Eminem's Respect For "Airplanes" Led To B.o.B Collabo

B.o.B. recently talked about teaming up with Eminem for their "Airplanes Part 2" record and why the Shady Records head appreciated his content. From B.o.B.'s perspective, Em shared microphone time with him because he could relate to the song's concept.

"When we started working in the studio for the 'Airplanes [Part II]' things sort of grew from there," B.o.B. said in an interview. "Eminem doesn't work with a lot of people, so when he does, he has to feel the project. And that's how I am as an artist. I really have to feel it. I think the reason why Eminem collaborated with me is because he related to the song. He took to the story I was telling on 'Airplanes' and brought it home. But you know what? ... Everything moves so fast that you never get the chance to sit and really think about what's going on."


MalibuMara said...

that is a cool song,
i like both of them,
did you hear the lupe one?
i heard that all of b.o.b.'s song are just rejected lupe fiasco ones LOL, idk if that is true though.

Maggie ☮ said...

That's amazing I could almost imagine Em on the original :) can't wait to hear this collabo.