Big L - 11 Years On

Late rapper Big L as today marks the 11th anniversary of his passing. To me Big L is one of the best of all time his skill on his music was out of this world. He died at such a young age at 24 he had so much more to give to hiphop. Its very sad that he shot. He made two album which both are crazy I love them both. We know he made a lot of music which has been unheard so hopefully an album of it will be out in next couple of years. I heard DJ Premier was going to do a album of his music soon.

Check out some Big L footage down below:

Big L Interview in 98 shows what he was like and he freestyles.

Big L - How Will I make it
"A dope track from the legend"

Last the freestyle of Big L and Jay Z.



TOXiC said...

Word keeping Big L alive :Respect!:

r.i.p L



The Ghost of Nas said...

i'm not gonna lie. i'm a hip hop head but i just recently got into to Big L. one of the greatest lyricists to ever do it. I have another post coming today.

Anonymous said...

yeah man i would love to interview u. Just e-mail me a pic of yourself wearing ur Illest outfit and I'll e-mail you my questions for the interview. Also get the word out about what I'm doing (especially to fashion bloggers) peace...

Anonymous said...

i just got the e-mail, I need a pic of u from head-to-toe in ur coolest outfit.