Today In General

This is a post of a sum up of today in hiphop and some others news I want to say. First I wanted to tell everyone that Kanye West is having a break from hiphop. Kanye West vows to take break. After Jay Leno quizzes Kanye West about his mother, the rapper said that he would take a break to heal him to become a better person. I think Kanye needs to a break and get away from the hiphop world. 50 Cent said he would give Kanye West a Black Eye after what he done at the VMAs.

Also I got Kid Cudi album to day and it is a great album. I reckon you shpuld buy it or download it everyone. Its one of the best albums this year with the likes of Blueprint 3, Relapse, Loso's Way and others.

Tomorrow I will start posting hiphop fasion on my blog, I know I said I will do it the other day but I been busy sorry all. But I am going to start on it tomorrow and we will see how it goes. And their are some very fasionable people who follow my blog just wanted to say if you know any hiphop fasion websites tell us.

Last I want to say if there is an boxing fans out here. Floyd "The Money" Mayweather is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez on the weekend. It will be a great fight and I think Mayweather will win.

And I want to say I appreciate everyone who is following my blog and leaving comments as well. It means a lot to me.


fatah fattah said...

I'm Looking fort to see what style you got man!! :D

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

Cudi's album does belong in that conversation. Take Loso's way out tho. im tired of everybody wanting to hang Kanye for wat he did. He was just speaking his mind even tho he made himself look like an ass by showing it.

Bianca said...

Yeah he plays for the hoston rockets

Futuristic_TomBoi said...





Starsky said...

Nice blog. I think people need to leave Kanye West alone, he said what many people in the room and at home wanted to say. Yeah, it was rude of him to interrupt her but at the end of the day Kanye West wasn't 100% together, I'm pretty sure if there wasnt liquor in his system he would have kept that comment to himself knowing all the trouble he has had with MTV. At the end of the day drunk words are sober thoughts and Kanye is human like the rest of us, we all make mistakes. & I wanted to get the Kid Cudi album today too but I didn't have anybody to take me to get it, I love Kid Cudi he's my favorite new artist.

Keep up the great work on the blog, follow me & I'll return the favor. Request a song/poem/quote on my blog if you'd like as well.