First Curren$y currently is one of my favorite rappers. He's got a smooth sick flow with laid back beats and rhymes. One of the rappers I know that has a lisp. It's barely noticed. He's an underground rapper from New Orleans. But he's the kind of rapper you want to stay underground because you feel like his music will change if he get's too popular. He's been out for a minute. When he first got on the scene it was with Lil Wayne and Young Money. Honestly since he left Young Money back in '07 his music changed for the better. He's put out mixtape over mixtape over the last couple years and too albums with another one on the way. His two albums were "This Ain't No Mixtape" & "The Jet Files" and "Pilot Talk" is in the works. Just last Sunday he dropped another dope mixtape called "Smokee Robinson".