Jay-Z Vs. Nas - History.

I heard today that Krs One said if Jay Z & 50 Cent started dissing each over it would be best ever. Which I dont agree with as I think you could not get a better one than Jay Z and Nas one. It lasted for so long and both videos tell you all about it. Check it out.

What you think?


I was about to post them as a featured artist 2 weeks ago instead I did Tyga.  I'm feeling this group so muchI almost put them on my top 10 hip hop groups list but they too new. The group consists of Royce Da 5'9 from Detroit, Joell Ortiz from Brooklyn, New York,  Joe Budden from Jersey City, New Jersey & Crooked I from Long Beach, California. These dudes are some of the best underground rappers. They all have pretty well established group. All the rappers in the group are lyrical murderers. Royce is my personal favorite but everyone else is crazy too. When I heard their first album that dropped in August I almost quit rap.

A Star Is Born?

I was listening to this track and thought I would do a quick post on it. ITs my fav song of Blueprint 3. Jay Z talks about hiphop and artists in the track. Its like he telling everyone about artists who have done well in hiphop. I love the track and something like this is a perfect track for hiphop. As it gives everyone credit who he raps about in the track. Then you the title a star is born and J cole is in the track with Hov, so is it like saying J Cole the next big thing? I think Jay Z is the only person who could made this track as he is such a big artist at the momment.
He raps about the likes of Fiddy, Eminem, Dre, Diddy, T.I, Drake, Nelly, Snopp Dogg, Weezy and many more. So What do you think about the track and do yo uthink it means anything?



What's Going On (Nov. 20th)

Alright first off forgot to post a what's going on yesterday. It's Friday and I'm going to wrap up another crazy week in hip hop. On my last post I talked about the Eminem Relapse: Refill check the tracklist at MathClassHeroes really waiting for that to drop on December 21st. Next, peep the Fabolous joint goes hard video is decent. Last, I know the Young Money video for Bedrock is going to be dope with that Real World theme. Looking forward to that they doing it big in that video. Tomorrow imma hit yall with another featured artist post. A whole bunch of other tracks, interviews and videos at MathClassHeroes.

Mos Def

I never done a post about Mos Def before so I thought I would do one. He one of my fav emMCs of alltime, for many reasons. He is in a duo group with Talib Kweli. His Duo group is called "Black Star". They made an album in 98 and got one coming next year. But he more of a solo artists in hiphop. He is an actor as well. Four albums as a solo artist. His first was "Black on Both Sides" which had "mathematics"it was a single off the album and its dope. Then 2004 his second album drop called "The New Danger" its a very strong album I thought. In 2006 he made his third called "True Magic" and then his year his fourth album "The Ecstatic".

His tracks from Black Star the hit singles, "Respiration" and "Definition", which would go on to be featured in Vh1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip-Hop. Mos Def says his influences were Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lakim Shabazz ,De La Soul, Main Source, Chuck D, Boogie Down Productions and Afrika Bambaataa.

Which to me Mos Def is one of my fav emMcs as is style for one and his flow is great. He is very down to earth in his music. Great artist as well. He has started skateboarding and getting his own clothing line soon. Back to the hiphop he was on Def Jam Poety alot as he would show of his talent on there. I got his album his year I really enjoyed it.

My fav Mos Def Track below - Kaliforia


Whos Year Has It Been So Far?

This is is a post about some artists who could be label as there year. I mean artists who have been the best and show why this year its been there year. There are many artists out there who been good this year but I have pick a couple and will talk about some.

Eminem he drop relapse early this year in May and it showed he was back. I think Eminem has show what he can do and even with this long time out of the game he can still do it. Relapse was Em sixth album and it was a classic. He made some great songs on the album the likes of Old Times Sake, Beautiful, 3 AM. I think as Eminem jsut said he putting a album out near the end of year but its Relapse again with 7 new songs. So he re doing it and showing people his new tracks. I think this is good as Relapse 2 will be out next year. I had to put Em up there on this list as his album was great, he done great things this year and he is dope overall.

Fabolous was back with his new album in july and it was called Loso's Way. Which hit hiphop up I think and I really think Fab made his game a lot better. Imma Do It, My Time, Feel Like I'm Back, were just some of the tracks on the album. I dont think there was a bad track on his album. He show the whole of hiphop he back to his best. I had to put him on the list as his album was so dope I thought.

Joe Budden I think should be on this list as he was dope in Slaughterhouse and drop a album as well. He is only 29 and seems been around for a longtime. Hiphop needs some one like Joe Budden in it. He adds something new as he got his style which he show this year. More people know about him this year I think. I put him in the list as I like Slaughterhouse album so much.

Well everyone knows what Jayz done this year. I think his latest album Blueprint 3 was dope as. One of the best albums of the year or the best I think. He has made some great tracks this year and done massive things in hiphop this year. I dont need to say much about Jay Z as your all know what he done. It might have been his year as he done so well?

Raekwon has been hot this year and I think album was great. So I had to add him to the list just for that. He is a god been around all a long time. His album was called - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II. It was dope album and he show he still got his skill and flow in it. He been very big this year I think and he shows his class in his album.

So Who do you think year been so far? Maybe someone else or someone who album aint out yet.



Whos Next Up ?

As Lil'Wayne is going to prison soon he will be leaving the hiphop world for abit. So some one needs to take over his spot in hiphop. I not saying replace him or what ever. But I think we all know Weezy been making tracks all ages now. Allways his tracks are in the charts and he is a very well artists in hiphop. So there has to be some on out their for early next yer to take the hiphop sence. I saw a post like this on globalgrind so I wanted to do one like it.

An artists who is well know now after he drop his mixtape early his year it took the hiphop world away I think. He is signed to Young Money which is Weezy label. A couple weeks ago Lil Wayne said in a an interview a couple weeks ago Drake album is done now and ready for next year. So it could be him?

2. J Cole- Not many people know who is J Cole he is very underground. He is signed to Jay Z record label. He got an album dropping ealry next year. He was on blueprint 3 on the track "A Star Is Born". Which is a dope track and he kills his part in it. J Cole will be big in hiphop you know that from his mixtapes. But its when his album drops I think.

3. Could it be Wale as he just drop his first album, which is dope as. He is still young and a dope artists but will he have a new album next year. I dont know it could still be him as he might put his singles off his current album out. I think it might be wale.

Any one other names you can think off??
I heard a lot of people ben saying T.I as when he is out of jail he will be back.

What's Going On (Nov. 18)

Download: Whatever U Want (G.O.O.D. Music Remix)

Download: Tyga - Black Thoughts (Mixtape)

Alright Wednesday was just another good day in hip hop. First I'm gonna talk about one of the hottest remixes of the year dropping today with the Whatever U Want Remix. These are some ofmy favorite rappers all on one track so you know I'm feeling it. Second, one of the dopest new dudes in the game dropped another mixtape called "Black Thoughts" nothing amazing but still worth a download. Last, once again Beans is going in on Jay-Z. At this point I just don't care about this anymore. I'm like you got your point across so don't make a whole mixtape about how Jay dissed you. Also in some other news Eminem will re-release Relapse calling it "Relapse (The Refill)" dropping December 21st. Like this post check the blog MathClassHeroes


Rakim - "The Seventh Seal" Review

This album has took me away back to the golden age of hiphop. This album is dope and I think everyone should check it out. Rakim shows off in everything single track how he still got it and showing his new style as well. His flow is still their and this album telling me check the golden age of hiphop. This album shows Rakim still got it and the game been missing him. As in the recnt years he only made cameos on a couple of tracks.

1. "How to Emcee" - the intro track in the album and its a great track to kick start the album. I think when you listen to the song you want to hear the rest of album. He uses very strong words in the song and its tellin you about emceein. Like past years he put in the song.

2. "Walk These Streets" (feat. Maino & Tracey Horton) - This was the second single off the album it drop like a of month ago. I put it on a weekend wave post I done like last month. It made me want to get the album. I think Maino done well with rakim in the track. The track is very solid one.
3. "Documentary of a Gangsta" (feat. I.Q.) - Wow this is one of the tracks I like the most. It shows a different style of Rakim more of a gangster version of him. It reminds me off 50 cent etc. Like tracks they would do. But its good to see Rakim doing a new type of track. I enjoy listening to this one as it was something new.
4. "Man Above" (feat. Tracey Horton) - I like the beat on this, as it links very well in with the song. I think Rakim goes very strong on the track as the words he uses in it. Also Tracey Horton does a good job in the song.
5. "You and I" (feat. Samuel Christian) - A solid track he done. He is rapping about some one but you can tell that from the title. He goes hard in the song and he shows his flow in it. Its good to see a track like this in the album and its a new style of Rakim.
6. "Won’t Be Long" (feat. Tracey Horton) - This maybe my fav on the album. He uses about his past in hiphop and where he has been also. And saying he still got it. This one of the key reason why I like the track. Its the second time on album Tracey Horton on a song. Its like a deeper Rakim on it.
7. "Holy Are U" - This was the first single, when I first heard it I did not know what to think of his album he was making. As the song you have mix views about it. As its such a new rakim on the track to his old work. But when I listen to it again I started to like it more. So I think it was needed in this style of the album.
8. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" - This shows what Rakim is all about how he can be away for so long and do such a great album. This song is great and shows Rakim is still the GOD. He raps about so power things like how he been away and why he is back. Which I back for doing this as it shows people why he is back. A dope song.
9. "Workin' for You" - A good track as it like the others and he says what he used to be like in hiphop. So how he has change as person fo hiphop I think. Shows how an artists knows when to have a break and improve their skills.
10. "Message in the Song" (feat. Destiny Griffin) - His flow is dope in this and he shows how he is a genuis. His flow in this song is not like any other on the album and Destiny Griffin does a great job in the song. Rakim words in it are very powerful and he shows his skill is still their. One of my fav songs I think.
11. "Put it All to Music" - Shows why he makes music and why he wants to still be here. Great song and to me it shows how he has improve as an artists. What he is doing better now on this track. This song repersents Rakim in hiphop.
12. "Psychic Love" - A other solid track on the album, as its like some of the other but still different. As he mixes his past and his love life in it abit. A good powerful track though. It shows he able to mix well.
13. "Still in Love" - I really enjoy listening to his as it is showing what the album is like as a whole. It saying what Rakim is and why he is it. The flow is in this track from the start to the end. Dope flow he has got. I think it was good for Rakim to have that long break from Hiphop now. After hearing this song. Shows Rakim back to his best.
14. "Dedicated" - This is a very strong track to finsh off the album as it shows he can do it in every track. And what hiphop have been missing in the recent years. The words are great for the beats of it. One the best songs on the album. I think after hearing his last track Rakim will have a other album for next year or year after?


What's Going On (Nov.17th)

Tuesdays are always big days in music. With albums dropping. Of course I had to talk about Rakim's "The God MC" new album "The Seventh Seal" which dropped today. His first album in 10 years. I checked it out earlier he obviously still has mic skills. Its definitely worth a listen. Also Birdshit I mean Birdman's album leaked and I got to check out 4 My Town which is a pretty good track. But do you notice how Birdman always needs other artists on his tracks to carry the song. I'm really getting tired of this dude. And finally I checked out a 10 minute sneak peak of the upcoming Lil Wayne documentary. Definitely something to check out. If you want some more of this type of stuff check my blog MathClassHeroes.

DJ Premier

DJ Premier is one of the hottest producer in hiphop of all time. He is from texas and about.com ranked him as #1 in its Top-50 Hip-Hop Producers list. Which I agree with. He done work with nearly everyone and makes some dope beats. Here is some people he has work with The Guru, Gang Starr, Gang Starr Foundation, Royce da 5'9", The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Nick Javas, Blaq Poet, M.O.P., Common, D.I.T.C., Whodini, Jeru the Damaja, DJ Cheese, Grandmaster Flash, Rakim, Kool Herc, Jay-Z, Afrika Bambaataa. Jazzy Jay, Jam Master Jay, Mixmaster Ice, UTFO, Grandmaster D, Marley Marl, Cut Creator, Reks, Ras Kass.

His samples are know for the sampling of funk and soul artists. When he works with an artists he gets parts of their old tracks beats and put in to a new track. Which is genuis to do. He is know for to create a chorus from short vocal samples. He goes with tracks like "The Mighty Mos Def" (from Mos Def's "Body Rock"), "It's simple mathematics" (from Fat Joe's "John Blaze"), "Check it out" (Lady of Rage from Snoop Dogg's "For All My Niggaz & Bitches"), "I revolve around science" (from Ghostface Killah's verse on Raekwon's "Criminology"), "What are we talking about here" (from the movie Ghostbusters), "Do your math" (from Erykah Badu's "On & On"), and "One, two, three, four" (from James Brown's "Funky Drummer").


What's Going On (Nov.16th)

Okay so If it's cool with Hip Hop Culture I feel like starting a post that I will do every night about what's hot in hip hop kinda keep you posted on this. Nothing big happened today. Clipse video dropped it was kinda hot. J. Cole gives us some thoughts on his upcoming album. And I think yall check this new Charles vid.

Interview With JEVON!

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
well umm, about me.. The name is Jevon, age 16. I've experienced many different names such as Jroc, Mr. Fresh. and now my current one KiD Fresh. I am really dedicated to a lot of things, Such as my passion fashion. dance is also something i love to do.. But i would say Fashion is something i am most Dedicated too. Thats pretty much about me. Im NOT like most kids, Because of my fashion taste and what im into. A black kid skating is like a white kid into some DMX rap. Buh hey i keep it original... Why would you want to make yourself like every other kid? haha =D.

2. Tell us a bit about your blog?
About the blog.. My main goal coming into this over the summer was to inspire at least one kid like Diggy inspires most of the teen population and all that. Inspiration is what keeps me going. I want to show everyone that follows my blog that you DON'T have to be rich and balling to become a talked about sensation, or The next big thing. if you stay true to yourself and chase after your goals.. You will be successful.

3. What made you make your blog?
Honestly... what made me want to do this was Diggy. After seeing what a success and how much he inspires people I wanted to try to do the same. Its crazy how i get things on myspace, Or Facebook saying "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" I never knew shit like that would happen for a kid like me.. hahaha.

4. How did you pick your blogs name?
I picked the name "Taste The Candy" because i wanted to just make something different, After being inspired to make a blog from Diggy i noticed a lot of people where just coming up with the same names just with a different name for example like "The life of a cool kid".. I didn't want to be like everyone else.. So i though hey why don't i combined a blog tittle with the name of a brand i want to make "Candy" and i just wanted to give you guys the "Taste" of my sense in fashion and all that stuff... and thus taste the candy haha=]

5. What kind of fasion are you in to?
What kinda fashion am i? I can't really just sit and say Oh I am this.. Theres many things I am. I can be daring one day with combining Skinny blue jeans with a dress shirt or like wearing the latest fashion from H&M. I Honestly can't just pick one... I just go with the flow.. but the thing is It has to look good. haha

6. Who is your favourite fasion designer?
I have many fav fashion desingers such as Ralph Luan, Victor Glemaud and many more.. But my Fav brand is Burberry.

7. What kind of clothing brands do you buy and why?
The type of clothing I buy and why is i buy anything thats not baggy, Stuff that is fitted.. and stuff that Im into.. things that don't describe what I am not. I buy these types of clothing because I want to give of the right impression, I like to give the look that i am a well educated kid for my age. Which i am.. You never know who you might run into so you always gotta look good =D.

8. What kind of music are you in to?
It all depends on my mood of the type of music i am into.. Theres no set types of music... I love Rap.. well not todays Rap.. I would say I am stuck in 80's and 90's rap.. Im into some rock... and for some reason I love LOVE Jazz haha.

9. Whats your Favourite song?
ummm right now my Fav song is So ambitious by Jay-z and Pharrell, One because it gives me that extra kick to go hard.. Two because.. ITS BY Jay-Z and Pharrell haha.. so many reasons why, Its just an inspirational song.. who wouldn't want to be ambitious to strive for their goals?

10. In five years time what do you want to be doing or studying?
Honestly in five years my name will be everywhere.. I don't mean to sound cocky.. But Im striving for success so hard.. and when you put your right foot ahead I know i can make it.. and thats what I've been doing this whole time.. I would prob be doing something with Fashion.. From running my line to being on magazine covers =D.. I hope.

11. Tell us about some of your sketches?
My sketches have really been based on the ladies for some reason... I've been really inspired by lady gagas looks and all that.. so I've been designing some stuff around her look and my taste.. I will drop some on the blog in time.

12. Is there anything new happening to your blog in the up coming months?
all i have to say is to my fans Stick around to the blog because we are just getting started, and you can anticipate there will be some fresh new changes That i KNOW you will love and be into =D. Im not going to say much.. But expect there will be some amazing new stuff.

13. Last is there anything you would like to say?
I would like to say thank you FOR this interview, and i hope we can record this. I think it would be better haha. also I would love to thank EVERYOnE who has stuck by me from day one in July.. To all my fans your the only reason why I am still here.. that and my passion for fashion... And again if your reading this, I just want to show you you can be successful, Just but time,Dedication and strive for what you believe in. This yah Boy Jevon Signing off thanks again Hiphopculture and all my fans.Pce&Love


My Top 10 Hiphop Groups

10. De La Soul - Well where do I start they have done so many things in hiphop. So great old school tracks. So I had to put them on the list I really enjoy listening to their albums. I think its good to have a group like del la soul in hiphop. And their is a new album on the way next year I think. Which will be great.

9.Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - made so many track hits. They were the first hiphop group so I had to add them in the list. The message and white lines were out of this world very strong tracks I think. Many great albums they made. It showed a DJ could be in an hiphop grouop. Who better than Grandmaster Flash the best of alltime. Also they put in to the rock and roll hall of fame so that shows good they were.

8. Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - I could not do a list with out these two. You might say they should not be on the list or what ever. But I love every single album they have done. tracks like "Summer time", "Nightmare On My street" are dope and they done so many dope records. I think more than anything there style of music I like more than anything. As they were two young people who would do anything on a track. But now look at them. Dj Jazzy Jeff is one of the best djs in hiphop. Fresh Prince made a few solo albums which were good I thought.

7. Wu-Tang Clan - This is a group I dont know to much about. I've got like two of their albums and think they are agood group. They show people that you can have a lot of members in group and still do well in hiphop. Raekwon can spit all day long and method man is a class act. Also RZA , GZA and Goastface killa are dope. I know there is others in the group. I think they could be higher but I aint listen that much of their albums so I had put them in 7 place on the list.

6. A Tribe Called Quest - This group is hot they been around for a long time but show it in evey album or track they do its always dope. I think they are a great group and made hiphop rise up in music. Most people have heard of them and they always do there thing which is great. I think they are one of a kind. Every member in the group are dope and a talentI think. No one could do a list and leave them out. Q-tip is a genuis.

5. Outkast- Andre 300 and Big Boi are great as a team. They make some real dope track. Been around for a while now and I had to put them in he list. They are to good and very under rated I think. They always make good tracks I think. I have not got that many of their albums but that aint a promblem as I know how good they are. They would be in anyone top 10 hiphop groups. They got a new album on the way next year. I cant wait.

4.Eric B & Rakim - This is the best duo in hiphop history I would say. They made one of the bets hiphop album of all time "Paid In Full". rakim is a god MC and Eric B is a dope DJ. So it was the perfect match. Some of the tracks they made were class as the beats eric b would do then rakim would kill them. Made a few albums and they are dope. Check them out. I had put them high there one of my fav. People might say I put them to high but its my list. They had to be in the list so I wanted to put them high as they done great things.

3. N.W.A - Yes nwa they made gangster music in hiphop. It was Eazy E, MC Ren, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Yella. I know they were a group who you heard bad things about sometimes. And when Dr Dre left. But they made so dope music like "Gangster Gangster", "Express Yourself" etc. I got a lot of their tracks on my ipod and was listen to them last night. I thought these should be high in on my list. They brought something new to hiphop I would say. All great MC but I want to say MC Ren never got the credit he should have. Also its a big loss Eazy E died. Still a dope ass group. R.I.P Eazy E.

2. Public Enemy - What a group they were genuis they could do anything. Flava Flav and Chuck D are two great MCs. They made this group what it is. All you have to do is listen to "He Got Game" then your know how good they were. PE made so many great albums and there still going strong today. I would say im a really big fan of PE and their album "Takes A Nation To Hold Us Back" is out of this world. Also PE style is dope. It's like they added a new part in to the hiphopworld.

1. Run D.M.C - To me these are the greatest hiphop group of all time. I got all there albums and they are dope. They made so many great tracks and been around for so long. They were one of the first hiphop groups ever. They made such an big impact on hiphop. With Run & DMC skills on the MIC and Jam Master Jay on the turntables it was the perfect group. They could do anything. As Eminem said when he in inducted them to the rock and roll hall of fame "If You Grew Up On Hiphop They Are The Beatles". To me there is no one in the world better. So it had to be Run D.M.C at number one. And R.I.P Jam Master Jay.