Nas & Rakim Compared?

We all know both of these artists Nas and Rakim both superstars in the hiphop world. But lets go back to when Rakim was top of the world in hiphop in the early 90s. People were saying Rakim is the best ever in the early 90s and still now people say he is best. But in the early 90s everyone was talking about this person called him the next Rakim. The person who was labeled the next Rakim was Nas. Then though out the years to the present time they get compared to each other alot of the time. But why?

Over the years, Nas and Rakim have frequently been compared to each other, both for carving out their own respective niches and for their profound influence on the rap game. To me they are like the same with style and skill. But I dont same Nas copy Rakim. I would say Nas skill on the mic shows he is like Rakim. To me these two are greatest of alltime. If hiphop never had these it would not be where its to day. Rakim era with Eric B left its mark on hiphop what it is today. And we all know what Nas and his album illmatic done in hiphop. So they were both in Kanye West - Classic also with Krs one and DJ Premier. Hearing them on the same track do you think they are a like?


"The Best Of J Dilla" (Mixtape)

On a slow day for posts I needed something to post. I got this via Rap Radar. J Dilla is one of the dopest producers producing for Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Busta Rhymes and others. This mixtape has 3 different parts and has most of his best material so much material. RIP J Dilla. Hit the jump for the tracklist and links.


Lupe Fiasco - Making Of A Legend?

It seems Lupe Fiasco is only 27 years old and he is from Chicago. He was featured on Kanye West's single, "Touch the Sky" in 2005. During this time, rapper and mogul Jay-Z heard Fiasco and assisted him in the production of what would become his debut album Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquo. The album had likes of Jay Z and Pharell on it. The album dropped in 2006. But then in 2007 he drop his second album which was called Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. This album was more on his own which I like so much about it. Tracks like Hiphop Saved By Life and Rockstar shows how good Lupe is.

Lupe third album should drop early next year and its called Lasers. He put out the first single in july and it was called Shining Down. Lupe released the mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story on November 26th, which features the beats from Diddy's "Angels" and Jay-Z's "Thank You" and "So Ghetto", amongst others.


Great Blogs Of 2009.

This is crazy that 2009 is nearly over but before it dos I have to give it up to some people and there blogs. As I hav only had this blog nearly 4 Months and I seen so many dope blogs. Which is need talking about how good they are. First Im going to say Nas who blogs for me and he is doing a great job. He is someone who has made my blog so much better. He always put up latest news and tracks in hiphop. Check out his blog http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/

This person is mad about fasion alot of you know him yes its Justin. The man got dope fasion style. He is nearly hitting 100 followers. So follow him all. He is doing a great job on his blog and his knowledge of fasion is so high. Always posts about dope stuff. Keep it up Justin. His blog is http://justinfreshness.blogspot.com/

Malibu Mara This is the girl of fasion, she put so much hard work in her blog. She got so many followers which is dope as the hard work payed off. Always shareing her faison picks and that. Which she allways puting a post out day by day. Its one of the best blogs I ever seen. If yo uaint check her blog you have to its so dope. http://malibumara.blogspot.com/

These are just a couple of dope blogs, also I want to give it up to Nnamz, Jevon, Jimmy, Tommy, Miss2009, Fasion Addicted, Toxic, K Brown and many more. All dope blogs. Everyone keep ya blogs up and next year is going to dope.