My ITunes Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

I forgot to post this on hip hop culture last time but here's the third version of My Itunes. These are the new songs that I've been listening too lately. I personally love doing this post. Check the songs after the jump.


Once Was A Kid..

T.I. is officially a free man. Today, the rapper completed his jail sentence after spending the last 30 days in an Atlanta halfway house. However his lawyer says he will now be placed on 23 days of supervised release, which consists of a 11 p.m. curfew, 400 hours of community service, and probation for another three years

DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock. One Night. I cant wait to see the clips from the night in april. The two greatest producers of alltime.

Manhattan Records presents DJ Premier VS Pete Rock -A Legendary DJ Battle trailer from getfunky on Vimeo.

Luda speaks on the speaks on ghostwriting for Dr. Dre and his desire to collaborate with Eminem. I think everyone wants a track with eminem now a days.

Chiddy Bang - opposite of adults. I know this track is like a month and half old but I really like it at the mommment.

Today it has been 15 years since Eazy E died. R.I.P Eazy E.



Pac Div

Yeah I really think that I probably would have ran of rappers to post by now. But I have don't agree with Nas when he says Hip Hop Is Dead. There's a lot of talent in the underground a lot of these rappers don't get play.  But anyway Pac Div is a rap group from California. They actually have been around for a while and used to be a 10 member group. Nowadays there are the brothers Like and Mibbs and their friend BeYoung. They caught my attention when the dropped their mixtape "Church League Champions" last year. Real good tape. If you like these dudes then you should check out The Cool Kids as well very similar.


Whats good everyone I wanted to drop a quick post as im bored.

Diggy Speaks to Sway From MTV about using one of Nas - beats and Kanye.

New Video: Kid Cudi “Soundtrack 2 My Life”. Im getting more in to Cudi lately.

Nicki Minaj - Go Hard [Unofficial Version]



The Latest

Lets go with this.

Nas - Talks Distant Relatives, Jay Electronica And More.

Diggy Simmons interview which he speaks about getting signed to a record label and how he done it on his own without his father help. Which I got to say its dope how he done it on his own.

Ludacris Talks Upcoming DTP Albums.




Whats good everyone? First I want to say congratulations to Diggy Simmons for signing to Atlantic Records. And Everyone check out Nas new blog

In this new Jay-Z Documentary,"NY-Z", brought to you by Absolut, Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z discusses song writing and how he goes about doing it. Hov went in on this people.

During Nas’ performance last week in The Aloha State, RZA blessed the stage and informed the crowd that “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta F Wit”. I am taken away from this its so dope.

Game - Gets RZA, DR DRE on new album. Hopefuly RED will be better than his last one.



Diggy Signs To Atlantic Records

Well I could have told you that one of these labels was gonna scoop him up. Knew he was going to get signed sooner or later. It's still crazy that the kid who was embarrassed to be picked up by his father at the school bus stop is spitting like he is. Well hopefully he doesn't sell out. Also yesterday was his 15th birthday. Oh yeah and because my blog is down for now I'll be posting on here until I figure it out. Below is an interview with Diggy.

Lets Hit It

Whats good everyone? I am abit angry at the momment as I just heard Nas who writes on this blog or other may now his blog audiodope. Which has been delted I dont know why. But hopefully we see Nas make a new killer blog.
Below is a video of Roc Nations very own J Cole Performs “A Star Is Born”.

New Music with Reflection Eternal with Bun B “Strangers”. Which Reflection Eternal are one of my fav duos around. Talib is dope. Its a great track.

Drake Performs “Over” In Mexico. Drake performed his debut single for the first time. He killed it live.

And is Diggy Simmons Signing to a label I alot of rumors going around the internet?


Lupe Fiasco - Lasers UPDATE!

Just wanted to do a post on Lupe Fiasco new album dropping this year "Lasers". We have heard Im Beaming which is below and Lupe performed 3 songs off Lasers in Claremont, CA titled Scream, State-Run Radio, and Beautiful Lasers. Lupe also confirmed that both Neptunes are present on the track on the DJ GreenLantern radio show, claiming to be responsible for putting Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo together again on a track. I cant wait for this album im a big fan of Lupe and videos below are some tracks reported to be on the album.