Wale - More About Nothing (Mixtape & Review)

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New Wale tape for everyone to check. I'm listening as of right now so far so good. His album didn't live up to the hype. But this tape sure is. Features include Wiz Khalifa, UCB, Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash and more. Review after the jump.
Download: Wale - Mixtape About Nothing

1. The Problem (prod. By DJ Omega) - My first impression of this track is that it is a little boring. But after the spoken word in the beginning which was impressive I really started to feel it. 7/10
2. The MC (prod. By Mark Henry) - Beat is too dope. Wale has a couple quotables on this track. I'm feeling it. But nothing amazing. 8.5/10
3. The Soup (prod. By Best Kept Secret) - Once again the beat is nice but I usually like Wale on some Best Kept Secret production. He needed some of his production on Attention: Deficit. I feel this is one of the best on the mixtape. But that's just my opinion. The Seinfield sample starts the song off perfectly. "You can check the schedule, if my timing was any better than I would be a metronome". 8.5/10
4. The Breeze (Cool) f. Wiz Khalifa & Tre (prod. By Mark Henry) - This is my favorite song on the entire tape. Maybe it's because Wiz is slowly becoming one of my favorite artists. But it's so smooth to bump. This is how you judge a good song. Good beat, Good hook, Above Average lyrics. 9.5/10
5. The Friends N Strangers (prod. By Kosmik) - I'm not feeling this joint. I think it's because Charles Hamilton rapped over the same sample on "The Pink Lavalamp" and I think he did better. Even though Wale is a better rapper that's just my opinion. But the track has a good meaning behind it. Real lyrics. 7/10
6. The Number Won (Competition) (prod. By Bassheads) - slow beat but the lyrics are strong enough to not bore you. I think this one of the deepest joints on the album. 7.5/10
7. The Eyes of The Tiger (prod. By Tone-P) - We all know what this song is about. This is pretty much a recap of what happened with Tiger Woods in the past year. 8/10
8. The War f. Daniel Merriweather (prod. By Bassheads) - This song sounds like an album cut to me. Good hook on it. I can vibe with this. 8.5/10
9. The Break Up Song (prod. By Anlo) - It's been out for awhile. I thought it was unreleased cut but it ended up on this tape. I'm digging the Stevie Wonder sample. Another one of my favorites from the tape. "Life is a movie we both say cut, But most times darling the sequel sucks". 9/10
10. The Work (Workin') (prod. By Yogi) - He went off on this joint. Too many punchlines on this. "You the type of nigga make a stripper turn celibate" 8.5/10
11. The Black & Gold (prod. By DJ Omega) - My first reaction to this was that I wasn't feeling it. But the beat is nice. Song is just ok to me. 7.5/10
12. The Manipulation Pt. 2 (prod. By Kosmik) - One of the more interesting songs on the tape. Songs starts off with a nicely written spoken word poem about women. But after the Seinfield sample he changes his opinion on women in a pretty funny but serious way. "I don't care about your drive unless your ridin' dick" 8.5/10
13. KD Interlude - No rating just Kevin Durant saying some random shit in this interlude which leads to the next joint.
14. The Posse Cut (Who Don't) f. Fat Trel & Black Cobain (prod. By Kosmik) - I can get real hype to this. The Wayne sample fits. Raps are good except for Black Cobain's verse. Which I can skip. 8/10
15. The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands) f. Roscoe Dash & Waka Flocka (prod. By Drumma Boy) - Song is really not needed. It probably would have been alright if he just had his verse. Because the rest is not needed and this song isn't even his. But the hook isn't terrible. Still wouldn't completely call this a skipper. 7/10
16. The Trip (Downtown) - (prod. By DJ Omega) - I would have slept on this track if I had not been working while listening to this tape. But I like the SWV sample. And the beat. But the song is simple but dope. Nothing special though. 8/10
17. The Ambitious Girl - (prod. By Osinachi) - The song almost didn't the cut for the mixtape. But I'm feeling Wale on this spoken word shit. Laughing at "I'm tryna fuck the shit out of your aspirations" But this song is very unique. Wale is one of the few rappers you can call a poet. 8.5/10
18. The Motivation (Be Right) f. Dre (prod. By Cool & Dre) - Good song nothing special though. Thought about skipping but it was good enough to stay on. 7/10
19. The Cloud f. Tiara Thomas (prod. By Tiara Thomas) - The song is a little boring but it flows well with the album. 6.5/10
20. The Power f. Avery Storm (prod. By Osinachi) - The Seinfield sample is great on this one. I'm feeling this one. Inspiring joint. 8/10
21. The Get Away (Fly Away) f. Northeast Groovers (prod. by Best Kept Secret) - Another song that has been out for awhile. I think this leaked sometime last year. But it was already on my iPod. Wale always does great on Best Kept Secret beats. Loving everything about this joint. Good way to end one of the top 5 tapes of the year. 9/10

Overall grade: B- But hey I'm a tough grader and this tape is still in my top 3 of the year. Along with Kush & Orange Juice and Pac Div's tape.