Jim Jones Ft Rev Run. ITS DOPE.

I never really been a massive fan of jim jones is music but as it had rev run I lsiten to it. I thoughts it a dope track Rev Run kills it. So maybe a possible come back album in next couple of years. I would love to see it. whats you think of the track.


MalibuMara said...

yea im not a jim jones fan either,
thank you for the wishes!
rev is amazing! the beat is sick im liking this,
kuddos to jim jones,
i wonder how much he paid to get run on the track lol

TOXiC said...

Tuff song, ur like the last true hip-hop head alive I tip my snap back to you champ like for real lol (Salutes)

"Live from Brooklyn"

JUSTIN said...

ive been really busy lately man how have u been man? im off to skool so gonna check this out when i get back!