Rappers To Watch In 2010

I was supposedly holding off this list until New Years Eve then it was Christmas Eve but right now I have some time on my hands so I will post it today. The actual idea of this list is based on rappers who haven't dropped albums yet who will 2010. Now some of these artists have dropped albums but I feel they didn't reach the maximum popularity they did with that album and I feel they will be bigger in 2010. Get ready to read this is going to be my longest post ever. Oh yeah and the other notable rappers are in my mind just as good as the ones I put on the list but they didn't make it for some reason in my mind.

10. Charles Hamilton

In my opinion Charles Hamilton took a major step back in 2009. In '08 Charles Hamilton had so much hype behind and at the end of this year he's about to drop a mixtape and no one really cares about it. I look at his music in 2008 and it was so fresh and new. He probably would have been in my top 3 last year but at this point he's done enough to barely make this list at 10. Hopefully he can bring it back in 2010. If you've never heard check out "The Pink Lavalamp".
Notable Projects: The Pink Lavalamp & Crash Landed

9. Joell Ortiz

I could have easily put the whole group of Slaughterhouse they all are equally good. But right now nobody's killing it more than Joell Ortiz. He's been one of the hottest underground rappers for years. I feel like he will get bigger in 2010. I like the fact that he's been putting out music every week for probably the last 3 months and I just like his style.
Notable Projects: Road Kill (Mixtape)

8. B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray

B.O.B is one of the most creative rappers out right now. He doesn't just rap he produces, writes his music, sings and plays the guitar. That's talent sounds a lot like Outkast to me. He's on this list because his debut album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" drops in 2010. He was supposed to drop an album in 2009 but it didn't happen. Expect to hear him more in 2010.
Notable Projects: B.O.B. Vs. Bobby Ray

7. Nicki Minaj

Right now Nicki's really blowing up and that is the real reason she is on this list. I'm not her biggest fan but I'm getting into it. Looking for her to expand her topics in music. It feels like all I'm hearing is "I get more head than shampoo". So hopefully she can grow with her album supposed to drop in 2010. Young Money is doing big things now. We haven't heard a good female rapper in a minute so I'm rooting for her.
Notable Projects: Beam Me Up Scotty

6. Tyga

I feel like Tyga has made his place as one of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game. Behind Wayne & Drake he's the third best in young money. He dropped two good mixtapes this year that showed his growth in the game. His flow has gotten better and I love the verse he puts down on "Bedrock". Hopefully he will drop an album this year but there is no album slated in the near future.
Notable Projects: Black Thoughts & The Potential

5. Curren$y

He's been rising up on my list. Dudes have been telling check him out he's good. I finally did I like the music he makes. I feel like he's one of the most underrated and slept on rap artists in the game. With the amount of music he's been making in the last couple of years he has made a nice spot on this list. He dropped 2 good albums this year and keeps getting noticed more. He will get even bigger in 2010.
Notable Projects: This Ain't No Mixtape & Jet Files

4. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has been doing good this year. I checked him out late last year liked him but wanted to hear more to see how good he was. This year I heard enough last month he dropped his debut album "Deal or No Deal" he will get more commercial success in the future as his music appeals to the radio. 2009 was probably his biggest year with mixtapes like "Flight School" & "How Fly".
Notable Projects: Flight School & How Fly

3. Drake

Drake is still pretty high but I feel like he reached the height of his fame this year. This was his year he did a lot with 12 months. Dropping one of the best mixtapes ever and becoming the new hot collabo. Every song seems to have him on it. He's still ranked highly on this list because he has an album dropping on this year. But he has a lot of pressure on him to make a better album than "So Far Gone". Hopefully he will prove me wrong   and get even better as a rapper. He still has room to grow.
Notable Projects: So Far Gone

2. Big Sean

Big Sean has been doing his thing for the last couple of years killing the game. I feel like he will be the "Drake" of next year. Everything will come together for this dude. He's dropping another mixtape in 2010. His album "Finally Famous" is supposed to drop sometime in early 2010 but you know how release dates get fucked up. With Kanye behind it will definitely effect the music he puts out and I expect big things.
Notable Projects: UKNOWBIGSEAN vol. 2

1. J. Cole

This year J. Cole came seemingly out of nowhere. J. Cole really has just moved into the limelight and I feel he will be there for years to come. He's fresh off a year where he got signed to Jay's RocNation label and dropped in my opinion the #2 mixtape of the year "The Warm Up". I feel like in 2010 he will drop one of the biggest debuts in the history of hip hop. I feel like it will be on par with Kanye's "College Dropout" kind of in that category. Expect it in mid to late 2010 though.
Notable Projects: The Warm Up

Other Notable Rappers

XV (Notable Projects) - Everybody's Nobody

Skyzoo (Notable Projects) - The Salvation

Chip Tha Ripper (Notable Projects) - The Cleveland Show

Blu (Notable Projects) - Soul Amazing 2

Mickey Factz (Notable Projects) - Who The Fuck Is Mickey Factz


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This post goes hard, I can you work on it for abit. Im likeing the new layout. peace

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yeah i'll see what i can do. i like what you've done so far

LaDawn m.(im life) said...

i reaaly like this.im waiting for big sean&nicki. i <3 big sean's music and i just want to see if nicki's album is good or if its going to be terrible like the gucci album,but thats just my opinion

Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) said...

Putting J.Cole at #1 was a good idea, but I am still not a fan of Charles Hamilton just not consistent to me.

Nas said...

yeah i was kinda spazzin on whether or not to put charles on the list because he has been inconsistent with his music lately

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Thanks for checking out my music man!!!

& nice list dude! i'm definitely diggin Curren$y & Tyga.
This is a cool blog man.
It would mad cool if i could get a feature on here.

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These are all good on a industry level. As far as whose picking up. Underground is all about the forum.

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Blu is dope I just did a post on him. haha

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This list is solid but you all gotta check out Big K.R.I.T. His flow is so nasty!!

David said...

i understand the list but i can never see a list of up and comers without JAY ELECTRONICA!!!!shouldve been top 3 in my opinion

Nas Holston said...

of course but i was pretty much unaware of jay electronica until maybe a couple of weeks before i posted this. this post is a year old

dipshift said...

nahhhhh id defffinitly say icee will be on the 2010