May Is The Month.

Drake, Nas & Big Boi To Invade May With New Albums. Rappers Drake, Nas and Big Boi will reportedly drop their long-awaited new albums during the month of May. To me if Drake album is anything like his mxitape last year it will be a killer I really hope it is. As he has talent and got the skill to make it at the top. We recently saw his first track - Over which I thought was dope.

Nas album with Damian Marley which is called Distant Relatives this is my album I will be looking out for the most as the tracks which leak on the internet have be great so far. Hopefully it will be the same as them or even better. In 2007 when I heard the track road to zion I knew they made a good team.

Big Boi what an artist he is in outkaste with Andre 3000 but it will be good to see him on hi own as a solo artist. It will be different but I know it will be a good solid album.

Also in the hiphop world Nicki Minaj Shoots Right On! Magazine Cover.


Jay Z with Beyonce at the white house, in the other pictures trey songz is with him.



Over Again?

Well Im abit lost with this as on rapradar it says New Video: Lil Wayne x Eminem “Drop The World” but I thought it was dropping March 11.

New Diggy Simmons freestyle over Drake new track "Over".

diggy Just The Begining


Sorry For The Lateness...

So tonight or tomorrow night at midnight Drake will be releasing his first official single from his highly anticipated album "Thank Me Later". I feel like unless this will be below everyone's standard's unless it's a classic. Let's see what Drake has in store for us. Single is decent

Also T.I. will be releasing his first song since being released from prison next week. I'm actually awaiting this song a little more than Drake's because we haven't even seen T.I. since he has been released from prison. From what I've heard he's been making moves.

Also check the cover of The Source featuring J. Cole on the cover. This is a pretty big month for J. Cole. This is the second magazine he's been on the cover of.


Lets Rise The Game.

T.I. Announces His Return, "[The] King Is Back The "King of the South" T.I. has officially joined the popular social network Twitter and promised to make a big announcement later this month.

Run DMC! Do you know them? They are just everything to Hip-Hop…that’s all. But, since the death of Jam Master Jay, the group hasn’t been together at all. Well it appears that the KINGS are all set to make a reunion at The Roots annual picnic event this summer in Philly. The picnic is all set for June of this year…
Check out this video clip interview of AllHipHop interviewing DMC and him talking about battling Run, Gucci Mane and skinny jeans...

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Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj In Concert at MSG NYC March 2, 2010

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Jeezy's Set on Jay-Z BP3 Tour at MSG

On the Two videos above of Jay Z and others at MSG the quality not that good on them.

Young Money's Nicki Minaj has said she would like Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West to contribute to her upcoming debut album. Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below.


J. Cole - The Come Up (Throwback)

NC A&T "The Come Up"

So today I listened to "The Come Up" for probably the 50th time and it occurred to me that this mixtape is far overlooked. It is definitely overlooked in my opinion it's better than "The Warm Up". It was released back in 2007 as his first mixtape. Before how big he is now he had to pass this mixtape out. He charged everyone $1 for the mixtape. The reason why he charged money for the mixtape in his words is "If someone gives you a CD for free, you’re going to throw that shit out. But if you paid at least a dollar for it you’re going to give it a listen." Well anyway this tape is a classic and I just wanted to give it more shine. Read more to download and get the tracklist.


Because Brenn's Not Posting...

So because Brenn's not posting today I figured I'd keep the blog up to date with what's going on. Of course you heard the news about Lil Wayne's sentencing being postponed another day. Hey maybe he'll never go to jail.

So before Wayne goes to prison he shot a video for the best song from Rebirth with Eminem. Yeah I can't wait for this video to come out.

Here's another one of the videos Lil Wayne has shot in the last month. I like the concept.

Here's an interview with Jay Electronica talking about his influences in music. And the city that he grew up in.


Top 20 Jay-Z Songs (Part 2)

jay-z1.jpg image by ohflux

10. Jay-Z - Brooklyn's Finest - I got two reasons Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls on a record. They both killed it and the beginning is just epic. "From 96, the only emcee wit a flu, yeah i rhyme sick".

9. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents - A lot of people say that this is Jay-Z's best song ever I don't but this track is real great. The Nas sample worked perfectly. Jay spittin knowledge on this track.

8. Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls - This song is a classic. This song is really funny to me. Talking about of course girls.

7. Jay-Z - It's Hot (Some Like It Hot) - Jay at his best again with the lyrics. This song is definitely one of my favorite songs. Jay answering 50 with the line "Go against Jigga your ass is dense, I'm about a dollar what the fuck is 50 cents".

6. Jay-Z - Ain't No Nigga - This song is filled with classic Jay lines and Foxy spits one of the best verses I've ever heard from a female. "They say sex is a weapon, So when I shoot meet your death in less than eight seconds." "I've been sining since you was playing wit Barbie and Kenan, You can't change a player's game in the 9th inning".

5. Jay-Z - Takeover - I'm one of the few people that think Takeover was better than Ether. And I'm a pretty big Nas fan. He doesn't even spend the whole song talking about Nas. And another reason why I liked it better was because it came out first. "I sampled your voice you was using it wrong, You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song."

4. Jay-Z - Renegade - A lot of people say they shouldn't even call this Jay's song because Em killed him so bad on this. Nah I think Jay's verse's were really good. It's just Em's were on another planet. Still this is one of the best songs in hip hop history period.

3. Jay-Z - Can't Knock The Hustle - This was actually Jay's first single off Reasonable Doubt. I just think it's a pure classic. The flow is so smooth. The first verse is so ill.

2. Jay-Z - 99 Problems - I can literally quote this entire song off the top of my head without hearing it first. The guitar is so crazy and when the video came out for this song I liked it even more. If you say this isn't a classic joint then your crazy. "You know the type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight."

1. Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life - So they call this song the ghetto anthem. I'm going to have to agree with that. The idea for the song is so clever with the Annie sample. This song is just a classic. Another one of the first rap songs I ever heard.

Sorry All I Aint Postd In Last Few Days.

XXL finally revealed the cover today for their “10 Freshman For '10” issue. On it you can see J alongside his freshmen class of Pill, Freddie Gibbs, Big Sean, Jay Rock, Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hussle, Donnis, Fashawn and OJ Da Juiceman

Roc Nation's first official signee and the pride of Fayetteville, North Carolina, J. Cole, made a trip to ATL this weekend to give fans a taste of the hits making his name synonymous with hope for Hip-Hop.



Another week next up for my new artists posts is XV. XV is a rapper from Kansas (I didn't know there were rappers in Kansas) and the real reason why posted him this week is because he was the rapper most people felt was the most deserving that was left of the XXL 10 Freshmen Cover. Anyway XV has been rapping since 15 and has put out several mixtapes since then and one album. I also mentioned him in my rappers to watch in 2010 post. Definitely a dope rapper he brings another new style to the game. I'll do part 2 of the Jay-Z post either later today or tomorrow.