Nas Track "Legendary" For Mike tyson Film Could Get Adward?

Nas’ song “Legendary” from Tyson, the Mike Tyson documentary, could possibly be up for an Academy Award next year.

Released earlier this year, Tyson is a documentary that takes a deep look into the life of former undisputed heavy weight champion of the world boxer Mike Tyson. The film has received rave reviews and even won the Regard Knockout Award at the Cannes Film Festival.


Rappers To Watch In 2010

I was supposedly holding off this list until New Years Eve then it was Christmas Eve but right now I have some time on my hands so I will post it today. The actual idea of this list is based on rappers who haven't dropped albums yet who will 2010. Now some of these artists have dropped albums but I feel they didn't reach the maximum popularity they did with that album and I feel they will be bigger in 2010. Get ready to read this is going to be my longest post ever. Oh yeah and the other notable rappers are in my mind just as good as the ones I put on the list but they didn't make it for some reason in my mind.

New Mos Def Freestyle - 24 Hour Karate School

Its a bit different but I enjoyed listening to it. peace.


Some Albums I Cant Wait For In 2010.

Here are just some of the albums I am looking forward to next year. Others are like andre 3000 solo album, Outkaste, T.I, Eminem, Drake, De La Soul, The Roots etc. There are many albums dropping it going to be a crazzzy year. But here are some.
Nas and Damian Marley album which should drop next year in march. It will be called Distant Relatives. It will be a dope albums as the single they done in 2007 was classic. I really want this album to drop soon.

Nicki Minaj first album will drop next year and im looking forward to this. She is very gifted and its a female artists as well we have not seen much of them in hiphop last couple of years. she been killing all her tracks with Young Money.

J Cole we all know about him from his mixtapes which were fire. Then Jay-Z signed him to his label Roc Nation. Then when he was on blueprint 3 a star is born track with hov he killed it. So his first album should drop next year and he put out a sinlge called Lights Please.

Finaly Dr Dre Detox hopefully it will drop early next year rather than late. We all know what dre can do its just waiting for it. He said about this album like 2003 or something. So it has been along time since he been saying it will drop. With the likes of Eminem, Ice Cube, Game etc. On the album it should be dope.

This trackkk is pure HIPHOP!


Lil'Wayne Ft Eminem - Drop The World

Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana is an artists who is from new york but he is only young still 27 years of age. Even though he drop two albums one in 2003 called From Me To U and one in 2005 which is called What the Game's Been Missing!. So his next one is dropping in 2010 and its going to be called Born to Lose, Built to Win. It have likes of Weezy, Drake & Chris Brown on it I been told. I think Juelz Santana is a good artists but it has mix views in his time in hiphop. what you all think?


Jim Jones Ft Rev Run. ITS DOPE.

I never really been a massive fan of jim jones is music but as it had rev run I lsiten to it. I thoughts it a dope track Rev Run kills it. So maybe a possible come back album in next couple of years. I would love to see it. whats you think of the track.


Nas & Damian Marley National Geographic Video Recap.

Nas & Damian Marley at National Geographic's. With Key figures of this discussion will be present. Moderated by Sway Calloway, the Distant Relatives event will include DJ Kool Herc, Rakim, Daddy U-Roy, King Jammy, Jeff Chang and Moussa Lo and DJ Red Alert - in addition to Nas and Marley.

New Orleans

Ok so this is our first southern rap city. I had to do one. This is probably the best out of the bunch besides Atlanta. New Orleans has so much talent and appreciate the music these dudes make. Most notably when you think of New Orleans you think of Cash Money Records which has been around sincce 1991. Some notable rappers from New Orleans are Lil Wayne, Curren$y, Birdman, Juvenile, Jay Electronica, DJ Khaled, Mannie Fresh, B.G., & Mack Maine.