My Top 10 Albums 2009.

This is my list of my top 10 hiphop albums in 2009. The list is not in order. They are all great albums I have put on the list. This year has show the likes of Wale and Kid Cudi show what they are made of. Then the likes of Eminem and Jay Z showing they are still on top of hiphop. Even some artists who been around much longer than othrs likes of Redman & Method Man, Rakim, Mos Def. Check th list out.

Rakim - Seventh Seal was a album which showed lots of different things about it as one of the them was Rakim was back and his new style. It was almost Rakim showin this new style of hiphop which othr artist do as well. But as Rakim been away for so long it was dope to see him put out such a great album. I am a massive fan of Rakim and this album showed my Rakim is one of the best. He can do it as solo artist and in a duo. A very strong album it was I would say.

The Ecstatic by Mos Def was my fav album of the whole year. As im a real big fan of Mos Def and I love seeing him back to hiphop. It showed the true mos def and was he able to do in hiphop. A very golden age artist I would say and he is on of the best of alltime to me. This album left it mark this year to me. Mos Def is very underated in hiphop I would say. It had a track with Slick Rick which was great to see.

Method Man & Red Man - Blackout2 it was a album which showed me statement of hiphop as a whole. As these two repersent the whole 90s in hiphop to me. It was a solid albums every track was dope. It came out early in the year I think may but showed they work so well as a duo. I love listening to it.

Eminem - Relapse was an album which showed em was back and it came out early this year. It was a very strong album as it had many great tracks. I was not massive fan on " We Made you" it made me alugh though. I had to put the album in the list as it was Eminem come back. I expect eminem replase 2 will be out next year.

Before I Self Destruct by 50 Cent showed a different type of fiddy, but I still like it. It had people saying 50 Cent lost it etc. But I think he has not. I still listen to 50 cent and always will. I lik the his new style on the album. Also his track with Eminem on it I really like litening to that. Also it has the JMJ dvd with it which is a dope dvd and it showed what Jam Master Jay done for 50 Cent.

Slaughterhouse by Slaughterhouse was there first album and it showed what they had. It was a very solid album and they work well on it. It had to be on the list as it was there first and it was that good. Joe Budden a member in Slaughterhouse is my fav memeber and he killed all his parts in the album.

Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z made to be in the list it was a great album showing Jay Z on of the best still in the world. And what year it has been for him. I got the album of on the day it came out on itunes and I listen to it so many times. Many great tracks on the album but my fav was " A Star Is Born" which is not a single off it. It was with J Cole and it was dope. Hov killed the album.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II by Raekwon show he can be a solo artist as well as being in a hiphop group. His album was very good and it shows Raekwon been around for a lon time and still got it. It has some dope guests on it Popa Wu, Ghostface Killah, GZA, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Slick Rick, Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel, Suga Bang Bang, Tash Mahogany, Styles P, Blue Raspberry, Lyfe Jennings, Busta Rhymes, Cappadonna. Lots of people were on it and it made a great album that way.

Man On The Moon: End Of Day by Kid Cudi was a dope album and everyone agrees. For one I like Kid Cudi music and his fasion. He is very talented artist. His album was just what I expected. It had so much hype before it came out but you know it would live up to its hype. Cant wait for his next album.

Attention Deficit by Wale has to be in the top 10 as he came a long way from his mixtapes to his first album. I really like the album but feel sorry for Wale as so many people just downloaded it from the internet when it leaked. Back to the album though it was better than I thought it was going to be. Wale shown he is able to make a good album and he has done well this year. Im a very big fan of Wale now.



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Really like youre choice!

MalibuMara said...

cool list i love kid cudi and jay-z clipse was good too

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