Kid Cudi Ft Kanye West - Wylin’ Cause I’m Young

Kid Cudi Ft Kanye West - Wylin’ Cause I’m Young Off Perajok’s G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape dropping next Monday.

21 Wylin Cause I m Young feat. Kanye West


Kanye On HOT 97 says Eminem Is The Greatest

Kanye West was on HOT 97 yesterday and was interviewed by Angie Martinez. He spoke about a range of things his album, twitter, producers etc. He said that Nicki Minaj is the most scariest rapper out there and she could be the second greatest rapper of all time which I thought was abit strange. But after that he said Eminem was the greatest of all time which I agree with. Just seeing Kanye saying it about Eminem makes me think the collaboration between them will happen soon.

Kanye West on HOT 97 TV speaking about Nicki Minaj and Eminem etc.

Kanye West Returns To VMA's

Kanye West will return to the VMAs on September 12th at 9 P.M. Also Drake will perform there as well. Video below from MTV Sway confirms it.


Im On It

This is Tyga's first song off of his upcoming album "Careless World"

Big Sean Finally Famous 3 Drops Next Week

Finally Famous 3 is officially dropping August 18th. Sean said on ustream last night that the "Fat Raps Remix" drops tomorrow. The original still gets play from me. Can't wait for this I'm definitely gonna review this.


Big K.R.I.T.

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 Life Of Lelo

Swizz Beatz Names New Album

Swizz Beatz has name his next album "The Perception Of Greatness". I like the title for the album and 30% of the proceeds from the album benefit The Bronx Charter School For The Arts.

Reflection Eternal Speak On Kanye West

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek speak about Kanye West and  early years of Kanye West's career. From Kanye opening up for Kweli to labels not wanting to sign him as a rapper. Kweli says that people didn't see Kanye's vision as an artist and just wanted his beats. Kweli says that he knew "College Drop Out" was a classic when he first heard it. Hi-Tek adds that Kanye is a genius in the same way that Dr Dre is.

Talib Kweli and Hi-tek talk early years of Kanye West's career


When I Was 17: Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz tells MTV how he moved to Atlanta as a teenager. How he love graffiti and art on the trains. Swizz said he would put his mixtapes out at the barber shop. Then he started becoming a barber and still continuing as a DJ. Also how he would DJ partys at clubs but had to go though the back door as he was only 17. Then about his car what he had at 17.

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