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This is a post on hiphop as a whole and my blog. I just want to tell everyone about some stuff going in the world and the blog. First im going to start of with the blog. This month been a very busy one on the blog and it been very successful. I got two new members to the team who are Jimmy and Nas/Maths. Both got blogs. They are doing wonders for the blog so far. With them on the team its on the next level now. Jimmy adds a part to the blog of fasion and depth to hiphop world. And Nas/Maths adds a different style of hiphop which is dope as hell.

Well thats enough about the blog. Yes talk about hiphop as a whole. I think we seen so many different things this year so far. With people like Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi coming in to it. Which is great as it always to see the next stars of hiphop. I like all three of them. Also their a lot albums coming out in the couple of months. Rakim, Game, Wale, Lil'Wayne,Snoop Dog,50 Cent etc. I cant wait im getting all of these albums. I been speaking to a lot of people on the state of hiphop. Everyone is saying the same thing its going forwards. Its been three years since Nas said hiphop was dead. So if you compare it in 2006 to now. It came so far forwards and its back at the top to me. I think a lot of it has been because Eminem and JayZ have came back in to. I downloaded Lil Wayne new mixtape called "no ceilings". I really think it was a good mixtape.

Thats about it for me with this blog. This blog has got alot more things coming to it like Interviews, Top 5 MCs, Hiphop Momments, Albums & Books Reviews Etc. With the new team we are able to do more posts and it makes the blog better. As it gives more depth to it. So I think this next month for the blog will be great.



And Give It Up To



Wale - Attention Deficit (Review)

Okay so last night I was doing my blog thing at about 11. And then I found out that the Wale album had leaked. I was tired after Friday night but I stayed up to listen to it. And it didn't disappoint. Just finished my second listen from beginning to end. Every track is dope on November 10th. Def gonna buy. Download: Wale - Attention Deficit
Here's a quick review:
01. Triumph (prod. by Dave Sitek) - Good album intro nothing really special about it. Decent beat Wale  comes with some good lyrics. 7.5/10
02. Mamma Told Me - Just a decent track average album cut. Talking bout how he was on his grind 7/10
03. Mirrors (feat. Bun B) (prod. by Mark Ronson) - Solid album cut. Bun.B fits the song well. Good lyrics from Wale 8/10
04. Pretty Girls (feat. Gucci Mane & Weensey of Backyard Band) (prod. by Best Kept Secret) - People gettin on him for the Gucci feature. But I love the beat and the hook. 9/10
05. World Tour (feat. Jazmine Sullivan) (prod. by Cool & Dre) - this is single worthy. Good beat good hook. Jazmine Sullivan adds some nice vocals. Wale comes with possibly his best lyrics on the album 9/10
06. Let It Loose (Inhibitions) (feat. Pharrell Williams) (prod. by The Neptunes) - Now this song can get annoying at times but is still a good track. Wale doesn't really come hard with the lyrics on this one. 7/10
07. 90210 (prod. by Mark Ronson) - Probably the worst track on the album and is still dope in its own way as he talks about a girl doing anything to make it in hollywood. 6.5/10
08. Shades (feat. Chrisette Michele) (prod. by 9th Wonder) - Wale gets a little sensitive as he talks about shades of skin. Saying he was dissed by girls as a kid for being too dark. Good track tells a lot. 8.5/10
09. Chillin' (feat. Lady Gaga) (prod. by Cool & Dre) - okay this was the first track off the album. Don't really like anymore but hey I'll take it for what it is. Amazing beat though. 8/10
10. TV In The Radio (feat. K'Naan) (prod. by Dave Sitek) - it has a nice funky beat. K'Naan provides a nice Somalia to Nigeria collaboration. K'Naan absolutely kills his part and so does Wale. 8.5/10
11. Contemplate (prod. by Syience) - Nice Rihanna vocals on the sample. Calm track I like it. 8.5/10
12. Diary (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) - Another telling track as Marsah adds great vocals. Talking about how its hard to approach black woman. 8/10
13. Beautiful Bliss (feat. Melanie Fiona & J.Cole) (prod. by DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson) - absolutely the best song on the album. makes you feel good. Melanie Fiona sounds wonderful. J. Cole pulls a Kanye West and totally rips his part. "At dinner Hov. Hopping he pass the baton or he just pass the patron." Made Wale seem average. 10/10
14. Prescription - Good calm track to the end the album on a good note. I love the beat. Nothing else really special 7.5/10

Gives the album a grade of a B+. Top 5 rap album of the year.

Empire State of Mind Debut

This video should be posted on everyone's blog, if can't get inspired by this then just get ready for that 9-5 lol. THE YOUTH STAND UP!!!!!!

I mean this song/video is about chasing dreams,everyone who's started one of these blogs has a dream. That's why you started one right?!?!?!?! Lets go out and get those DREAMS!!!!!!

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Now I take Jay for who he is and I know he's done wrong with a lot of people in the past. It looks like he may have done it again with once good friend Beanie Sigel.

It's also up in the air if Jay will even respond to this, he didn't respond to Game when he started attacking him over the summer. However, this song is real to the bone and although mainstream will always seem to have Jay-Z in the never do wrong persona, the streets know who Jay really is. Don't get me wrong though, I love Jay-Z to death, it just seems kinda fishy who everyone seems to turn on him, don't you think?

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Jam Master J Tribute

Jam Master Jay OF Run D.M.C. He was the DJ and its been 7 years since he died. He died on October 30, 2002. So I want to show how a couple of videos which are tributes to Jam master jay and of his work.
Check the video out.

dj premier, kid capri, grand master flash,dj jazzy jeff - tribute a jam master jay

Run D.M.C - Jam Master Jay

Jam Master Jay Vs Grand Master Flash - Mtv Weekly

R.I.P Jam Master Jay , A True Great.


BET Hip Hop Awards - Cyphers

I know I posted this on my blog on Wednesday. I figured I'd post this on here. Joe Budden rips his part that's all I can say.

JOJO Simmons - Top 5 MCs

Everyone this is a new type of posts coming to my blog. People top 5 MCs in hiphop dead or alive of all time. I have just started asking people. I ask Jojo simmons on twitter and he gave me his lists.


Jay Z


Jojo Simmons Twitter - http://twitter.com/youngsimmons


2Pac - Nothin' Like The Old School


Wiz Khalifa

Yeah I know he been out for a minute but I feel the average person still ain't familiar with him. Wiz Khalifa is a rapper from Pittsburgh. Earlier this year he dropped on of the biggest mixtapes of the year. "Flight School". And he dropped another hot mixtape with Curren$y called "How Fly". I been listening to Wiz for a minute and I think he dope so if u didn't hear him yet. Check him out. Flight School & How Fly

A Whole BOOK on G-Shocks

I just saw this over on High Snobiety, it's a whole book dedicated to the G-Shock watch! I thought this was pretty cool, because I've always been a pretty big fan of G-Shocks. I think I might have to go check this book out at Borders and see if it's worth buying lol.
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This is a bad pic of me, but it's a pretty good shit of my G-Shock!

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?

Well my name is reginald poulard I was born on dec 8 1989. I'm from long island, ny. My nationalty is haitian. I currently go to john jay college. My major is law. Right now I am working on my mixtape called a discret gift which will be out during spring.

2. What was the first ever hiphop song you listen to?

My first hip hop song was 2pac I get around

3. What was the first hiphop album you brought?

The first hip hop album I bought was cam'ron confessions of fire

4. Is their any artist in music who has inspired to become an hiphop aritst?

Yes there are many such as 2pac, biggie, nas, jay z, big pun, big daddy kane, slick rick, kool g rap, snoop dogg, big l, and eminem

5. When you made Team Blackout what were your thoughts about it?

I was like cool now let's get to work to make it happen

6. What hiphop artist could you compare yourself to if you can?

That's a good question I probaly say nas and big pun

7. Can you tell us about your mixtape which you are currently making?

The mixtape I'm making is called a discret gift. Its all about inspiration and life. I wnt this mixtape to help ppl who have low self esteem I wnt it to help ppl who wnt accomplish a dream. I wnt this mixtape to everybody in the struggle.

8. What is your favourite song team blackout has made so far?

Well thus far paper chaser is my favorite song

9.Has being in Team Blackout change your life in anyways?

Yes it did. People notice me now. They don't even have to know my name all they have is" look that is that boy from team blackout"

10. Team Blackout work with Rockwilder on "Lights Out" what was that like?

It was great he taught us a lot about swag and lyricism

11. In next year what can we expect from Reggie as a solo artist and Team Blackout?

In the next you can expect a mixtape frm me, jojo, and zach. Each of us is dropping a mixtape
Stay tune for it.

12. Finally this is the last question is their anything you would like to say the readers?

Always put God first. Stay humble and real. Team blackout is in stores now and my mixtape called a discret gift is coming out soon. Follow me on http://twitter.com/teamblackoutReg


Top Female Rappers Ever

Ok so this is my first post on Hip Hop Culture. I wanted to keep the theme of the blog up so today I'm going to shout out some of my favorite Female rappers. Nicki Minaj has to step up her game in order to be with them.

MC Lyte was one of the first really dope female rapper. She started out back in the 80's and she used to crush dudes on the mic.

Foxy Brown she has done much since the 90's but she's still one of the top female rappers ever. She would get on tracks with Jay and Nas and hold her own on the songs.

Eve is of course from my hometown philly. She's kinda fell off in the last couple of years but she used to do her thing. If you like this post check my blog MathClassHeroes

Bring Back T.I?

I thought I would a post on T.I as he in prsion some of ya might fergot about him lol
T.I to me is a reat rapper and when he is back it will be great. Paper trail his last album was such a massive hit.


Turntables In HIPHOP

This different king of couple blogs I be doing in the next week. Everyone knows rappers in hiphop. But not DJs, SO I think I going to do a couple of posts on DJs in hiphop. If it was not for DJs their would not be hiphop. You could say Grandmaster Flash made hiphop. He made the turntables an instruments. My favourite DJs in hiphop are likes of Jam Master Jay R.I.P, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grand Master Flash , DJ AM, Scott La Rocks, Eric B, Dj Preimer, etc. Many more I been watching videos on turntables all weekend. I might get a pair early next year when I got money lol.

But people think its easy to DJ well Cu and Scratch and mix. Well check some these videos out they are dope.


Nas Hop Is Dead.

Im really in to Nas at the momment. Check out the video.


For those who don't know who Mike Posner is, now is your time for you to step up your game. He's a crazy young producer who attends Duke University and has done tracks with Big Sean, Kid Cudi, and Don Cannon among others. His first mixtape "A Matter of Time" hit number number one on iTunes and eventually landed him a record deal with J Records. Well anyways he's got a new mixtape releasing this week and well be available on iTunes for my favorite price FREE. So make sure you get on that, the name of the tape will be "One Foot Out the Door"! He also does a lot of remakes, which I think turn out a lot better than the originals, check them out below!
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