Interview With Yoodee Frances

I got a chance to interview the talented Yoodee Frances, check it out below. Its about where she from, singing, her new single and much more. Just want to say thanks for the chance to interview you.

Yoode can you tell us abit about yourself?
I was born and raised in New Jersey.
Ethnicity: West Indian
I come from a Working class family, I learned at a very young age Hard Work Pays Off. 22 years old.
Had a very religiously strict upbringing, I was not allowed to talk on the phone with boys, went to catholic all girls school, and went to church every twice a week. Moved to New York City to get away from New Jersey & pursue a career in Fashion at first and then fell in love with music through my meeting my producer, Var Ez My motto: Work Hard, Play Hard
My fans: I call them bunnies. It is a term of endearment for my female fans that like to Work Hard and Play Hard like I do. My first out-of-country show is this October 1, 2010 at Jupiter Room for Montreal's Pop! 
Montreal Festival

You are from and live in New York whats that like?

Living in NYC is amazing. There is no way as an artist I cannot be inspired living here. I feel the same way I did when I was 17 (first moved here). It's like yeah its not the cleanest, friendliest place in the world. But I feel like you can find a little bit of the World in this city.

What made you get in to music?

Even though I was singing all my life, I never wanted to get into music. No one in my family came from a musical background, my parents were strict as hell, and the music world just seem a million miles away. But I met my in-house producer Var Ez, and we recorded some songs together and I was like wow, I think I like this. It happened so naturally.

You have your new single coming out next month can you tell about that?

Yes! I am SUPER excited about it. It is called "Yo Mama."  It was written by me & produced by Var Ez. Its about being wild and having fun and doing things that you're mama really wouldn't approve of ;-) The record is fun, and shows a side of me thats more fiesty and playful. It has this real hip hop dance vibe too it. I love it and Im releasing it very soon! 

Who inspires you if any could you say why?

I am inspired by risktaskers, fearless artistic individuals...because that is how I want to grow as an artist. People like Madonna, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Kanye West & Lady Gaga take risks with everything: their music, their lyrics, their fashion. I am also inspired by people in general; the way we love and our strength. 

What has been your biggest achievement so far in your career? 

My biggest achievement so far has to be my show in Montreal coming this October 1st at Jupiter Room. I only started releasing my music & performing a year ago! So it just fuels me to go harder and I can't wait to see with the future has in store!

Out of all the songs you have played what is your favorite?

That is very hard to say, because I've written all my songs and each of them are quite personal. I'd have to say that right now, I have the biggest connection with my song "Yesterday" is a pop ballad and everytime I hear certain words it just gets to me.. everytime!

If you could work with any musical artist who would it be and why?

Kanye West. He's amazing. Lyrically. Musically. Production wise. Vision wise. Next is Gnarls Barkley because I am in LOVE with his writing style and production. Last but not least, Nicki Minaj... just cause I'd love to hear a Barbie x Bunny  collabo! 

In the next year what can we expect from Yoode Frances?

Bigger. Better. always... more fearlessness... great live performances... great music. Trust that. 

Your also in to Fashion, describe your style if you can?

My style I like to call "glam grunge".... I used to live in the East Village and the style in that area of NYC is so raw I love it. You'll always find me in something black with a Bold color or print, with something studded for my bling. I never want to be too put together you know? Oh! and Im a huge fan of vintage. 

What are your favorite brands?
Im not really a "brand" girl but I really diggin' upcoming brands like Evengamba & DimePiece. There's an underwear line called Adeen NYC Assman panties thats fun & dope but then I also love TopShop, LF, & anything vintageeee.

You Dance as well if im current could tell us about that?

I have been dancing for over ten years... I started when I was three. Its one of the parts I enjoy about my performances is connecting with the audience & shaking my tailfeather! Usually I'll have my dancers with me. And me along with my choregraphers A'drey & Brian Henninger coined two signature moves of mine that I do often at shows the "Yoodee whine" & the "Rudeyonce" (a combination of Rihanna's Rude 
boy & Beyonce) haha!

In five years time where do you see yourself being?

MUSIC! I would love to have a major label to call home, I would love more fans (of course), more shows, and hopefully expanding my non profit charity TheJustBeCause Organization. 

Lastly is there anything else you would like to say?

There is this thing that I started where I began calling my fans "bunnies" as a term of endearment for all my fans that WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD LIKE I DO. I saw that Nicki had her "Barbies" and Lady Gaga had "Monsters" so I got my fans together and it stuck! Now the Bunnies after the world! ;-)
Check out Yoodee Frances

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