T.I - No Mercy Review

T.I album "No Mercy" leaked on the interview a few days ago so I thought I would listen to it and review it. Just hearing a couple of the songs you know it is a must buy. With T.I currently in jail at the moment.This album was meant to be called "King Uncaged" but the name changed. It had many release dates in the last 6 months also being pushed back. As expected there was a few features on the album T.I said in a interview he worked with Eminem and Lady Gaga. But no Gaga on the album so I dont know what happened to that song

1. "Welcome to the World" Ft. Kanye West & KiD CuDi (Produced By Kanye West) The opening song for the album and its one of the best on the album. The features from the G.O.O.D music artists make the song great with Cudi voice in the background. Then T.I and Kanye taking the raps after each other which is dope. Previous they worked on Swagger Like Us in 2009 and many people always wanted these two on a track together. The hook and beat go well together I reckon. You could ask did Ye outshine Tip on the track? My favorite line was from Ye saying "Tip Go In Wayne Go Out". 9/10

2.  "How Life Changed" Ft. Scarface & Mitchelle’l (Produced By Lil C)  Tip goes what he goes on the song like he does with all of his tracks. He gets legendary MC Scarface on the song. With Mitchelle’l doing the chorus which is a good fit to the song. The beat reminds be of abit of a 90s one maybe as you can hear the drums and that in the background. Also Scarface part was you would expect from him. 7/10

3.  "Get Back Up" Ft Chris Brown (Produced By The Neptunes) Had to listen to this song a few times to see what I thought of it. I must say not favorite song on the album. With Chris Brown singing on the song very lightly voiced until the end part where he kicks in. Nice beat solid beat buy Pharrell and Chad. Song of T.I telling a story more than anything. At the began of the song I did not really like it but the last parts are my favorite on it. 7/10

4. "I Can't Help It" Ft Rocko (Produced By Smash Factory) Just hearing the beat you can tell its a T.I track. The flow is one of Tips best on the album he kills it. Not that keen on voice after Tips first verse that much. Makes the song go down abit I think. But when Rocko does his verse midway through it makes the song go back to the level it was at the being of the song. He done well on it. 7/10

5. "That's All She Wrote" Ft Eminem (Produced By Dr. Luke) Maybe my favorite track on the whole album just the collaboration its self is dope. As they worked together before on T.I album "T.I. Vs T.I.P." in 2007 on a song called Touchdown which was not that good. Eminem said his verse on the song in 2007 it was horrible verse. So this time he came back and killed the song on both verses. The beat is very consistent and it allows both artist to rip it apart. Hopefully we see another track from these two to next time as well. I would say Em outshined Tip on it. 9/10

6. "No Mercy" Ft The Dream (Produced By The Dream and Tricky) When I saw tracklist for the album I thought I would not like this song on it. But after hearing the song I got to say I was wrong to say it. With the song name of the title album you kind of know its going to be a big song. The beat is in incredible I really like it and singing links in well. Some great verses from Tip as well. If your a Dream fan your like this song. 8/10

7. "Big Picture" (Produced By Toomp) First solo track from T.I on the album which some people want to hear more solo tracks from him. When I heard this I thought its alright but hearing it again you see T.I on about his life and whats happen abit. The beat one of them its got positive parts and negative parts to it. Tip also does the hook on it as well. 7/10

8.  "Strip" Ft Trey Songz & Young Dro (Produced By Lil C) Reminds me of abit of a club song because of Trey Songz but it does not affect the song. Not feeling it that much. The beat is by Lil C again. T.I verse were not his best I would say. Not keen on Young Dro sorry. 6/10

9.  "Salute"(Produced Jake One, Boi-1da) Another solo song from T.I here the song starts on about a salute  then it goes to be about jail. So he linked it with his time in Jail saying what it was I like im guessing. Average type beat some parts are nicer. Prefer tips nearlier to the end rather than the start. 6.5/10

10. "Amazing" Ft Pharrell (Produced By The Neptunes) This time he is back with Pharrell who is part of the duo who produced it Neptunes. I dont know about the hook which is "Im Amazing" it gets abit of annoying almost. Tips verse were nice I thought its what he expect. When you see the collaboration its like what you would think the song would be. Beat goes with the song concept I thought. Pharrell had a verse near to the end it was not bad. 6.75/10

11.  "Everything on Me"  (Produced By Danja) One of the tracks on the album which I was not feeling that much. I think as the beat kind of over goes with tips voice on it. As the beat is heavy with drums sounds. Kind of the same thing being said in the song for a while. 6/10

12. "Poppin Bottles" Ft. Drake (Produced By T-Minus) I like this song a a lot as both artists do well on the track. The beat is a killer it really goes well with T.I. Kind of tell it will be a Tip song just hearing the beat I reckon. Drake comes in on the middle of the song and does what you would expect not bad verse from it. Then Tip comes back with the last verse which is my favorite on the song. 7/10

13. "Lay Me Down" Ft Rico Love (Produced By Jim Jonsin & Rico Love) I was expecting a better beat as it was from Jim Jonsin. It was not a bad beat just thought be a bit more. Did not like the robotic voices on the hook that much. Nothing wrong with Tips verses they are all good. End part from Rico Love not feeling it a tool. 6.25/10  

14. "Castle Walls" Ft Christina Aguilera (Produced By Alex da Kid) Very interesting collaboration here I thought, it starts off with Christina Aguilera singing with no beat then the beat comes in. Which had a couple of seconds of it and T.I starts rapping on it. Then back to Christina then T.I does a new verse. One of my favorite songs on the album this might of replace the Lady Gaga rumored track. Reminds me of Live Your Life which was a song of T.I last album featured Rihanna. A must heard song this is I expect a video from it. 9/10

I would say pre order the album on I tunes or on the net. As you get other bonus tracks on I tunes which you might want to hear. Alot of features some helped out alot on the songs like Em, Ye and Christina. Some weren't that good It thought. Very strong and solid album from Tip. My overall grade would be B. Im going to listen to the bonus tracks when I get the pre order of Itunes so I update the review then.


John@CommonLife said...

Dope review dude! I just saw the video for "I Can't Help It" Ft Rocko too, that one was dope man!

Filipe Machado said...

"No mercy" is the best ever.