Female Artists.

Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers.

So I wanted to do a different type of post today on the blog. So I am going to do one for the female readers. It is going to be on some great female hiphop artist.
I am going to start it of with Foxy Brown.

She been around for some time now since the 1996 and her first hiphop album was Ill Na Na which had Jay Z on a track. It was a very strong album and her second album to me was better. It was called Chyna Doll it drop in 1999. And since then she made drop 3 more albums. She joined a hiphop group called "The firm" which only drop one album in 1997 called "The Album". the group had Nas, AZ, Foxy, Cormega and Nature. The video below is Foxy Brown - OH Yeah. It is a mad track.

LiL Kim is an female rapper who began her music in a group called "Junior M.A.F.I.A" . She made four albums and her first was her best and it was called - Hard Core. I like her style and the way she raps. Some people might disagree with me. Also LiL Kim was know for her relationship with biggie smalls. Video below is Lim Kim ft PufF Daddy(diddy) - No Time Explicit

MC Lyte is a very well know hiphop female artist she been around since 1988. Dropping her first album Lyte as a Rock. And she has made 9 albums and some have been very good. She is also the cousin of young upcoming emcee Charles Hamilton. Video below is an old track from 1993 called I Go On by Mc Lyte.

Nicki Minaj we all know who she is. I had to put her in to this post as she on so many track in this last year. She is yet to drop her album which should be coming out this year. She is signed to Weezy - Young Money label. We all know what she can do. Nicki Minaj freestyle video below

Other female artist likes of Lauryn Hill, Salt and Pepper, R.I.P Aaliyah a great singer. There are many more female artist.



crowned king music said...

mc lyte is the greatest female artist

Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

Great post
Nicki minaj is my fave.

Anonymous said...

dude i think u forgot MISSY ELLIOT. She is the greatest female rapper of all time (In my opinion)

_Taylor2013 said...

I love Lauryn Hill, ( back in the 90's)
and I agree that Lil Kim's best album
was her first one, hardcore.
I didn't care much for the rest of her albums.

MalibuMara said...

left eye from tlc was AMAZING,
her rhymes were the truth.

Niecey Small said...

thats good that you did something for the females, they need to be recoizned as well=]

buh i agree wit tamara. left eye was amazing =]


Tommy The Fashionist said...


The Ghost of Nas said...

i dropped a post sort of like this back last year. but i like the way u did it better.