Today been crazzy so far, I just went on the internet and Diggy doing a mixtape. Thats dope I think it will be a great mixtape. Anyways but I want to know does any rap themselfs? I been listening to about every track from Biggie Smalls. Dont ask me why. Been looking at blogs today and some people blogs are DOPE. Still been working on sketches but aint got that far with them. I had my blog now jut over a month now and want to take it up a level. I mean by anyone got their want to work with on something or can write my blog? If ya do my email is hiphopculture100@googlemail.com

Speaking on mixtapes listen to Drake its got to be mixtape of the year so far. It sounded more like an album. Its been around for abit now but its great.


JUSTIN said...

im good man u just chillin u? but my internet is mad slow ANNOYING..

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

yeah i heard about diggys mixtape cOming out the artwOrk is going to be flYY!!

MalibuMara said...

well drake doesnt count anymore to me bc he basically rereleased his mixtape as a cd lol.

but ive been good,
how about yourself?
thanks for commenting my posts :)

MalibuMara said...

school and blogging

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

yeah i rap on the verge of getting into the booth. the only songs i got is verses i spit on recordings. i'll tell u when i have actual tracks

Ryann E. Vasquez said...
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