I was going though my old CDs and I found Nas first album which is called Illmatic. It was made in 1994 and it rock the hiphop world. I think it is dope and it has to be one of the best albums I ever heard. Every track is HOT trust me on this one!
This album made Nas to what he is now.


MalibuMara said...

old rap is on everyones mind i guess i has warren g regulate stuck in my head yesterday! lol.

I havent done any sketching actually,
ive been so busy with my accounting class :(
I didn't like London or Milan fashion week so i HOPE paris is better, lonadon had some high points but it was relly boring, NYC was pretty amazing, i only hated like 3 shows.

Ms. King said...

I never really listened to him, but I think I'll check out some of his music on youtube or something...

MalibuMara said...

I like missy and nikki minaj is cool too,
M.I.A. is awesome,
I miss eve, salt &peppa and trina. lol. Mc lite wasn't bad either.

jjfad-supersonic that was their only song but it was really cool.
have you heard it?

MalibuMara said...

Lol lil mama is... bleh...
i have the same problem with sketches i don't draw well,
but i do what i can,

my post is on october 1!!
we're actually about to videochat to talk about it.

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

definitely one of the best albums of all time. Every track is a classic. The World Is Yours, Life's A Bitch, N.Y. State Of Mind. everybody cracks on me cause my name is nas.

MalibuMara said...

oh and M.I.A. was in labor when she was doing that performance,
it was during the grammys she ave birth like 6 hours later lol.

shes cool i have both of her albums.

AmaZing said...

One of thee best albums ever!!

dont forget to follow my blog if ur interested =)

Smoothoperator said...

yea illmatic was a dope album


JUSTIN said...

Nas is one of the best!

Jameel said...

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miss2009 said...

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daniel said...

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A Kid Named TR3! said...

man i swear this was 1 of nas hardest albums ay i followed u so can u do tha same 4 me

Anonymous said...

my fav album of all time