Since Eminem album "Recovery" comes out very soon in next few days depends what countries you live in. I have been listening to some of his early albums likes of "The Slim Shady LP" and "The Marshall Mathers LP" which made me also listen to D12 first album "Devil's Night". I never know what to make of D12 as some of there music I like but some I dont. But just listening to Proof in some of his verses in D12 songs are classic and I thought I should do a post on Proof as I never done one on him before.
Proof is from Detroit and that's where he met childhood friend Eminem. Sadly in 2006 Proof was killed in a shooting and he is very missed in hip-hop. During his career he was a member of the hip hop groups Goon Sqwad, 5 Elementz, Promatic, and most notably D12. Proof had his first album called "Anywhere" in 1996. I have only heard the album a couple of times but most recently I been listening to it much more. In 2000, Proof toured along with Eminem, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in the Up In Smoke Tour as a hype man rapper for Eminem. Devil's Night, D12's debut album was some of Proof best work. Video below is one my favorite Proof songs its called "Kurt Kobain "

I Miss the Hip Hop Shop was Proof album which came out 2004. It had tracks Proof dissed Ja Rule on and producers DJ Premier and the late J Dilla were on the album. Grown Man Sh!t is a mixtape by Proof of D12 and DJ Salam Wreck which came out in 2005. Searching for Jerry Garcia was Proof second album and you could say its his most know album as well. It came out in 2005 which had features 50 Cent, D12, Obie Trice, Method Man. A track off the album is in the video below its called Clap Wit Me.

This is a video of a classic freestyle of Em and Proof dont know the date of it but you can tell its kind off old. You must check it out.

Proof played a acting role in Eminem film 8 Mile. Which when Proof died in 2006 it affected Eminem as it was his best friend. Not many people saw Eminem after Proof died for a while and did not make no music for a while as well. But in Eminem new album "Recovery" he made a track which is a tribute to Proof. Its in the video below and its a great song.

R.I.P Proof

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