Lloyd Banks - The Hunger for More 2 Album Review

This is Lloyd Banks third album and first one under EMI his new label. He still signed to G Unit records as well. In the last year Banks has took his music to the next level I think, I dont know how he was not in the Top 10 list. The album had a lot of features and a mixture of different producers. Still say the Queens hiphop artist is underrated.

1. Take ‘Em To War feat. Tony Yayo (Produced By Cardiak) The first song on the album is a collaboration with Tony Yayo, I like the beat on this. Its a nice track to start of the album as Banks doing a good job on it. Then Yayo comes in on a short verse of his I would say, he does what he does on it I have to say. Not the best track on the album but I liked it. 7/10

2. Unexplainable feat. Styles P (Produced By Cardiak) It features Styles P who is in The Lox and the producer for this done the first song on the album as well. Banks starts off strong in the song but it fades abit I feel and Styles P verse is not the best I would. Then the Queens rapper comes back with his next verse which is like his first I would say. 6/10

3. Payback (P’s and Q’s) feat. 50 Cent (Produced By GrandzMuzik, Bliz Money, Buda Da Future) When you listen to this song you first hear Banks rapping about hip-hop and going to his new label. Then Fiddy comes in with a few words then back Lloyd which happens a couple times in the song I like how they do it. His last verse was my favorite. 7/10

4. Home Sweet Home feat. Pusha T (Produced By Nick Speed) Nice beat to this song I feel it very consistent which allows Banks and Pusha to do there thing on it. Pusha T had a great year also and he shows it on this track. The chorus and the last verse linked in well. One of my favoruite songs on the album I would say for that I give it. 8/10

5. Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley feat. Juelz Santana (Produced By Prime) This was the first single on the album it came out in February which is hard to believe as it was so long ago. There be remixes of this and so many artists have freestyle over it. The beat is great as the lyrics of the song go with it. Its got Juelz Santana in it who does a good job on it, which you should expect really. It has had a lot of success. 8/10

6. So Forgetful feat. Ryan Leslie (Produced By Ryan Leslie) - One of the best songs on the album without a doubt I have to say. The vocals and beat from Ryan Lesli are amazing he is very talented. I thought Banks flow might not go with Ryan Leslie vocals but it does. So I was proved wrong and after hearing this a couple more times I like it more. Its not the biggest hip-hop song in the world I would have to say. 8/10

7. Father Time - I could not find who produce this sorry all, its the first solo Banks track on the album though. Really enjoyed listening to this one as it shows what he can do on a solo song. All his verses are strong and beat goes very well with it. This is why we needed some more solo tracks I feel. The chorus of it also is good. This is one you should listen to more than one. 8/10

8. Start It Up feat. Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz & Fabolous (Produced By Cardiak) This was a track which came out a while ago it leaked on the internet. As Kanye worked with Lloyd Banks on two tracks this was one of them. Some nice features on it but was Swizz Beats needed? Anyways it was dope seeing Ye on it he might of outshined everyone it. I expect most of you to heard it by now but still a good track to listen to. 8/10

9. Celebrity (feat. Akon) Could not find who produced this one as well, this was the track which was going to have Eminem on it but he on one of the bonus tracks instead. We all know who Akon is he been around for a long time and fitted the beat I reckon. I might have to listen to this a couple more times as I still undecided about it. Its original Banks on it I would say. 7/10

10. On The Double (Produced By The Watcherz) I was not feeling the beat on this that much, same about the song really. It was a solo Banks track but I just not really like it that. Its just not my type of song I would say. I give it. 5/10

11. Any Girl feat. Lloyd (Produced By Dready) This is the track right hear, the beat and Banks part at the start is dope. It reminds me of Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley abit which I reckon most would agree with. More of a Club song than anything with Lloyd in it. He does link with the beat I feel. Very different to other songs on the album but I feel it. 7/10

12. I Don’t Deserve You feat. Jeremih (Produced By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) A solid song here abit of a love/girl type song almost. As there rapping and singing about one. Most albums have one now a days.
Not my favorite song on the album but you can see Banks can do them type of songs as well. Jeremih just needs to work with Yayo then he worked with all of G-Unit lately. 6.5/10

13. Sooner Or Later (Die 1 Day) feat. Raekwon (Produced By Frank Dukes) Nice song here from Banks and Raekwon who does what you always a expect on a track. The collaboration is quite good hopefully see it again in the future. Last verse from Banks is a bit personal if you listen. 7/10

With still bonus track to come as well there is four of them. Which will be out in the next couple of days it includes the feature from Eminem which I cant wait to hear. I heard a few snippets and Banks verses they sound incredible. As Nas gives a grade on albums I would give this a B/B-.


Nas Holston said...

good review. Im gonna put up the Nicki Minaj album review tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think the review was a little off...I think it deserves a higher grade A-/B+....