Turning Success In To Reality.

I been wanting to drop a post like this in a while, its about the blog so far and up coming stuff. Lets start with the success I think the blog had since I first made it like four months nearly five. I want to say I appreciate all followers and comments I had on the blog. We seen alot of interviews on the blog which I think have been dope. We got some great ideas from Albums/Mixtape reviews, Interviews, Artist, More Underground Artist and even our own blo music from Nas (Math Class Hero) who going to make a track in a couple of weeks.
Peace Everyone,
Turning Success In To Reality In 2010.


MalibuMara said...

yay a new picture lol,
and yea cool new stuff it seems,
keep it up

Tommy The Fashionist said...


The Ghost of Nas said...

yeah good to see a new pic up. new post for tmrow

crowned king music said...

like the interview.not sure when imma b on ustream.still tryin to get the hang of it

Sean Long said...

That message is true.Watch out for me in 2010 man!And your blog is getting really dope i look here for new hip hop news everyday man keep it up