Charles Hamilton Inks Open Letter To Eminem,

Rapper Charles Hamilton has penned an open letter to Eminem thanking him for inspiring his music and explaining how much of an impact he has had on his life.
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Hamilton credited Em's latest single, "I'm Not Afraid," for motivating him to release the letter publicly.

"As of late, I found myself in a "Relapse" rut. I am nicer than any rapper that is to come. Period. And I don't have a need to battle a Wale or a Cory Gunz to prove it. I know my lyrical ability, whether these hip-hop sites will admit to it or not...I sound like such a groupie right now, it's disgusting. It's the inner Alison. All I know is, I completed my dharma when I met you in Detroit. I have never felt better my entire life. We kicked it. Had a chat. Laughed. I think the Newports pissed you off. I hope not. I mighta crossed the line asking to live in your basement...You probably will read this. A lot of people will. Not scared (#ImNotAfraid). "I'm Not Afraid" is what is influencing me to do what I'm doing now. You think I'm scared of LA streetlights? F*ck outta here. Kill me with my iPod on peak (Apple holla at me, MTV come find me). I will be playing the 8 Mile soundtrack, I will be playing your catalogue for all that. lol. But this is for me. I feel like having access to a studio in which I went to school in the same building, kinda spoiled me. I'm working for this." (Karen Civil)

I blog about this today as its something different, as you normally dont see a hiphop artist do something like this. It shows how Eminem has affected artists and there music. Charles Hamilton is a good rapper and I like his music. I have heard more of his music from Nas blog and when he posted about him on here.



Nas Holston said...

never heard about this. and as far as the j. cole songs i happened to stumble upon them. some exclusive stuff.

Jay President said...

Ive always liked Charles Hamilton. His mixtapes are unique and I think he pushes the limit without coming across as corny...