Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On” Video

Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On" Video
Lasers March 8
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Consequence feat. Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller – I'm V.I.P. C

Consequence feat. Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller – I'm V.I.P

Live Again - Kendrick Lamar x CurT@!n$ x ScHoolboy Q

Live Again Video - Kendrick Lamar x CurT@!n$ x ScHoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Working On Detox & More

Kendrick Lamar speaks with HardKnockTV and he talks about working with Dr Dre, Detox and much more.


Diggy Simmons - Past Presents Future Mixtape

#PastPresentsFuture dropping today at 5PM!

Diggy third mixtape is here its called "Past Presents Future" and its hosted by DJ Premier.

Tech N9ne Bad Season Mixtape

Tech N9ne new Mixtape "Bad Sean" hosted by DJ Woo Kidd and DJ Scream.
Its 15 songs and features from Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko and more.
Some Producers were Dr Dre, Travis Barker and Cookin Soul.

Who To Watch In 2011: Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse is a hip-hop group which contains four lyrical artists who are Joe Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9 and Joell Ortiz. Each member of the group are regarded as lyricist and when they formed the group people were calling it supergroup in hip-hop. In 2009 they put out there debut album which was called "Slaughterhouse". With rumors in late 2009 of Eminem wanting to sign the group to his record label.
They appeared in the "Forever" video when it was Eminem verse so many people were saying they were going to sign to Em label. Which they are put the deal still taking place now, with Eminem manager tweeting big news for Shady Records early next year. So I reckon it will be Slaughterhouse signing to Eminem label.
With there next album expected to come out next year and the group working with the likes of Eminem, Dr Dre etc. I think you should watch out for Slaughterhouse next year.


Profile: DJ Premier

DJ Premier doing his Profile series.

J.Rizzy & LeVI - Take The Game

J.Rizzy & LeVi - Take The Game
Rapping over Travis Porter "Make It Rain"
Im guessing J.Rizzy new mixtape coming?


Interview With Curtains

Could you tell us abit about yourself and how you got the name Curtains?
"Curtains comes from just having that attitude that you are the end all be all. When you come thru any function, its over, shut down, done deal. CURTAINS."

You recently released your mixtape called "Killer Tape" is there anything you like to say about it?
"Killer Tape is an audio manifestation of inspiration and motivation. I'm just tryna inspire those ears out there to do better and reach beyond whats infront of them."

Is "Killer Tape" different to your other mixtapes if so how come?
"Yes. I get way more personal into my life than I have on any project in my career."

There a song on the mixtape called "Maniac" and it featured Kendrick Lamar and Chace Infinite what was it like working them?
"That record was amazing getting done. Kendrick emailed me his verse back and Chace came thru like 4 in the morning and dropped his verse. I actually got to see his process and it was super dope, seeing him hearing the song to laying his verse down. Chace been like my big bro for almost 8 years now so I look up to him, Kendrick is absolutely one of my favorite rappers of the now."

Its still early days but are you happy so far how well the mixtape is doing?
"I'm beyond amazed at the response its been getting from the people and the media. The response has been insane."

On the internet I read you quit music a few years ago and was working one day, your friend Lupe Fiasco came in to the store you was working in did that have affect on you to back to music?
"Yea, just seeing him happy doing what he loved and making a living, getting his message out there and doing it his way, that motivated me to get back in the ring and contend."

Is there any artists and producers you would like to work with in the next year or so, if so is there any reasons why?
"Pusha T cuz he raps really well."

Do you feel you could ever get on to the XXL Freshman list, as you never put out a offical album before under a label so you still could make the list?
"I feel that I am a good contender for the list. Who knows."

So what does the next year hold for Curtains?
"Tour, Album, & more #Killer"

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Who To Watch In 2011: Kendrick Lamar

Who to watch in 2011 is going to be a few posts on artists or groups who I think will have a good year in 2011. It might be that they are going to blow up or they are just going to get bigger. I expect Nas to put some posts like this up as he done it before on a number of times. As a few months back he done a post on who he thought would be on XXL Freshman List for 2011.

Kendrick Lamar is up incoming artist from California who has been on the underground scene, who is getting more recognized in the last few months. If you go to sites like his myspace or search his name on youtube you can find his music. There is no doubt he has talent you just got to listen to his version of Kanye West "Monster". Having past mixtapes out you can hear some of his older music and recently he put out a EP called "(O)verly (D)edicated". With Dr Dre saying in an interview he wanted to work with Kendrick Lamaer. We saw Kendrick Lamar put out a song called "Look Out For Detox". So Dre wants to work Kendrick and they met each other for the first time the over month. With Detox still not fully complete they are expected to work on some songs for it. Maybe Kendrick will get on XXL Freshman of 2011 list.

I would not be surprised if we saw Dr Dre try and sign Kendrick Lamar to his label?


A Star Is Born - Whos Better?

I was just on twitter and saw something interesting so I have made a post out of it. It was about freestyles over "A Star Is Born" which was the song of Jay-Z 2009 album "Blueprint 3" which featured J Cole in the song. Here two freestyle over it one from Diggy Simmons and other from Levi. Who do you think done better?

Diggy Simmons - "A Star Is Born" Freestyle

Levi - "A Star Is Born" Freestyle

J Cole: The Soul Of Cole

J Cole was interview by 2DopeBoyz and TheWellVersed speaks about a range of topics first his latest mixtape and what song of it he wanted Jay-Z to feature on. If his debut album will have any features on it or not and about touring with Drake next year. About Roc Nation having 3 Js now. In the second video why he did not tell anyone he wanted to become a hip-hop artist when he was younger. In part 3 he says if his album will be a illmatic or not and more.

Mixtapes Release Dates Dec 21-27

With Mixtapes playing such a big role in hip-hop now a days seems every artists are making them apart from a few of the biggest mainstream artists e.g. Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West. There are a few mixtapes which I cant wait for them to come out for download in next few weeks. So here are so release dates for them all below.

December 21
Freeway - Diamond In The Ruff
Rap Radar - Mixtape Of The Year

December 23
Diggy Simmons - Past Presents Future

December 24
Rick Ross - Ashes To Ashes

December 25
Gorillaz - The Fall
Talib Kweli & DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke, Northern Lights
Tech N9ne & DJ Whoo Kid - Bad Season

December 27
Asher Roth & Nottz - Rawth EP

Make sure to check back soon as the mixtapes will be posted on here or AudioDope.

Shade 45 To Play Eminem Detroit Concert

Today Eminem announced on Shade 45 that the Home and Home concert from Detroit will have the audio on Shade 45 on New Years Eve. It had performances from Eminem, Jay-Z, B.o.B, D-12, 50 Cent, and much more. So make your you check it out.


Online Petiton For Def Jam To Release Nas Lost Tapes 2

Remember Nas put out "The Lost Tapes" in 2002 which was all unused music from him. Then he said a few months ago there was going to be a Lost Tapes 2. But some problems with Def Jam has resulted is us knowing nothing about whats happening with it. So like they did with Lupe and Lasers they have made an online petition for Def Jam to put out Lost Tapes 2. Sign up here.

Tell people about it !

Eminem & Lil Wayne On SNL

Eminem and Lil Wayne performing "No Love" for the first time together on Saturday Night Live.

But they both came out again to perform this time it was separate songs. Eminem and his hype man Mr Porter from D-12 performed "Wont Back Down" from Recovery. Maybe its the newest single from the album? Then Lil Wayne jumped on stage and performed his new single "6ft 7" from his next album Carter 4.