Big Pun Tribute: 10 Years Later

10 years ago today the most famous latino rapper ever. He died before the release of his second album. For a  guy that was so big it was kind of amazing how good his flow was. Capital Punishment his first album is a classic in my book. Ten years after his death he is still considered as a legend in the rap game. Below I posted some videos paying homage to Big Pun. Alright now I'm gonna get off the computer and watch the Superbowl. Check the blog Audio Dope


John said...

Big Pun Rest in Peace!

PhillyStandUp said...

Rip big pun. but do you listen to mixtapes because on datpiff.com has some ard mixtapes yu can check out.check out the cassidy apply the pressure 2 it goes hard and if you liuke it post it.

Marissa said...

check out my blog. i have a link at the top of my blog that says blogs to check out and your in it