First let me give it up to Math for comin up with this idea of doing citys and area of where hiphop artists come from. I wanted to do new york but then thought there are so many areas of it Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan (Harlem), The Queensbridge Projects in the borough of Queens, The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. So all these areas of New York will be in different posts. Im going to do Harlem.

They had artists like Kurtis Blow who was one of the first emMcs in hiphop, Doug E. Fresh who is a rapper, producer and human beep boxer he can do anything, Biz Markie a rapper and DJ, Big L (Even though he from england he came to New york at a young age) and Mase who was signed to bad boy records. And "Children of the Corn" which had Big L, Bloodshed, Ma$e, Cam'Ron and McGruff.


Ok I feel like starting a post that I will do every Saturday that will shout a different city's rappers. I figured I'd start with Chicago because I just like the style of most of the dudes out in Chi-Town. Rap really got popular in Chicago in the mid 80's like most areas You probably know most of these Chicago dudes Lupe, Common, Kanye West, Twista, Rhymefest, Kidz In The Hall, The Cool Kids, GLC and more. Check some songs from my favorite Chicago rappers below.


I was on youtube and found this video of Will Smith ( Fresh Prince) doing a freestyle to "How We Do". He done it in 2005 so its old but shows he still got it. Tell what you think of it. Peace



I just went on allhiphop and saw that JayZ and Nas might be doing remix of empire state of mind. Nas was ment to be on the first empire state of mind but he was not. So there are many rumors going around saying he in his remix. But there are lots of hiphop Fans supporting this remix. I think it will happen but not yet after Jay Z puts out his second fourth on Blueprint 3.
What ya all think if it happens? If you never seen jayz and nas on the same team check this track they done together.


Cant Stop Wont Stop - BOOK REVIEW

This has to be one of the best books I read, as it shows what hiphop is all about. It starts from New york area in 1950s and 60s about what music was around and what was happening. Then Dj Herc gives an intro about him and what he done. Then it gets going all about DJs at being likes how it started and why. What samples they would use. Alot say James Brown. Starts getting in to the 1970s where emMCs coming in to it. I like it as it got so much on the 70s,80s,90s on hiphop. In the 1980s goes on about Public Enemy , Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL COOL J
etc. Then how ganster rap happen in 1990s likes of NWA. A really good book and I think you should check it out. Its long like 450 pages or something but it is worth it. I just finished reading it. I started like a week ago. It shows what hiphop is about and what it does to people. Its all about the culture and movement.

A great book, I read a lot of books not just hiphop. But I order this other book called Why White Kids Love Hip Hop. Check the book out, its dope.


And Happy Thanksgiving.


My Favorite Diss Tracks.

JayZ Dissing Nas - Takeover

Nas Dissin JayZ - Ether

LL Cool J Dissin Kool Moe Dee -Jack The Ripper

Canibus Disses Eminem

I know this is a couple of days ago, but I wanted to get some opinions on this. For those who don't know Canibus and Eminem have had a long time feud and Canibus just recently dropped "Airstrike" after a 6 year gap between diss tracks. he drops right on the eve of his new which made it's debut on Tuesday and personally I just think it's a pathetic attempt at record sales. But I thought the track was pretty nice though, hope Em fries this dude like he's already done before.

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"Can-I-Bitch" (Eminem diss towards Canibus, which appeared to end the beef until now...)

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What's Going On (Nov. 24th)

Ok so there's a lot going on right now. Big things going on. The Jay-Z vs. Beanie Sigel beef or the Beanie Sigel vs. some dude who won't respond is at his worst. The 2 tracks he dropped on sunday were bad and its starting to get sad check what illDoc has to say about it in the video. Wiz Khalifa dropped his album today called "Deal Or No Deal" I wrote a review check it on MathClassHeroes. Also, yesterday I found out Lupe Fiasco is dropping a mixtape "Enemy Of The State: A Love Story" on Thanksgiving something to feast on. Below are some new tracks that dropped.

My Fav Collaborations In HIPHOP

This just a quick post on some my favourite collaboration in hiphop.

2Pac Ft Nas - Thugz Mansion

Blackstar Ft Common - Respiration

Nas Ft Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)

There are many, many more of these, but there just three which stand out so I thought I would show you lot them. And if you got any put them in ya comments.



Detox Latest - Dr Dre

I never really done a post on Dr Dre but I heard something yesterday which was interesting. Dre said Dextox is coming but people have to know he stops and starts with it. As he is always working with other artists and making beats etc. But he said his album is coming early next year and it will have 50 Cent and Game in separate tracks. I cant wait for this album to group he been working on so long and if its like his other two it will be great. Video below of Dr Dre asking a questinon about detox.

And Dr Dre Ft Eminem - Forget About Dre


What's Going On (Nov. 22nd)

New Wale track:

I know it's late but I felt like posting this anyway. Aren't you getting tired of the Beanie Sigel disses on Jay-Z cause I am. He needs to come out and give a true reason why he isn't cool with Jay-Z anymore. All I hear is shots at Jay and say Kill him. What he do? Didn't watch the AMA's but there were some good performances check the one with Jay and Alicia Keys. Check the new Slaughterhouse vid I think its dope. And I added a new track by Wale that was released yesterday.

Renegrade - JAYZ & EMINEM Classic Track.

Its Jay Z and Eminem in a track with each other and its called "Renegrade". Its off blueprint and its a very old track but its classic one. So a under rated track I think. Not many people know about it. Its a dope track as it Em and Jay. You probs have heard it but tell me what ya think about it.