Theres Only One Nas

Whats good everyone? I know I aint blog much lately but there still been post on the blog by Nas which I really appreciate for him doing it. As last couple of weeks I been really busy. But im back now and lets get this blog to 200 Followers!
I been checking out all over the web for new hiphop music, vids or news I cant much which would be a good post to do. So I found this youtube videos of my fav hiphop artist NAS its a documentary on him its dope check it out. Theres five parts lol
Its about how he drop out of college to illmatic and the beef with Hov. And much more.

Nas Doc Part One

Nas Doc Part Two

Nas Doc Part Three

Nas Doc Part Four

Nas Doc Part Five

Peace All!


AP :D said...

illmatic was one of the best rap albums ever made. honestly, i think Nas is better than pac and biggie.
i cant wait for the damian marley album to drop.

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_Taylor2013 said...

Nas is fucking grrrrreeaat!
but he's not better than 2pac .. maybe biggie but never 2pac

Morgan said...

nas is def one in a million*

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