Interview With Bonkaz.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?

The Name is Bonkaz pernounced {Bon-kas} I have a Album on the way Titled "A Good First Impression"I am originaly from Cali but I moved and am based out in Harlem NYC

2. What was the first ever hiphop song you listen to?

I was prolly around 6 or 7 and the song was by LL Cool J "Mama said Knock you out"I Litterally lived by that song The energy of that record was crazy Lol

3. What was the first hiphop album you bought?

It Was the Clipse "Lord Willing" Album I was in the 8th grade i saved up 18 bucks and went and bought it. Pharell williams did most of the production the bars where dope! plus "Grinden" & "Whens the Last time" those were hot singles

4. Is their any artist in music who has inspired you to become an hiphop aritst?

LL Cool J, Lauren Hill, The Notorious B.I.G ,Outkast,Nas, mainly artist who in the 90's heavily influenced me.

5. When did you first want to become a rapper?

I was 11 and rapping kinda came as a accident. every kid in the neighborhood i was living inat the time was rappin and I used to Beat box when ever anyone would spit,I was asked to join in the cipha and i killed it no gas first timehomerun Lol and I stuck with it ever since I've always been good with words and Performing in a sense plus Ive always have had a deep love for music it was Natural and felt good my gift I say.

6. What hiphop artist could you compare yourself to if you can?

I promise I mean this in the humblest way possibleI honestly cant compare myself to any other artist! My sound,my voice,my formats are all different Ive never heard anyone like me EVER! lol

7. Can you tell us about your mixtape which you are currently making?

"A Good First Impression" is the name of itits all original music so its more of a album. Every single type ofsong you will want will be on there I am not limiting myself to one perticular sound. You'll find from the start when you listen the Intro Hard Punchlines and lyrics (got it), love songslike "Falling In Love" Feat. Ray Lavender (got it), club joints like "after this" Feat. Young Jerz (got it) to songs were listeners are gonnaget to know me (BONKAZ) with content and substence my story how it all started to where I am now and where I am going. its will be free download Via Datpiff.com, blogsites ,etc. or you can support me and Buy it Via ItunesWhen it drops. Classic,Crazy,Timeless, is how i can describe it.

8. What is your favourite song that you've have made so far?

"Falling In Love" Feat. Ray Lavender i got to showcase the softer side of me Lol which is my single right now request it on your local radio station call and ask for it!!!

9.Your latest track with Young Simmons "Paper Boy" what can you tell us about it?

ITS HOT!!! it's a fun record I had fun making it I wrote the recordJojo heard it and was like "I AM ON THAT!!!" I was happy to collab with a friend of mine and the outcome be so GOOD!

10. If you could work with anyone in the hiphop world who would it be?

Lauren Hill Shes Dope shes sings, raps, and songwrites and neither of her talents is any less then the others i really respect her artistry.

11. In next year what can we expect from Bonkaz ?

A lot of Great music you will be seeing alot of my face, my projectssongs, singles, Videos, my brand will be at top and expanding in the next yearI have high expectations (belee dat)

12. Last Is their anything you would like to say to the readers?

I thank all of the readers (YOU) I am so grateful for all of the readers, fans ,followers, supporters Etc."A Good First Impression" will be coming very very very soon continuesly look out forthat check out Myspace.com/B0nkaz or follow me on twitter.com/Bonkaz @BONKAZor Search me on facebook Bonkaz Bentley)
And thank you Hiphop Culture for this interview.


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