My Weekend Wave

These are tracks which I think people should listen to. Some will be new and recent and some might be old.

The Game Goes In Hard On His New Track.

Its a great collaboration and its a dope song.

This song means a lot to me, all hiphop fans should listen to it. You get a whole new look on hiphop. Krs One is a genuis and the song is about all the rappers and djs who passed away. ( Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Scott La Rock, Jam Master Jay, etc.) R.I.P


MalibuMara said...

Oh BP3 is amazing,

and i have no clue we have not contacted eachother yet,
the last time i actually talked to him was on a videochat like last week
i have been commenting his blog though but this is the first time he has responded.

im honestly more of a stylist
i love the business side of fashion
i have ideas and sketch often but we never know ...
i just don't want to get my hopes up you know?

MalibuMara said...

i go to a regular university but im majoring in fashion merchandising ,
my minor is in marketing

i sketch but i havent shown them to anyone,
i might post them soon,
im inspired to.

i would say buy a nice sketch book that you can carry with you,
like the moleskin ones,
inspiration comes all the time,
i used to get inspired in chemistry class looking at the chemical equations,
(they would make an awesome pattern for fabric)
i would also say practice drawing clothes too,
sketches are no help when they don't look like what you want them too.

MalibuMara said...

most moguls dont do one thing
produce and make clothes.
kanye, pharrell, and diddy do it.
you dont have to stick to one path.
so it all.
you have one life that doesnt mean you have to do one thing.

as for my school,
i live in Texas and we don't respect fashion :(
we have the art institute but i could not afford to go there and ironically my parents make too much money to receive any financial aid.. when you start applying to colleges you will see how frustrating it is.
since i graduated near the top of my class i chose the only university that has a fashion major.
its not bad,
fashion is about creativity its not something you learn it doesnt matter where i go to school for it, as long as i have a diploma
thats all that matters in the business world.
without it i would not get the time of day or a proper interview,
i dont have connections so i have to do it the hard way but it will hopefully pay off :)

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

i like how u try to make ur blog stand out from other hip hop blogs. respect it

Smoothoperator said...

I'm feelin these songs

good drop

daniel said...

i like ice crame more then bbc i dont no why i just do but both of them r styll dope.

The Life Of The Trend Setter said...

your blog is dope. i loved the videos and the BBC & Ice cream are great i like the designes alot great job on this blog. imma be checkin out for ur next post.

check mine out