I got any idea for my blog but need help? Would any want to write on my blog about hiphop fasion or other stuff? Anyways email me if you want it? hiphopculture100@googlemail.com

Anyone got any tracks they made becuase I been working a bit on producing in music and want to test it out?

I had to do a post when I just heard the new about the great "Del La Soul". They are a hiphop band and formed in the 1980s. I think they are dope. Been around for years now. but big news they got an album on the way next year I cant wait. They have had massive hiphop hits. Check the Video out at the bottom of the post. Its Del La Soul doing what they do.


Anonymous said...

i just checked out ya new blog, Math class heroes, how did you get so many followers that quick. and I like the backround of the blog, peace.

HipHopCulture said...

It aint my blog I jsut going to write on it some time. Its been around ags and its dop check it out.