Weekend Wave

Rakim Ft Mario - Walk These Streets

"Rakim is the MAN, his new track is pure DOPEness"

Snoop Dogg Ft Nate Dogg - O.G

"Its brand new Snoop BACK!"

Big Daddy Kane - Aint No Half-Steppin

"Big Daddy Kane Was CLASS, One of th best ever"


Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Men- My Picks

What you lot think?

What A Freestyle!!

This freestyle is from back in the day its Jam Master Jay on the turntables and LL Cool J Rapping. Its Pure hiphop check it out. Its from the mids 80s. Goin back OLD SKOOL LOl.



I Got Some Vids You Should All See!

These are a couple of hiphop videos I thought you all should see.
The first one is T.I, Diddy, Kanye, Swizz Beats, 50 Cent and Jay Z All on stage at the same time. At Madison Square Garden in 2007 at SCREAMFEST.

Rare Video Of Eminem and 50 Cent In 1999 and see them both freestyle.


Help Wanteddd????

God BLessss



I got any idea for my blog but need help? Would any want to write on my blog about hiphop fasion or other stuff? Anyways email me if you want it? hiphopculture100@googlemail.com

Anyone got any tracks they made becuase I been working a bit on producing in music and want to test it out?

I had to do a post when I just heard the new about the great "Del La Soul". They are a hiphop band and formed in the 1980s. I think they are dope. Been around for years now. but big news they got an album on the way next year I cant wait. They have had massive hiphop hits. Check the Video out at the bottom of the post. Its Del La Soul doing what they do.


Today been crazzy so far, I just went on the internet and Diggy doing a mixtape. Thats dope I think it will be a great mixtape. Anyways but I want to know does any rap themselfs? I been listening to about every track from Biggie Smalls. Dont ask me why. Been looking at blogs today and some people blogs are DOPE. Still been working on sketches but aint got that far with them. I had my blog now jut over a month now and want to take it up a level. I mean by anyone got their want to work with on something or can write my blog? If ya do my email is hiphopculture100@googlemail.com

Speaking on mixtapes listen to Drake its got to be mixtape of the year so far. It sounded more like an album. Its been around for abit now but its great.


Not A Millie, A BILLIE

Everyone has listen to Lil Wayne a millie and about every artist in the book has done a remix or a freestyle. But the Jay Z one I just found is HOT. Its the best remix I heard yet.

Jay Z - A Billie

Anyone want to chat or hook me up with something. Heres my email



Checkk Thiss Outt.

I got a new picture for my blog. ITs above this post. I think it is dope and I really like it. Benny made it for me and he as got a blog check it out its http://bennypresentsfam.blogspot.com/
Anyone got any ideas on how I could improve my blog?



Loook Whatt I founndd LOL

I was youtube listening to music last night and found this remix. I like it but hwat you lot think of it? It aint hiphop that much but I thought I would put the video up.
Its Kid Rock Ft Lil Wayne - All Summer Long. Kid Rock first coupl of album were pure hiphop and he went on tour with ICE CUBE and Run D.M.C. And Lil Wayne showing he is multi talented.

What you think?????