My Top 5 Hiphop DJs!!!

Like I one before my top 5 Mc well now its DJs of Hiphop. I got some great DJs on my list.
So Check it out and write your own down if you want to.

Grandmaster Flash

"He was the first DJ in hiphop and he has been about for year. He is a true great and he had to be on my list, Some people say he made HIPHOP"

Jam Master Jay

"This man was in Run D.M.C he is one of the greatest djs in hiphop history, he had such skill and could make something from nothing- R.I.P JMJ"

Eric B

"Him and Rakim were a duo group together and he made such classic beats for Rakim, I love seeing him mix"

Dj Jazzy Jeff

"Jazzzzyy Jefff everyone knows him if its you seen Fresh Prince Of Bel Air or Listen to him and the Fresh Prince (Will Smith ), He could do anything with turntables"

Scott La Rock

" He was with KRS One in Boogie Down Productions, he was great and him and KRS one work so well together I think,"


Jameel said...

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Ms. King said...

I would have to go with Jam Master Jay, cause he's the only one of them who i'm familiar with...

daniel said...

oh my bad i didnt no i havet followed you yet i though i did but if you want me to i would i really like your blog so am going to do it.

Anonymous said...

nice list

MalibuMara said...

nice list there,
and it went really good my post goes up tomorrow :D
comment and tell me what you think about it tomorrow haha