Todays Thoughts.

Whats up everyone? You all good, just wanted to do a quick post. I got Wale album today off Itunes it is dope as. One best albums I heard in a while. Everyone should get it I think. Most of the trakcs are good and Wale flow is ILL. Anyways watch out for JIMMYs Top 10 Mcs List its coming soon. Either today or in the next couple days. I got lots of new ideas coming to the blog and need people to interview lol.

In the last week I felt listening to some hiphop groups I aint listen to for a while. The likes of Grandmaster Flash, Beastie Boys, N.W.A, etc. More hiphop groups lately. I think its good to listen to hiphop groups as your able to see how its different to a solo artist. Hopefully their be more artists spotlights on the blog. And cant wait for Diggy mixtape to drop it will be dope as.


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K.Brown said...

its even better than kid cudi's man on the moon ???